NutriMost weight loss program a complete diet change

Being overweight is a risk to your physical health. Losing weight is a difficult process that requires sacrifice, commitment, and due diligence. There are too many weight loss programs in the market currently. Not all of them will give you the desired results. The NutriMost is a new weight loss program that helps you lose an average of 5lbs in a week.

NutriMost was launched in 2014 by Dr. Mitch Gordon a licensed chiropractic physician with a 20-years experience. The program is part of a franchise of the NutriMost Company with bases of operations all over the U.S.
NutriMost uses an individualistic approach in helping you lose weight. The technology used designs a program for a particular individual. Everyone loses weight differently due to various reasons such as age, BMI, and hormonal imbalance. It is, therefore, imperative to opt for a program that will focus on your needs.
The NutriMost Recipes program involves
• Eating only organic foods. Organic foods are free of growth hormones that affect both your health and weight.
• Increasing vegetable intake during the program, to lower calorie intake. Vegetables are full of vitamins making them highly nutritious.
• Understanding types of sugars. There are good sugars that contain fiber, minerals and antioxidants. They are in fruits and veggies. The other unhealthy types of sugar are refined sugars in carbonated drinks and sweets.
The success stories of NutriMost validate its capabilities. Key among the success stories we read on facebook is that of Dr. Mitch, who tried the program among the first people and lost 38lbs. Nutrimost, is a complete lifestyle change. Part of the program is learning how to keep the weight off. After weight loss, NutriMost requires its members to establish a weight limit. What the trainers teach you will ensure you stay within two pounds of that weight. Nutrimost has a Youtube channel which they often upload videos of testimonials and success stories.


George Soros Is Not Bankrolling the John Kasich Campaign

A Right Wing Conspiracy Theory

As the possibility of a Republican nomination for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz becomes more real every day, the right wing has been bubbling with conspiracy theories about secret liberal-funded Republican campaigns designed to knock Trump and Cruz out of the running before either one gets a chance to go up against the Democratic nominee in November. One of the main theories currently making the rounds is that liberal billionaire investor George Soros on politifact is funding Ohio governor John Kasich’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

A series of ads which are running in Wisconsin on ahead of that state’s February 5th primary have directly claimed that Soros is pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Kasich campaign. Linked to the Super PAC backing Ted Cruz, the ads even show photos of Kasich and Soros together. Several blogs have picked up on this theory, with claiming that Soros is controlling a network of millionaires to back Kasich’s run.

The Real Facts

Political experts have been quick to point out the ridiculousness of this theory. Since there is no maximum limit for donations to Super PACs, it would not be against the law for George Soros to donate any amount of money to the Kasich campaign. Therefore, he would have absolutely nothing to hide no matter how much money he put into the campaign. There would be no reason to utilize a shadowy network of investors when he could legally donate the funds himself.

All one has to do is take a look at the campaign records to see that George Soros has not donated one cent to the Kasich campaign. He is on record as having donated $7 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, plus $1 million to an organization which funds research against Republican candidates. There are no records of any donations to the Kasich campaign. Since all donations are recorded and on public record, this can be treated as fact.

Of all the contributors to the Kasich campaign, only two have past professional connections to George Soros on latino.foxnews. Both of these individuals have long histories of conservative support, and their collective donation of under $700,000 in no way supports the vast conspiracy theory the right wing claims.

The Theory Crumbles

As the theory presented on by the Cruz campaign continues to crumble, several television stations and at least one radio station have pulled the accusatory ads. Since there is direct proof that Santos has not donated directly to Kasich, it is known that at least one of the accusations put forward in the ads is a blatant falsehood. Plus, with the two donators in question having conservative histories and minimal donation amounts, the theory that they are being controlled by Santos is just not supported by the facts.

With his long history of liberal support, George Santos is clearly backing Hillary Clinton according to public campaign donation records. Any claims that he is masterminding a shadowy group of John Kasich investors can be looked at as false.


Thor Halvorssen Brings His Human Rights Experience To Bernie Sanders Discussion

The well known human rights activist and film producer Thor Halvorssen has used an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan to give his thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of socialism. In the U.S. the political ideology of socialism has so far failed to gain a foothold in the public consciousness, but has recently seen a rise in popularity after Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders declared himself a Democratic Socialist.

Trish Regan questioned Thor Halvorssen about the definition of socialism and how it is used in different areas of the world, including his home nation of Venezuela. The interview revealed Thor Halvorssen agrees with Bernie Sanders views that socialism can be of benefit when it is combined with more mainstream policies used by a liberal leaning government; Thor Halvorssen revealed Sanders is correct that various European nations have successfully seen socialist policies used to benefit the nation.

Halvorssen not only looked to explain his own views on how socialism can be used to benefit a nation, such as happened in Venezuela for a number of decades, but also looked at the problems it can cause; however, Thor Halvorssen also revealed Venezuela had seen major problems with the hijacking of the policies by officials using them to benefit themselves. Halvorssen has seen how the people of his own nation have suffered at the hands of leaders hiding their real ambitions behind the ideology of socialism.

Despite the concerns he maintains over the use of socialism in its general terms Halvorssen believes Bernie Sanders is the best qualified candidate to become U.S. President in 2016. Over the course of the campaign Halvorssen has become concerned about the close links Hilary Clinton has maintained with nations linked to human rights abuses; in the Republican race the racially charged comments of Donald Trump have made it impossible for the film producer to back his candidacy.

Exciting New Shoe Retailer Partners With Slyce

Can you believe how easy it is to find exactly what you want online? If you have not already heard about visual search recognition, then you should really catch up on this new technological innovation brought to us by Slyce. The application that Slyce offers to their users is light years ahead of all the competitors on the market. In terms of its reliability and product offerings, Slyce has what it takes to make online shopping so much better. You will not have to sort through pages of unrelated search results before finding the right product when you use Slyce. It saves consumers time, and it makes their lives easier.

How Visual Search Works With Slyce

Slyce is the leading name in visual search recognition. They have an application that is run entirely by artificial intelligence. Their app gives users the most reliable and relevant search results for what they are looking to purchase. The way that visual search recognition software works is that it searches through catalogues of product offerings that are based on the picture that a user submits to the platform. The picture can be taken by using the user’s device. It can be of the actual product, it can be of a picture of the product, or it can be of a barcode or QR code. It has never been easier to conduct online shopping searches.

Partnerships With Major Retailers

Slyce has more products to offer consumers now that they are partnered with several major retailers. They recently announced many of their newest partnerships in an article from Yahoo Finance about their company. The article highlighted new partnerships with Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and a number of other major retailers. Slyce is growing like never before, and they are going to continue to grow.

They just announced that their partnership with Shoe Carnival is up and running, so users will now have a better time searching for their favorite shoes on Slyce. Shoe Carnival and Slyce are able to bring consumers a wide variety of shoes that are suitable for every occasion and every member of the family will be able to find something that they like to wear. Take a moment to try Slyce if you haven’t already. The app is free to use, and it’s fun.

Wen by Chaz: One Woman’s Daily Account

Wen by Chaz, a popular hair care product, has been seen widely on QVC across the nation, advertising the benefits of the system that helps to make hair full of volume with a healthy shine and bounce. The 5-in-1 sephora sold product comes in a range of formulas to tantalize the senses while taking the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle. Unlike most widely used shampoos, WEN takes out the lathering process of cleaning, which reduces the risk of stripping the hair of natural oils. featured an article titled “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened” by Emily McClure ( Emily tests the product for seven days, documenting the results each day. In her testimony, she expresses her own thoughts as well as the comments she received from others.

She was slightly skeptical at first, but even after the first use Emily noticed the benefits of Wen. Her fine hair felt more thick and she had less hair loss in the shower than she normally experiences. After blow drying, she immediately saw the added bounce and shine that Wen provides. She used the product every day, as directed, noting what worked best for her in terms of when to wash her hair. As a person who works at a hair salon herself, she takes the time to describe her precise experiences with the daily use.

The article is a good read for anyone with longer, fine hair who would like to have a first-person account of how the product might work for them. As an added bonus, the article features photos of her daily results, making it easy to get an idea of what a person can expect during the first week of use.



Fashion Doe’s and Fashion Doe Not’s

It’s hard to not help thinking that Doe Deere is more like a magical being than a real person. Of course she is a real person, but her unique fashion sense and colorful hair and makeup makes her almost seem like a doll or an alien from the old Jetsons cartoon. It’s probably almost part of the job description of being the owner of Lime Crime makeup to be a wildly colorful individual. For someone with such a unique style, Doe Deere has her very own list of do’s and don’ts fashion rules.

Many makeup aficionados claim that wearing a dark colored lipstick at the same time as a bold eye makeup is too much or too busy. It would seem to be safe to assume that Doe Deere feels the same way about that sort of makeup application. That is not true though. Doe Deere actually encourages people to try wearing a bold lip and bold eye makeup look. Her makeup company is about bold colors and she regularly wears makeup looks that have the focus on both the eyes and lips. She loves to mix blue eyeliner with a red lipstick or a rust red smoky eye with a blue lipstick.

Doe Deere is never afraid of wearing multiple colors or multiple patterns in an outfit. She says a big part of this is just making yourself work on color coordination and understanding of the color wheel. It always looks best to pair complementary or contrasting colors when mixing multiple colors in one outfit without going overboard.

In Doe Deere’s fashion world open-toed shoes with socks aren’t always a no. She even sometimes wears brightly colored socks with her open-toed sandals or heels. It kind of resembles a doll-like look.

Doe Deere is famous for brightly colored hair. She’s had lavender, blue, orange, green and red hair color. Despite the bright hair Doe Deere doesn’t only wear black or neutral colors when her hair is a bright color. She’s careful not to color clash, but she won’t shy away from mixing colorful hair and clothes.

Doe also disbelieves in having to dress your age or only wearing certain clothes for certain occasions. She believes people should dress exactly as they want to whenever they would like.

Check out Doe Deere’s Website

Wiki Editor Stands Up to Internet Trolls with a Surprising Response

Emily Temple-Wood has been writing and editing Wikipedia since she was twelve years old. All this time, every time she would edit or write on Wikipedia she would receive inappropriate messages that were either sexist, abusive or sexual.

Her determination to write has never been affected by these comments, and she would ordinarily ignore the trolls. However, when she attained then age of twenty one she came up with an innovative idea called the WikiProject Women Scientist. It has its own Wikipedia page and is usually used to raise awareness about women who have over the years made it in the field of science.

There is also a Wikimedia Blog Profile, which is specifically for women who are in the Royal Society. She did this after realizing that no single Wikipedia Page had been created for any one of them. Emily says that if a comment would make her want to cry or make her mother unhappy she automatically grades it has been sexist and gross and she immediately creates a Wikipedia Page. This move and initiative by Emily Temple-Wood has been described as the perfect way of silencing individuals who constantly abuse women online.

If you are looking for someone to create a Wikipedia page for you Get Your Wiki is the place to look for such an individual. Get Your Wiki is made up of Wiki writers for hire who are specialized in creating either non-profit, business, individual or any other entity’s Wikipedia page. Hiring Wiki editors ensures that the page created is comprehensive enough to meet the needs and desires of their clients. In case a page is taken down on Wikipedia because it was created by not following the Wikipedia guidelines they give refund of money.

This Wiki writing service offers language translators who are of immense help to individuals and businesses who would wish to get an existing Wikipedia page in a different language. In monitoring one’s account, they provide an account manager who assists the business or individual in monitoring and will update a Wikipedia page if inaccurate information is represented on the page. This helps in preventing bad edits that would negatively affect an individual or business brand.

Wikipedia has been described as the powerful means and method to do individual and business branding if not the best. Wikipedia adds to an individual or business some sort of reliability and integrity. When a business decides to create a Wikipedia page it helps in boosting the sales of a business due to the positive Wikipedia revisions that automatically market a business to the rest of the world.

It has an Objective Revision Evaluation Service, which is a tool used to detect and remove all bad edits on a Wikipedia page. This tool is effective and vital as it allows one to run their Wikipedia Page with no fear of online insults that are evidently uncomfortable.

Madison Street Capital Spreads Its Wings

Madison Street Capital is one of the biggest investment banking companies found in the United States of America. The company provides many opportunities for its clients located in the country in serious matters dealing with finance. Madison Street Capital is managed by a professional team of qualified advisors who ensure that the customers are given the right information concerning debt finances, solving credit facilities; secure lending, and several others financial services. Since it was started, Madison Street Capital released a Youtube video and has ensured that all its consumers are given the right information especially in matters concerning hedge funds and many asset management institutions. The company advises it consumers on capital matters, portfolio valuation, and several others.
Every year, the financial institution which is currently based in the United States gives a report to show its activities and how it has progressed. This year, they gave the fourth edition of the report, reporting all the transaction activities made by the company. The reported showed that the company had made a total of forty-two transactions. These transactions were either announced or completed in 2015. This was a good number, keeping in mind that the company has managed to announce thirty-two deals in the year 2014. This was a good increase and a clear indication that the international company has managed to move ahead. The competition in the industry was quite high in the year 2015, and the company must have worked hard to attain this.

According to the bloomberg business report, the assets found in the hedge fund companies was reported to be very high, and a great shocker to the industries. The companies were using very poor strategies, and they did not expect such numbers at the end of the year. The transaction volume also marked some good improvement, increasing by twenty-seven percent. Madison Street Capital expects that the next year will be better for the industry and that the companies will use the right strategies this time round.

Madison Street Capital is a company located in Alexandria, Virginia. Since it was incorporated several years ago, the financial institution has done a lot for the country, making a lot of positive changes in many companies. It has been involved in philanthropic activities, and this has made it earn a lot of respect among the American citizens. The institution partners with religious organizations, schools, charitable organizations and companies to bring changes that will help the community. The company has a qualified team of experienced professionals who have worked hard to ensure that it gets to where it is today.

Lime Crime: A Contemporary Cosmetics Business

Lime Crime is a contemporary cosmetics business predicated on the principle of using the aesthetic realm as a sphere through which to establish a unique sense of self and feel good at the same time. Learn more about this dynamic cosmetics company by reviewing the information that appears below:

Lime Crime: A Basic Overview

Lime Crime is a company predicated on breaking with tradition, embracing the color revolution, and never being afraid to be different. The company empowers customers to realize all of these objectives by offering cool, cutting edge products. In addition to providing customers with excellent products, Lime Crime is committed to demonstrating respect and love for animals. As such, the entire line is cruelty-free. Additionally, the website features the Lime Crime Twitter feed and an incredible blog that provides customers with news regarding what’s going on in the beauty and fashion sectors.

A Little More About The Founder

Doe Deere is a professional, passionate, precise business woman who utilizes her extensive knowledge of the beauty sector to provide people with absolutely incredible, top of the line products. Deere’s infatuation with the beauty and fashion domain began in childhood, and she has remained committed to experimenting with this sphere ever since then. Deere’s relentless commitment to maintaining a cutting edge approach to cosmetics has led to her appearance on the cover of Self-Made magazine alongside female entrepreneurs such as Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. Deere hopes that she can be an inspiration for other women who wish to actualize their entrepreneurial potential.  Check out Urban Outfitters for the full Lime Crime line.

Doe Deere and Her Rise in the Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere has become one of the most prominent leaders in the cosmetics industry. She is a young lightning rod for controversy, and this is part of the appeal that she has for teenagers. She has stated that she has cruelty free testing products, and this raised a lot of eyebrows in the cosmetics industry. She didn’t specifically state that any other cosmetics companies were indulging in practices with animals. She did, however, raise a level of awareness about product testing. She was vocal about that, but there is still an air of mystery that makes her intriguing as well.

For her Lime Crime brand she has been letting the products do the talking. All of the obscure names for her makeup has caused a lot of good social media buzz about the brand. This is what Doe Deere has been known to do. She is able to get people talking. There are blogs that have stories about her, and Unicorn Makeup is a favorite among teenagers. Even little girls are becoming aware of her lip gloss line. It shows the power of her ability to stand out in a crowd.

It is a good thing that she has had the ability to stand out. She has risen to the level of the CEO, but she has never really used television to promote products. There are people in different countries that are asking about her products, but she isn’t spending that much om marketing. All roads lead to the website via social media. This is the only true marketing tool that she has employed. Everything is web-based. Customers do not even see the brand in department stores. They have to go to the website. This is great because it cuts out the middle man.

While some people view Doe Deere as a lighting rod for controversy, others are looking at what she is able bring to the table. She is a fresh face that has a young fan base. The people that love her brands will be a lot more likely to spread the word about it. She recognizes the power of social media, and she has done a lot to stay on top with active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There are a sea of competitors out there, but Doe Deere has determined that she is in a league of her own. The cosmetics industry buzz is a sure sign of this. When Doe Deere is brought up in conversations there are no other people that are associated with her. All of the talk is about how she is changing the industry. There is no talk about who she is competing against. She has given people something to think about.

Check out Doe Deere at PHAMExpo!