The Amazing new Cutting Edge Technology from Securus

Securus is one of the leading organizations in the inmate communications industry. They have pushed forward in the world of telecommunications with many great services that help inmates and their loved ones communicate. They have been setting the bar high for the industry for many years now due to their amazing leadership and innovative products. Securus has recently developed a great technology that will be able to help investigators all over the world. This technology can scan voices in calls in order to better help law enforcement officials find the criminals they are looking for.


This new technology has been a great way to help crack down on gang-related crime and organized crime. There are very few criminals who can slip through the cracks nowadays thanks to the amazing technology that is being rolled out into the marketplace. Trends in phone conversations can also be tracked as well by this new technology. This is a great way to identify any possible threats from individuals outside of the prison system.


Securus has been hailed among the best companies in the industry when it comes to inmate communication. It is easy to see why this is said when you look at the nearly 1.2 million inmates around the world who are helped by the services Securus has to offer.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Evolution Of Smooth’s Lip Balm Can Keep Even The Dryest Lips Moist

Evolution of Smooth is the revolution in the world of lip balms. EOS lip balms come in a wide variety of different flavors as well as in a unique ball shape. The lip balm created by Evolution of smooth is completely organic and natural, with not other plastics or bad chemicals associated with some lip balms out there. What’s better is that EOS lip balms are free of Parabens, Gluten, and Petrolatum. People all over are loving the container for the EOS lip balm, coming in a fun ball shape, which also allows for easy application and no loss of product.
The Evolution of Smooth lip balms have many flavors which change according to which type of sphere it is. Flavors in the Organic spheres they have Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, Medicated Tangerine, Pomegranate Raspberry, and more. They also have the EOS Visibly Soft Series, which has Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, and Vanilla Mint. They have some spheres focused on protection, with the flavors Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit for SPF protection. They also have two special shimmer spheres which comes as Pearl or Sheer Pink.

Many Walmart customers have expressed how much they enjoy using Evolution of Smooth’s fantastic lip balms, because they highly moisturize the lips and take care of any dryness, without causing a build up on the lips. The price of the product is self-explanatory, coming in at a measly $3 dollars, Evolution of Smooth lip balm is very cheap, and most choices at organic, while each Evolution of Smooth lip balm comes in a natural flavor. Get these organic balm on Walmart or order it via eBay.

The natural flavors provided by Evolution of Smooth are capable of keeping anyone lips moist and smile ready through any of the season changes. With the unique and fun shape of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms, storing and location the product is very easy, as it is hard to mistake an egg shape. For more info, check out


Angie’s List Reviews Show Goettl Are Back To Their Best

In areas of the country like Arizona and Nevada the need for the best in HVAC equipment, repair, and servicing is well known with high Summer temperatures and cold winter months. Getting the best service for all HVAC equipment means looking through a range of review websites in the 21st century, which include the respected Angie’s List site that details the benefits of specific companies and provides real life customer reviews. The Goettl Air Conditioning brand has recently been given a series of reviews by Angie’s List members that provide proof the brand is back to its best under the leadership of new owner Ken Goodrich.

Angie’s List reviews explain the technicians of Goettl undergo the highest level of background checks to ensure the safety and trust of its loyal customer base. The reviewer goes on to explain the company worked with them in a bid to provide the best possible appointment time fitting into the schedule of the customer, who also explained the technician was held up by a tough task at an earlier appointment and worked hard to keep them aware of when they were expected to arrive.

Goettl has recently shown how important the local community is to the brand under the leadership of Las Vegas native Ken Goodrich, who reveals his purchase of the company was based on the fact his father gave him his first experience of the air conditioning industry while working for Goettl. Goodrich and the Goettl brand have been working hard to help students in Arizona and Nevada reach their best level of training with an investment in education made at the College of southern Nevada; scholarships have been provided for veterans looking to enter the HVAC industry and those who are following other family members into the industry.

The Goettl brand is always looking for the best ways of making sure each and every member of the family is protected during the warmest and coldest months of the year with servicing contracts to keep HVAC systems running at optimum levels. The company has also been looking to explain how animals can also be protected from the potential damage caused by hot weather in Arizona and Nevada to make sure every member of the family remains safe throughout the hottest months of the year.

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IAP Worldwide, Making the Impossible Possible

Do you have a technical problem that worries you in ways of solving it? Worry no more because IAP Worldwide Services offers reliable solutions. IAP Worldwide is a leading international company that has been in existence for the past 60 years. IAP is well known for the provision of top-class program management. It renders its abilities in the provision of safe, reliable and innovative solutions to the vast problems of its clients.

About IAP Worldwide
IAP Worldwide has its headquarters in Canaveral, Florida in the United States of America. Its operations are in 25 countries worldwide in over 100 locations on The company has up to 2000 employees in the countries it operates in worldwide.

Mission, Values, Vision, achievements and corporate involvements
IAP Worldwide makes the mission of its clients and customers their mission. IAP Worldwide achieve this mission by use of proven technology and ingenuity in problem-solving. The company owns up the problems of its customers and takes the challenge of solving them on behalf of the clients. Thus, they treat customers as part of them through the support they grant to them in the context of their mission.

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The values upheld by this company are in agreement with its charter which entails many factors on Monster. The factors include achievement of mutual success through partnering with the communities, colleagues, and customers. Other factors include acting nicely in a resolved manner, swiftly and with humility and integrity. Putting into action intellectual curiosity and provision of inspirational leadership and follower ship is also part of their values.

According to IAP Worldwide, the definition of success is not just the satisfaction of needs of its clients but also the commitment to serving the community. They aim at transforming the world regardless of the challenges they face. IAP Worldwide collaborates with the Military to provide technical support.

Recent involvements of IAP Worldwide
IAP Worldwide Services acquired two units of business from DRS Technologies in a move to increase the capabilities of IAP in the delivery of services to its customers. Other involvements of IAP include information technology and communications services. The firm is also involved in aviation and engineering solutions and utilities and power solutions.

WEN by Chaz Passes the Test

It’s hard to find anyone, male or female, that doesn’t want their hair to look good. Each year people spend tons of money on a variety of products in the hair care field. Since almost all of these products make claims of greatness, picking out the right product can be confusing. WEN hair by Chaz is one of those companies that has sold to many people and claims to do wonders for your hair. Writer and blogger Emily McClure recently decided to test if such claims were true. Emily embarked on a seven day journey to find out just how Wen hair by Chaz products affected her hair.
McClure is a busy woman and chose to begin this test on one of her busiest work days. After a long day of travel she challenged the WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner [see,] with her greasy and filmy hair. Despite needing to use a little more conditioner than normal, McClure found that the product yielded great results. She was however surprised to noticed that her hair had begun to return to its previous state early the next day. Her conclusion was that this product is one that needs to be used daily to produce the best results. Those looking for a product that can use once in a while or just occasionally should probably seek other products.

Hollywood hair stylist Chaz Dean has created a world wide brand. His products have taken care of top Hollywood celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate. His company has made products for several million people in the last decade. As of today the company has sold in excess of forty million bottles of his products. Despite such success, Chaz and his company are showing no signs of slowing down. They continue to look for ways to be innovative while meeting and exceeding the needs of their customer base. Wen hair products are Sephora available. It can also be ordered online via

Business Branding Expert Don Ressler Creating Big Moves With Fabletics

If you’re in the fashion and accessories business, then you would know how key e-commerce has become in the modern shopping world. The buyer on has become attracted to the quickness, convenience, availability of merchandise variety, latest trends and the prices and perks when shopping online.

Just ask Don Ressler, co-founder of Fabletics active wear with business partners Adam Goldenberg and actress Kate Hudson. The trio have created a leader in women’s work-out gear with their subscription retail concept. Fabletics VIP membership has exploded, with some 1 million members located around the globe.

There have been many subscription retail start-ups on the e-commerce shopping scene, and most of them usually ignite with a bang, but few are able to maintain that growing presence. Fabletics is standing proudly at the moment, and Kate Hudson has been a brilliant choice as face of the Fabletics brand.

Don Ressler and his 2 co-founders knew that women would relate to a celebrity who was just like other women out there. Kate Hudson is often seen all gleamed up for the red carpet, but she is also a busy mom of two young, active boys. She is often seen wearing leggings and tops from her Fabletics brand, because she is truly living the fit and fashionable lifestyle.

Fabletics offers women new, on-trend active wear styles each month in also yoga pants, sports bras, swimsuits and a new line of adorable dresses. The online subscription retailer chooses the perfect outfits for each subscriber based on her lifestyle and fashion favorites.

The clothing is comfortable, made with quality fabrics in beautiful bold colors and patterns, and the prices are affordable. VIP members can even shop Kate Hudson’s closet each month.

Don Ressler believes that Fabletics is striking the right note with female consumers and will continue to do so in the future. That is why Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler are planning to open up to 100 new Fabletics brick and mortar stores across the country in the next three to five years. When it comes to active wear that offers both fit and function, Fabletics is covering the market at every end to maintain their princess status for fashionable work-out gear.

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Securus Technologies Update On ConnectUs Solutions For Prisons

Securus Technologies recently shared some important information with the media and others that are connected with the civil and criminal justice industry. They are moving forward with the implementation of a plan that would save customers real time and money. We know that time and money is an increasing problem with those in the criminal justice industry and the prison industry. They’ve decided to join with ConnectUs, supplying inmate forms and grievance application. Securus is always looking for ways to improve their technology and offer only the best quality service to their clients.

Innovative Technology

Those in the prison industry often get very frustrated with the large piles of paperwork that must be processed. Generally, all the paper work was completed manually. This might include various sign up forms, prisoner request and grievances. Previously, prisoners would request a form. The prison personnel would retrieve the form. The prisoner would fill out the form and return it to the proper authorities. The next step was to process the form manually. Handling the paperwork manually took a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of the prison personnel. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application have streamlined the entire process. Tasks that took days or months are now completed in several minutes. The automated system saves the prison industry a tremendous amount of money and time.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a very outstanding information technology company. In fact, the company is considered one of the leaders in the criminal justice technology industry. Their technology solutions have increased production and improved all technologies that are involved with the prison system.

Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. They are a leading technology company that service law enforcement, correctional institutions, and prison industries across the country. Securus Technologies goal is to provide the best and most efficient technologies that help to make the world a better place.

Get to Know Doe Deere

Underneath the bright pink hair and innovative fashion choices, there lies the woman whose values and decisions lead to one of the most talked about cosmetics companies around today. Unlike the traditional businesses that pedal lipsticks and eyeliners that adhere to the strict beauty regulations found on the glossy pages of fashion magazines, Doe Deere was able to create something truly original. Lime Crime Cosmetics stands for self expression and individuality. While Deere herself is clearly one of a kind, she uses her company to help other to feel the same. In a recent interview with Galore Magazine, Deere sat down and discussed her life, her business, and of course, make up.

Doe Deere has always been creative and artistic. She remembers carrying around pencils and paint brushes everywhere with her when she was young. Her interests grew and evolved from there. Her first memories about makeup come from the slumber parties she had with her friends where she would practice her out of the box creations. While she was constantly experimenting, Deere admits to not being very good with makeup at the beginning. Her experiments were never meant to redefine beauty, she only wanted to have fun with her look. Lime Crime first came about because of her desire for bright, bold colors and hues that were difficult to come by. What started out as a simple need for color grew into a successful company that she is immensely proud to call her own.

Growing up in Russia gave Doe Deere a more worldly outlook on life. She moved to New York to pursue a career in music, one of her other passions. It was then that she met her husband and now business partner. During her years spent in the big city, Deere also attended school for fashion design. She used her extensive knowledge of entertainment and design to eventually get the start that would lead to Lime Crime. Over the course of her many ventures, she began posting YouTube videos about makeup creations and applications. She became an internet sensation with her fun and quirky designs and unknowingly set the stage for her company’s introduction. The name Lime Crime came from Deere’s favorite color combined with her rebellious attitude. Since its beginning in 2008, it has been bringing in new fans every day. It is no surprise that Doe Deere was named one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by Self Made Magazine. Through her love for style and originality, Deere was able to make a name for herself while helping others with their own self expression all at the same time.

Lime Crime Cosmetics gives people the bright colors and bold palettes they crave. Because of Doe Deere’s creative mind and attention to detail, the cosmetics industry now has more options than ever. For those who want more than the subtle tones that change with the seasons, they now have the option of being bold and daring every day. She has come a long way since putting makeup on her friends at slumber parties, and fans everywhere are happy that she never gave up.

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Spotlight on Norka Luque

Norka, born on February 7th, is a young Venezuelan singer based in Miami, Florida. She has managed to garner a handsome following from Latin America. Her music passes a new air of positivity that motivates her fans to follow their dreams. In the American entertainment community, there is always a Latin entertainer to breakout into the industry.

We remember the likes of Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and many others. These artists found crossover success with the energy in Latin music. The Venezuelan singer is also hoping to find success in crossover appeal. Evidently, she’s heading the right direction.

Norka’s success story is inspirational and motivational. In her world nothing is impossible. The Venezuelan singer discovered her love for singing at a young age. With the full support of her parents, she started her musical journey with piano classes, flamenco and voice practice classes. Apart from the musical and voice training classes, Norka also concentrated on her studies.

She studied BA in France and attained degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and the Culinary Arts. The time she spent in France wasn’t only about education; she also focused on her musical ambitions. While in France, Norka had the opportunity to perform at different dance clubs. Additionally, she became a member of a famous rock band, Bad Moon Rising.

Emilio Estefan Jr., a popular musical producer, gave Norka an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer. The Miami-based singer continues to live her dream by recording good music that inspires and give hope to her fans. Currently, the singer is busy promoting her hit single, MILAGRO. Produced by Emilio Estefan, the song has topped music charts in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States. MILAGRO has also dominated the nominated Latin music Billboard. The song is a perfect mix of Caribbean tunes, reggae, and Mediterranean traces.

The Latin sensation believes that through her music, she can inspire and motivate different people. For instance, Norka Luque says that her hit single MILAGRO gives hope and encourage people going through difficult times to take heart. She delivered a performance like no other at the Latin Billboard Bash. Fans from all over the globe are hoping to see more of her work. Norka has a Facebook page where she makes regular motivational and inspiring post for the young people.

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Heather Ripley Advises Businesses To Track Online Reviews To Manage Reputation

According to Heather Ripley, the founder, and CEO of Ripley PR believes that online comments can help consumers know your business policies. Consumers are open to both positive aspects of the firm and also the negative comments about the company. The management can use the opportunity to fill gaps between the existing and potential customers. For instance, if you find that a consumer left a positive review online, a great starting point is first to respond to him/her. On the other hand, if you are confronted with a negative review, it is important not to rush to the defense.

The best way to respond a negative comment by a consumer is first to thank the customer for raising the issue and then address the issue with both professionalism and maturity. Top on priority is to forge a relationship with the person who reviewed and suggest a direct call to have a private conversation. If the customer calls to clarify his/her negative comments, offer to make it right and request for a change to revise the review if there is a change of heart.

One important tip is to know that it is mature to admit when the business did something wrong. Also, it is important to let the consumer know that the company is doing all it can to rectify the situation and take ownership of the mistake. When the consumers are convinced on the explanation and efforts made by the business, they are always ready to give the company another chance. Timely response is another important thing to consider. The best way to answer a client or sort out an issue is to exploit the opportunity before it is too late.

Ignoring negative comments is something that leaves a bad impression to the consumers too. When a potential customer is doing research on your company will eventually see the negative comments and how they were addressed. You are likely to see most reviews on sites such as Google+, Yelp, Yahoo, the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Having a person dedicated to checking these reviews every week is important to ensure you have a current strategy to influence online conversation.