Spotlight on Norka Luque

Norka, born on February 7th, is a young Venezuelan singer based in Miami, Florida. She has managed to garner a handsome following from Latin America. Her music passes a new air of positivity that motivates her fans to follow their dreams. In the American entertainment community, there is always a Latin entertainer to breakout into the industry.

We remember the likes of Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and many others. These artists found crossover success with the energy in Latin music. The Venezuelan singer is also hoping to find success in crossover appeal. Evidently, she’s heading the right direction.

Norka’s success story is inspirational and motivational. In her world nothing is impossible. The Venezuelan singer discovered her love for singing at a young age. With the full support of her parents, she started her musical journey with piano classes, flamenco and voice practice classes. Apart from the musical and voice training classes, Norka also concentrated on her studies.

She studied BA in France and attained degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and the Culinary Arts. The time she spent in France wasn’t only about education; she also focused on her musical ambitions. While in France, Norka had the opportunity to perform at different dance clubs. Additionally, she became a member of a famous rock band, Bad Moon Rising.

Emilio Estefan Jr., a popular musical producer, gave Norka an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer. The Miami-based singer continues to live her dream by recording good music that inspires and give hope to her fans. Currently, the singer is busy promoting her hit single, MILAGRO. Produced by Emilio Estefan, the song has topped music charts in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States. MILAGRO has also dominated the nominated Latin music Billboard. The song is a perfect mix of Caribbean tunes, reggae, and Mediterranean traces.

The Latin sensation believes that through her music, she can inspire and motivate different people. For instance, Norka Luque says that her hit single MILAGRO gives hope and encourage people going through difficult times to take heart. She delivered a performance like no other at the Latin Billboard Bash. Fans from all over the globe are hoping to see more of her work. Norka has a Facebook page where she makes regular motivational and inspiring post for the young people.

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Heather Ripley Advises Businesses To Track Online Reviews To Manage Reputation

According to Heather Ripley, the founder, and CEO of Ripley PR believes that online comments can help consumers know your business policies. Consumers are open to both positive aspects of the firm and also the negative comments about the company. The management can use the opportunity to fill gaps between the existing and potential customers. For instance, if you find that a consumer left a positive review online, a great starting point is first to respond to him/her. On the other hand, if you are confronted with a negative review, it is important not to rush to the defense.

The best way to respond a negative comment by a consumer is first to thank the customer for raising the issue and then address the issue with both professionalism and maturity. Top on priority is to forge a relationship with the person who reviewed and suggest a direct call to have a private conversation. If the customer calls to clarify his/her negative comments, offer to make it right and request for a change to revise the review if there is a change of heart.

One important tip is to know that it is mature to admit when the business did something wrong. Also, it is important to let the consumer know that the company is doing all it can to rectify the situation and take ownership of the mistake. When the consumers are convinced on the explanation and efforts made by the business, they are always ready to give the company another chance. Timely response is another important thing to consider. The best way to answer a client or sort out an issue is to exploit the opportunity before it is too late.

Ignoring negative comments is something that leaves a bad impression to the consumers too. When a potential customer is doing research on your company will eventually see the negative comments and how they were addressed. You are likely to see most reviews on sites such as Google+, Yelp, Yahoo, the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Having a person dedicated to checking these reviews every week is important to ensure you have a current strategy to influence online conversation.



Billionaire George Soros Is Investing In Gold And Predicting More Trouble For The European Union

When George Soros wakes up every morning, he is a little richer. In fact, Soros gets richer by the minute thanks to his shrewd investments over the last 40 years. Soros is in the Investors Hall of Fame. He’s worth more than $24 billion, and that’s just his personal money. His Soros family hedge fund has another $30 billion in assets. Granted, not all that money belongs to George, but he has been the catalyst that has produced all that money. George Soros, the Hungarian refugee, and graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in philosophy is an investing enigma. He goes where others refuse to go in the investment world, and it has paid off. In 1992, Soros bet against the Bank of England, and he made more than a billion dollars in commissions. His hedge fund made more than $7 billion on that bet. Year after year, Soros has challenged the status quo, and he carved a new path in the investment world. He’s carving another road now.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Soros isn’t the only hedge fund manager that is selling stocks and investing in the gold market. But he is the only investor that is telling the world why he is making that move. George Soros bought more than a $400 million stake in Barrick Gold at the beginning of 2016 through his family hedge fund, the Soros Management Fund. Barrick Gold is one of the largest precious metal miners on the planet. Soros also bought a $125 million stake in the SPDR Gold Trust, according to an article published by At the same time, the Soros hedge fund dumped some favorite U.S. stocks because Soros felt those companies would not do well when the recession hits the United States. George Soros has been talking about a global recession since 2012, and it looks like the world is on the verge of making that a reality.

The issues that are changing George’s investment strategy are obvious. The China economic situation, the European Union’s possible collapse, the United Kingdom’s choice to leave the EU, and the escalating fear that the world is heading toward a new kind of war are the main reasons Soros is changing his investment choices. All of those issues combined are changing the way the world looks at economic growth. The global economy has been good for some countries and not so good for others, according to Soros. There is a strong sense of nationalism and isolationism developing around the world, and that is not going to be good for business. Soros believes those issues will be resolved at some point. But he is not predicting when they will be resolved.

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Doe Deere Discovers Her Work Has Been Taken Without Permission


In the world of the net today, it is not uncommon for images and other work to be taken without getting permission in advance to do so. While such copying is often done by accident, it also often done deliberately in many instances. Worse, it is done without attribution. Such was the recent case for makeup seller and world class artist Doe Deere. Deere, one of the hottest names in contemporary fashion, was utterly shocked to see that her own image had been taken by artist Richard Price. She had put out an image of herself holding a doll that looked exactly like her. The image was aimed at helping a fellow artist. She knows that her work is seen widely by many people who love art and color. She was probably surprised to learn that this image was taken without asking her by artist Richard Price, quickly used to make a print and then sold to a collector for a large sum of money.

A World Of Her Own

Deere has helped create a world of her very own. She is someone who has learned very much how to use the net to bring out color and show off the very possibilities of makeup that are clearly allowed in the world today. Much as people in the past have worked in various kinds of media, so too, has Deere taken hold of the various kinds of media available today in order to help her fashion her own take on the world. She has been able to find a world that is all about color and life. She has also been able to take this world and use it to help sell one-of-a-kind makeup products.

Getting Modern With Lime Crime

Lime Crime is Deere’s personal makeup store. Here, her fans can find the kind of makeup they want and need to help them add all kinds of colorful bursts to their lives. She aims to help people choose not just from standard shades such as red and pink but to explore all sorts of other options such as oranges, greens and blues. The result is she can demonstrate how to use color in ways that may not have been seen before in any other space or via any other retailer online. Her fans would certainly agree that she brings an entirely original voice to the world of fashion and makeup.


Mike Baur is excited about the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a strong believer in the power of start-ups. In the last decade, Start-ups have brought exciting new products and new ways to communicate with one another to the entire world. Each start-up has the potential to change the world forever, but many start-ups simply do not have the resources they need. Mike Baur recently recognized that start-ups around the world need support, so he created the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014. The factory is located in Zurich, and their goal is to help startups accelerate their growth. The accelerator is constantly looking for new digital entrepreneurs because they feel these brilliant minds have the potential to change the world. The Swiss Startup Factory offers a large number of exciting opportunities from the start. Mike has an excellent network in Switzerland and throughout the world. These connections are extremely beneficial to startups that want to grow significantly.

The Swiss Startup Factory program is truly unique. Their program is three months long and they promise to help take businesses to the next level. The program includes a unique array of services. These services include mentoring, coaching, and an office space. The office space is located in Zurich, a major financial center. The program can have a tremendous impact on startups that want to grow. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory also has an entrepreneurial network that is second to none. You can achieve ambitious goals by partnering with the Swiss Startup Factory.

Mike Baur is extremely proud of the Swiss Startup factory, but the factory is just the crowning achievement of his life. Mike has twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. He has become incredibly successful by working hard and building great connections. His connections have helped him considerably in establishing the Swiss Startup factory. Mike has been able to utilize his connections during the fundraising and financing rounds for the Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory is well-funded thanks to Mike’s extensive connections with people throughout the banking industry.

Startups have a huge impact on the world. They offer cool new ideas that existing firms are too stuck in place to think up. Mike Baur realizes that startups are incredibly important to the world economy, and he wants to help companies take their ideas to the next level. The Swiss Startup Factory should help change the economy for years to come.

Lauren Conrad Deals with Parties that are Free of Stress

Stress is a common occurrence in every day life. However, it is important to take a break every now and then in order to avoid burn out. Lauren Conrad has come up with a good idea for a stress free activity. She has planned a party with a methodology that reduces stress to nothing. She has a set of rules that could improve multiple aspects of life which could include relationships if these rules are followed. Lauren has put together a couple of lines for the fashion world. She has also taken the publishing business as well as social media by storm. She is now involved with household planning which include parties.

Lauren has shown a lot of ambition now that she is going into the party planning portion of her career. She could use the help of experienced professionals like the professionals of 23 Layers. 23 Layers is an event planning company in NYC which works with its clients in order to plan the perfect party. The staff has a great level of creativity that will bring about an event that has a unique visual style that will set the mood perfectly. They will also put a new spin on any old theme that will bring new life to the theme. As a result, people will have the time of their lives and walk away with exciting memories.

23 Layers is located in New York city that specializes in party planning and design. They know how to bring about a glamorous experience for their clients. They are also very organized in their methods of planning, hosting and cleaning. They have a meticulous attention to detail. Their goal is to make sure that people enjoy their time at the event. Lauren Conrad could definitely take notes from this party planning firm and get some good ideas on what she could do to plan a relaxing time for her friends, family, and herself.


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George Soros Urges Against Brexit Vote

George Soros, a legendary Billionaire investor, has issued a warning to the people of Britain against voting for Britain to exit the European Union. He states that if this happens then it will lead to a disaster as the stock market and currency` will suffer hugely. Mr. Soros joins other notable figures among them David Beckham, a soccer star, and his wife Victoria Beckham who are urging Britain to remain put in the European Union. This comes before the big vote that is expected to happen this week to settle the issue that has been contentious for a long time now. This issue has even elicited the reaction of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister who said that “Brits do not quit”.

George Soros on his part predicts that a vote in favor of Brexit would damage the living standards in Britain severely and also lead to the British Pound taking a plunge. He warns that the plunge this time round could be worse than the Black Wednesday that occurred approximately 24 years ago. Soros had earlier on opined in the Guardian Newspaper that the pound risks falling by at least 15% or even past the 20% mark. In 1992, when Britain collapsed from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, the British pound lost about 15% of its total value. Soros had bet that the pound would drop in value and ended up making a billion pounds when the British pound fell.

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George Soros – The New York Times

About George Soros
George Soros is the chair and also founder of the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. He was born in the year 1930 in Budapest, he managed to survive against the Nazi Occupation in the World War II before fleeing to England in 1947. He went on to graduate from the prestigious London School of Economics. He then settled in the USA and managed to accumulate huge fortunes through his International Hedge Fund that he founded and was also involved in its management.

Ever since the year 1979, he has always been an active philanthropist and was involved in providing funds to black students in order to assist them attend the Cape Town University in South Africa during the apartheid. His Open Society Foundations now is operational in over 100 countries and its annual expenditure reached the $835 million mark back in 2011. The main goal of the foundation is to promote values that are befitting of an open society, transparency and human rights. George Soros has authored a few books that include “The Tragedy of the European Union” that he authored in 2014. He also writes various essays and articles on various topics touching on society, economics and politics. These articles and essays usually feature often on prominent magazines and newspapers in the world.

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Beneful Dog food – extra delicious and extra healthy!

When I got “Beebee” home, I could only think about her healthy growth and happiness. I pledged to use only fine quality, all natural and high-grade ingredients for her food and the brand that lived up to my expectations was Beneful dog foods by Nestle Purinastore. Beneful has got three different broad varieties of dog foods: dry dog foods, wet dog foods, and dog treats. I have bought all from Walmart, and will point out the products that “Beebee” and I have loved so far!

The first favorite of Beebee is Beneful Dry dog food originals with real beef, chicken, and salmon. I see her devouring the full bowl at one go with a pair of happy eyes. There is a total of six varieties, all of them containing some form of meat. I can tell that the taste is rich because it smells real good. Next on the list is the wet dog food: Incredibites. I have been feeding Beebee the one with Salmon, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans and she loves it. The wet food comes in another variety: Chopped blends. They pack it in a Tupperware, so it’s really easy to store the leftovers. Beebee loves the flavor of chopped blends which comes with beef, carrots, peas, and barley. As you can tell, peas and beef provide healthy doses of Iron and protein to her. With sweet potatoes and barley, I can meet her quota of daily carbohydrates. Barley is a rich source of good kind of carbs and so is sweet potatoes. Turkey is a better source of protein and contains minimal fat, so your dog keeps active the whole day. I have been using few dog foods earlier which used to make Beebee extremely lazy and moody but Beneful’s products have been a blessing for us both!
Beneful’s Dog treats [] have a range of dental ridges for your dogs. They come in all sizes, small, medium and large and give your baby dog a healthy and enchanting smile. Beneful also has Dental twists, which help align their canines on regular use. It also helps to promote dental health and hygiene. My Beebee is happy, how about yours?!

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I Now Blog About JustFab Because I Love Their Fashions

Blogging has its ups and downs, but it’s something that I absolutely love doing. One of the best things about being a blogger is that I get free gifts from stores as well as my members because they like me and because some are trying to sway my decision. A member decided to send me a gift of a very cute pair of shoes after learning my shoe size, and I fell in love with them. I have an address that is a PO Box that I send all my mail to for my blog, and when I got the shoes, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were and thought that the person paid a lot of money for them.

I learned from the member that they bought the shoes from the JustFab website, and I automatically became interested, even though I had never blogged about the JustFab website before. I chose to go to the site myself and look it over to see what they had, and boy was I impressed. With summertime coming up, I figured it was time for me to buy some outfits, especially since I do a lot of blogging about fashion as well as about the entertainment industry. I bought myself some clothes that I can wear this summer from the JustFab website, and I’m so excited about my new look.

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JustFab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I made it a point to blog about the clothes that I purchased and to let the other members know who exactly led me over to the website, and the member was so thankful for being pointed out because they’ve become popular on my blog site. Many people will go to that member or to me to ask questions about the clothes and shoes at JustFab. I didn’t want to simply shop on the JustFab website, so I became a member, which has helped me to save so much money that I can’t even count. I get a percentage off on each purchase, and my shipping will always be free when I hit a certain purchase amount. See:

What I love about the shoes on the JustFab website is that there are so many different fashions that can be paired with different clothes that could take me throughout the year and not just through the summer time. With over 1000 styles being sold on the website, I never have to worry about running out of shoes to choose from, and the prices on the shoes are very low as well. I love finding out about new things, even if it’s a website that has existed for years, but I find out about it through one of my blog members.

Working with A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Despite there being legislation back in 2010 by the Dodd-Frank Act which regulated the financial industry, there are still some individuals and businesses that commit unethical and illegal conduct. As a result there have been a number of victims and therefore reporting this conduct is essential to help enforce the new laws. In order to successfully report a securities law violation as well as make violators of these laws accountable, it is vital to hire a law firm. With a law firm that specializes in SEC whistleblowing, individuals and companies will have a legitimate source to use to help resolve any dispute in the securities industry. By working with a firm that specializes in securities law, clients will have much needed expertise and representation to overcome any difficulties that may have occurred due to securities law violations. It also helps them report violators as well.

One of the top law firms that specializes in securities law is Labaton Sucharow. This firm has been around for a number of years and has provided many clients with assistance in both litigation as well as reporting securities law violations to the SEC. With this specialization in securities law, clients will get the expertise they need in order to easily resolve disputes that pertain to financial securities law. What makes this firm a leader in SEC whistleblowing is that it is currently led by Jordan Thomas who spent a number of years with the SEC. As a result he is very familiar with the securities laws and will be able to easily determine if any of them have been violated. He will also have the means to pursue litigation as well if there is a legitimate case.

When working with Labaton Sucharow as your SEC whistleblower law firm, clients will not only have lawyers to assist them but also a number of investigators, forensic accountants and also financial analysts to help them. These professionals will therefore provide the legal team with valuable assistance to determine if there is a case and if it is worth pursuing. Anyone looking to receive the services of this firm will get a free consultation and evaluation. This will enable them to determine if there is a legitimate case at no cost. You can also contact the firm quite easily through the website as well as by email and phone. With Labaton Sucharow clients who either know about securities law violations or are looking to seek litigation against wrongdoers will benefit by using the firm as a quality SEC whistleblower attorney.