NutriMost Challenged Me To Lose 40 In 40

The challenge to lose 40 pounds in 40 days with New York Fat Loss was something that I thought was pretty appealing. You usually see those stories on facebook and think that they are really stupid because there is no way that you could lose that weight, but I have lost 40 pounds in 40 days on NutriMost. The plan helps me eat right, and I have been shedding the pounds without a problem. It has literally been one of the easiest things I have ever dealt with, and I am still eating on the plan just because it makes so much sense.
I have eating wrong most of my life, and I learned that I was able to eat the right things and still have food that tasted good. I got all the resources that I needed to eat right, and I was so happy that I was going to keep using it for as long as I could. I got everything that I needed to make the most of my diet, and NutriMost inspired me with recipes and other things that I could do to lose weight. I know that people have been able to lose weight on the program because I saw the news story, and now I want to get other people to try.

I was so inspired that I have lowered my goal weight so that I can start losing more, and I am really happy about the fact that I am going to be able to lose more weight with the program. I have been able to keep shedding the pounds, and I am pleased to say that I have talked other people into using it. There are a lot of people like me who could use‘s weightloss system, and I am just glad that I can share my success story.


Lime Crime’s Social Media Blitz

Doe Deere is the innovative founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetic Company. Doe Deere was one of the first people to take her business to the Internet and find almost immediate success with her business formula. Other cosmetic companies were showing their lip colors and other cosmetic colors against a harsh background. Lime Crime preferred to show their colors on real lips and women. Thus, increasing interactivity between the customer and the company. Now, Lime Crime is using the same business formula on Instagram. Their customers are posting their images wearing Lime Crime Cosmetics on Instagram. Lime Crime is quickly creating a fun and inviting community on Instagram for Lime Crime followers.

Doe Deere Savvy Marketer
Doe Deere is a savvy marketer and a person that really cares about her unicorns. Unicorn is the name given to Doe Deere’s followers and supporters. Doe Deere is the self titled unicorn queen that really cares about her followers and their concerns about makeup in general. Certainly, her followers are well aware that her makeup line is cruelty free. Certainly, her marketing strategy is achieving amazing success. Lime Crime shoppers might search for the latest color Velvetines lipsticks, click a link and see the color on a real customer wearing the lipstick. This innovative approach is guaranteed to attract even more customers to Lime Crime.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime followers are probably aware of Doe Deere’s background. Doe Deere was born in Russia. She developed a fascination with bright and bold colors very young. She moved to America with a growing love for bold colors. She started a music career, but later on decided to turn her attention to creating a makeup line that matched her love for wild, bold colors. Thus, the Unicorn line of lipsticks were born and the Lime Crime Cosmetics company started. Her lipsticks were totally radical and her unicorn followers loved those bold and imaginative colors. The first lipsticks achieved amazing success and were followed by the Velvetines in a few years. The future is definitely bright for Lime Crime Cosmetics Company and the founder Doe Deere. Fans are looking forward to her next creation. Check out these new looks for yourself on their official instagram @limecrimemakeup.

Tools to Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

Summer will arrive sooner than you think. Now is a good time to start practicing to make sure your summer makeup stays in place. Some of the world’s top makeup artists recommend these tips.

Always Use Primer
Apply primer after your moisturizer and before you add your foundation. Primer is a base for your foundation and it helps your makeup last longer. It is also a good way to help minimize pores, lock in moistures, smooth skin textures and prepare your skin for flawless makeup application. Try to pick up a primer with sunscreen if your moisturizer does not contain SPF.

Waterproof Concealer
It is hard to hide blemishes when your concealer melts away. Try using waterproof cream formula concealer that will stay on your face when you are running around in hot weather.

Lips that Stay in Place
To make sure your lips stay put try a silicone-based lip color. This lip formula does not seep into your lip creases. Unlike most lip colors, a silicone-based lip formula last longer and does not wear off within a couple of hours. Lip formulas that last longer usually helps keep your lips hydrated as you pucker throughout the day.

Use a Creamy Eyeshadow
Try applying a creamy eyeshadow over your primer, rather than a powdered eyeshadow. The good thing is waterproof creamy eyeshadows will not cake or display creases in sweltering weather. By using creamy eyeshadows, it provides a longer lasting vivacious look for your eyes and gives a smudge-free appearance.

Wengie is an Australian-Chinese beauty maven most known for her multicultural approach to beauty products and beauty trends across the world. She left her marketing job to launch her YouTube channel as a fulltime career.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, beauty education or pure entertainment, you are surely to find something of interest socially via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. You can always catch her at bringing you the latest in beauty, health, wellness and life in general.

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George Soros teams up with the Libre Foundation to Stop Trump

George Soros finds the 2016 election as surreal as many of his fellow Americans. The Republican front-runner holds positions such as forcing Mexico to pay for a wall, placing a ban on Muslim immigration, and forcing Muslims to wear special IDs. Political commentators across the country cannot resist engaging in Godwin’s law and comparing reality TV star Donald Trump to a former German dictator. Soros, who has donated several million dollars to the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to take the election more seriously when Trump won the Indiana primaries.

Soros hopes to stop Trump from gaining the presidency. He furthered this goal by meeting with members of the Libre Foundation, a Hispanic advocacy group. Over 80% of Hispanics oppose Trump and his anti-immigrant positions. The Foundation plans to use this money and donations gained from other sources to bring more Latinos to the polls in the November general elections.
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Despite the fear over Trump winning the presidential election, likely Democratic voters do not seem to have the enthusiasm that Republicans supporting Trump have. None of the Democratic presidential debate gained the audience that the Republican debates had, and a smaller percentage of likely voters head to the polls in the primaries. Although Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee, Sanders could still win the popular vote as the California primary has yet to be held.

Soros chose not to donate to any Democratic campaign in 2008 or 2012 because he failed to influence the 2004 election of George W. Bush. Many Democratic candidates attempted to gain his support unsuccessfully during these campaign years. Markedly different circumstances mark 2012, however. China and Europe may be on the brink of another economic collapse that could send the world back into the Great Recession. The Great Recession occurred after the housing market collapsed, and it was eased when the federal government forced the banks to take millions of dollars. The phrase “too big to fail” entered the American lexicon at this time.

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LimeCrime Reaches Social Media Milestone With The Aid Of Founder Doe Deere


LimeCrime is one of the most innovative cosmetics brands in the world and has looked for new and innovative ways of developing the brand for the future; under the leadership of founder and CEO Doe Deere the company has looked to develop an ever increasing digital presence across blogs and social media platforms. For Doe Deere the development of an Instagram following reaching more than two million social media followers is the next logical step along the way to keeping the cult brand moving forward in its development and growth.

Doe Deere is one of the best known innovators in the cosmetics industry after she developed the LimeCrime cosmetics brand to fulfill her own needs as much as those of her customers. Not a complete novice in the fashion industry, the Russian born Deere completed her education in New York City with the focus placed firmly on the fashion industry before she began producing cosmetics full time. A move to Los Angeles saw a short term move into the music industry, which ended with the release of the first clothing from the LimeCrime brand.

Over the course of the life of LimeCrime the brand has become a major force Online with the founder placed firmly at the forefront of the Online life the company enjoys. Doe Deere has developed her own persona that sees her referred to as the Queen of the Unicorns, a title that refers to her personal image based on myth and fairytale. Alongside the advertising materials LimeCrime has developed Online, the company also releases video of the founder giving tutorials on the creation of her cosmetics and tutorials on their use.

For those living and working within the company the LimeCrime brand has become more than just a range of cosmetics, but is also seen as an Online community where individual choices are made and exhibited to fellow makeup users. Much of the success of the Instagram account of the company can be put down to the inclusion of fan posts submitted under #limecrime. The hashtag has come into regular use across Instagram and Twitter as this company producing a range of cruelty free products has grown beyond its initial cult following; Doe Deere has always looked to develop new ideas for the company and continues to do so as the social media presence of LimeCrime continues to grow.

Visit Doe Deere’s website at and follow her on Twitter.

The New Fabletics Athleisure Crazy that Kate Hudson has Created

Fabletics is on the way to opening 100 stores in the next five years. This is an immensely popular site on, and people are talking about how successful Hudson has been. This is no accident. She is really doing her best to make good on the new athleisure craze that she has created. Hudson knows that she is creating a new brand of clothing that is good for both working out and wearing outside of the gym.

The concept of clothing that can be used for lounging, running errands, working out and going out for a night on the town is a hot topic. People that are able to buy clothes that are multi-purposeful makes Fabletics something that people are going to be interested in. This is why Kate Hudson is doing what it takes to get more stores in place. People cannot get enough of what she is doing. They have become smitten with the Fabletics brand. It is so interesting to see how more people respond to this type of athleisure wear as even more stores open up around the country.
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There is a lot of good in what Fabletics is doing because the brand is getting people to at least consider exercising. This is a step in the right direction. Consumers can check the Instagram page for Fabletics and see a lot of cute outfits. There are also people that are tweeting about these outfits that they use to run errands before they do their aerobics. It saves people a lot of time because they do not have to change to go from one location to the next.

This is where Fabletics has managed to shine. This is a brand that has been well represented on the Internet, and even more people are acknowledging the brand as something that has potential to go even further. Kate has produced her own line of active wear, and this has allowed the brand to get more exposure with women that want to look cute when they are working out. They want comfortable gym clothes that are not limited to the gym.

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Venezuela Endures Worsening Electricity Situation

Many are working in Venezuela by candlelight these days, according to a recent Corporation Wiki report. The country is suffering from an extreme power shortage. Lighting candles is the only option for many since the government has mandated the cutting off of power. The rationing of electricity is done for one single reason: there is only so much electricity left. Once wattage is used, it is not being replaced.
In hindsight, Venezuela was overly reliant on hydroelectric power. A massive, sustained drought has brought the ability to generate electricity to a standstill. The nation now falls back over 130 years into the past (at times) when power is deliberately cut off.

To say this has created economic and political instability in the country would be a dramatic understatement. Things are only going to get worse until more power is produced. The “rolling cuts” of power only last for four hours. Once they pass, power returns. If additional electricity is not generated, the duration of those power outages is going to increase. Political and economic instability is likely to increase as well.

Even if the massive drought were to end, the memories of the current disastrous situation is not likely to fade from the minds of people like Norka Luque who’s experiencing it. In time, the drought and the power outages will end but Venezuela is not likely to be the same, politically, ever again.

NutriMost weight loss program a complete diet change

Being overweight is a risk to your physical health. Losing weight is a difficult process that requires sacrifice, commitment, and due diligence. There are too many weight loss programs in the market currently. Not all of them will give you the desired results. The NutriMost is a new weight loss program that helps you lose an average of 5lbs in a week.

NutriMost was launched in 2014 by Dr. Mitch Gordon a licensed chiropractic physician with a 20-years experience. The program is part of a franchise of the NutriMost Company with bases of operations all over the U.S.
NutriMost uses an individualistic approach in helping you lose weight. The technology used designs a program for a particular individual. Everyone loses weight differently due to various reasons such as age, BMI, and hormonal imbalance. It is, therefore, imperative to opt for a program that will focus on your needs.
The NutriMost Recipes program involves
• Eating only organic foods. Organic foods are free of growth hormones that affect both your health and weight.
• Increasing vegetable intake during the program, to lower calorie intake. Vegetables are full of vitamins making them highly nutritious.
• Understanding types of sugars. There are good sugars that contain fiber, minerals and antioxidants. They are in fruits and veggies. The other unhealthy types of sugar are refined sugars in carbonated drinks and sweets.
The success stories of NutriMost validate its capabilities. Key among the success stories we read on facebook is that of Dr. Mitch, who tried the program among the first people and lost 38lbs. Nutrimost, is a complete lifestyle change. Part of the program is learning how to keep the weight off. After weight loss, NutriMost requires its members to establish a weight limit. What the trainers teach you will ensure you stay within two pounds of that weight. Nutrimost has a Youtube channel which they often upload videos of testimonials and success stories.


George Soros Is Not Bankrolling the John Kasich Campaign

A Right Wing Conspiracy Theory

As the possibility of a Republican nomination for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz becomes more real every day, the right wing has been bubbling with conspiracy theories about secret liberal-funded Republican campaigns designed to knock Trump and Cruz out of the running before either one gets a chance to go up against the Democratic nominee in November. One of the main theories currently making the rounds is that liberal billionaire investor George Soros on politifact is funding Ohio governor John Kasich’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

A series of ads which are running in Wisconsin on ahead of that state’s February 5th primary have directly claimed that Soros is pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Kasich campaign. Linked to the Super PAC backing Ted Cruz, the ads even show photos of Kasich and Soros together. Several blogs have picked up on this theory, with claiming that Soros is controlling a network of millionaires to back Kasich’s run.

The Real Facts

Political experts have been quick to point out the ridiculousness of this theory. Since there is no maximum limit for donations to Super PACs, it would not be against the law for George Soros to donate any amount of money to the Kasich campaign. Therefore, he would have absolutely nothing to hide no matter how much money he put into the campaign. There would be no reason to utilize a shadowy network of investors when he could legally donate the funds himself.

All one has to do is take a look at the campaign records to see that George Soros has not donated one cent to the Kasich campaign. He is on record as having donated $7 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, plus $1 million to an organization which funds research against Republican candidates. There are no records of any donations to the Kasich campaign. Since all donations are recorded and on public record, this can be treated as fact.

Of all the contributors to the Kasich campaign, only two have past professional connections to George Soros on latino.foxnews. Both of these individuals have long histories of conservative support, and their collective donation of under $700,000 in no way supports the vast conspiracy theory the right wing claims.

The Theory Crumbles

As the theory presented on by the Cruz campaign continues to crumble, several television stations and at least one radio station have pulled the accusatory ads. Since there is direct proof that Santos has not donated directly to Kasich, it is known that at least one of the accusations put forward in the ads is a blatant falsehood. Plus, with the two donators in question having conservative histories and minimal donation amounts, the theory that they are being controlled by Santos is just not supported by the facts.

With his long history of liberal support, George Santos is clearly backing Hillary Clinton according to public campaign donation records. Any claims that he is masterminding a shadowy group of John Kasich investors can be looked at as false.


Thor Halvorssen Brings His Human Rights Experience To Bernie Sanders Discussion

The well known human rights activist and film producer Thor Halvorssen has used an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan to give his thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of socialism. In the U.S. the political ideology of socialism has so far failed to gain a foothold in the public consciousness, but has recently seen a rise in popularity after Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders declared himself a Democratic Socialist.

Trish Regan questioned Thor Halvorssen about the definition of socialism and how it is used in different areas of the world, including his home nation of Venezuela. The interview revealed Thor Halvorssen agrees with Bernie Sanders views that socialism can be of benefit when it is combined with more mainstream policies used by a liberal leaning government; Thor Halvorssen revealed Sanders is correct that various European nations have successfully seen socialist policies used to benefit the nation.

Halvorssen not only looked to explain his own views on how socialism can be used to benefit a nation, such as happened in Venezuela for a number of decades, but also looked at the problems it can cause; however, Thor Halvorssen also revealed Venezuela had seen major problems with the hijacking of the policies by officials using them to benefit themselves. Halvorssen has seen how the people of his own nation have suffered at the hands of leaders hiding their real ambitions behind the ideology of socialism.

Despite the concerns he maintains over the use of socialism in its general terms Halvorssen believes Bernie Sanders is the best qualified candidate to become U.S. President in 2016. Over the course of the campaign Halvorssen has become concerned about the close links Hilary Clinton has maintained with nations linked to human rights abuses; in the Republican race the racially charged comments of Donald Trump have made it impossible for the film producer to back his candidacy.