Jeffry Schneider: Using his knowledge in financial services to help companies succeed

Jeffry Schneider is the chief executive officer of Ascendant capital and also the founding principal of Ascendant alternative strategies. He has been in the industry for 25 years working in the financial services sector. He has also worked in private pension funds and global business services. As the CEO, he is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the company.

Having attained his bachelor degree from the University of Massachusetts, Schneider has worked hard to be in the position he is holding currently. After graduating from the university, Jeffry Schneider began his career in the financial services sector. He has gained experience working for financial service firms.

In addition to being the chief executive officer, he is also the registered representative of Ascendant alternative strategies. Jeffry Schneider also got the skills on how to build long-lasting relationships with the clients from his previous employment. It is from the skills he got over the years, that he decided to go on his own and start a venture that where he could use the knowledge in alternative investment and client relationships.

The company is located in Austin, Texas. The organization works with mature companies with high income and low debt. Under his guidance, the company has grown and had over 55 employees. It serves investment advisors, and family offices. The firm has made a name for itself in the industry. Schneider believes that success is through dedication and the employee camaraderie. He and his team have created a culture that has made the company achieve success.

Jeffry Schneider has previously worked at Smith Barney, Alex Brown and Merrill Lynch. He is committed to charitable works and has worked with organizations such as the Gazelle foundation, Wonders and worries and the Cherokee home for children. He currently lives in Austin, Texas where his company is located.

Stansberry Research: A Leading American Investment Publishing Firm

Stansberry Research provides individuals with information to manage their investments. The publishing company is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm was founded in 1999 and was previously known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. Frank Porter Stansberry is the Founder and Editor of the firm. The unbiased research provided by the analysts address topics which include variety of areas such as increasing income, the biotechnology industry, energy investments, and trading options.

Subscribers around the world receive investment information to assist them with their investment decisions. There are over 70,000 subscribers which are located in more than 100 countries around the world (Newswire). There are testimonials provided by subscribers regarding their satisfaction with the firm and one person indicated their business has experienced growth and their personal accounts have grown as a result of the information provided by the publishing company. One subscriber praised the company and stated that they have received more business insight from Stansberry Research than all of the degrees that he earned which included an MBA and a PhD.

The company provides a variety of resources such as free subscriptions, a bookstore, an investment glossary, and an education center. There are free subscriptions to Stansberry Research offered to people who would like to benefit from investment insight on topics such as news, which a reader may not receive through other publishers or media companies can purchase books in the bookstore which provide insight for various levels of investment expertise which vary from new to advanced trader.

Individuals who need clarity regarding investment terms can use the glossary to learn the key investment terminology for successful investing and trading. The education center provides free information about Stansberry Research which was deemed valuable by the firm editors to assist individuals with achieving their investment goals. Additionally, there are memberships which subscribers can choose from based upon their needs and investment goals.

The Rise of Organo Gold

Coffee production is a multibillion-dollar industry, and its coffee beans are grown all over the world. Thanks to different soil types and climate, consumers can purchase a wide array of flavors whether it’s a dark roast or a medium roast. Maxwell House, Folgers, Starbucks, Sanka and Nestle are some of the biggest names in the business. Organo Gold, a North American-based coffee producer, introduced its line of premium roasts back in 2008. This exclusive brand was founded by Bernardo Chua, and he has set Organo Gold on a path to success. This success comes from top-tier network marketing. Thanks to being somewhat of a network marking guru, Chua has brilliantly designed a progressive model of attack for selling the actual products.

Organo Gold uses independent distributors to sell its products, and these individuals are located all around the globe. To become an independent distributor, you’ll need to join the team. By doing so, individuals will have access to plenty of marketing material and study guides. Each distributor will earn a commission on a per-sale basis. As of 2019, this company serves more than 90 countries worldwide. Green tea, red tea, black ice, gourmet-black coffee, café mocha and café supreme products can be purchased from this supplement giant. In addition to that, Organo Gold manufactures organic products for better health and wellness.

Organo Gold is literally changing the coffee industry for the better thanks to its blueprint of success. If the company retain its current position, then it will continue on an upward trajectory.


Venturing In Real Estate Through New Residential Investment Corp

Investing in the real estate industry is one of the current investment moves that are bringing TV made by individuals and investment firms alike. Real estate business, for residential and commercial purposes, is one of the most lucrative forms of investments with an ever-growing client base both in the United States and the rest of the world. Knowing this investment firms like New Residential investment group, have seized the opportunities generated by the budding industry to aid in the generation of their investors’ returns on investment. In the real estate investment industry there are different ways and models that are in the generation of income some of them being through excess mortgage servicing rights, also known as excess MSRs, through mortgage servicing rights, and through real estate securities.

New Residential investment is an investment trust that is rooted in making investments in the residential real estate industry. The investment firm deals in residential mortgage-backed securities, mortgage servicing related assets and residential mortgage loans to mention a few. Through this, the investment firm invests in nonagency RMBS and agency RMBS, consumer loans and real estate securities. New Residential is a renowned investor as well as an investment manager in the real estate investment industry.

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Ignor Cornelson – The Life of a Successful Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment banker everyone should know. Despite studying economics during university, Cornelsen made a fateful switch to economics that has shaped the lives of all that know him. Utilizing his skills as an engineer, he received a promotion to the board of directors of Multibanco in 1974. Which enviably saw his ascension to CEO two years later in 1976. Two years late, Igor Cornelsen found himself at a crossroads after Bank of America acquired Multibanco.

Cornelsen saw this as an opportunity and quickly joined Unibanco, one of the top investment firms in Brazil. After a decade with Unibanco, the Brazilian inflation rate exploded. Sensing the negative consequences from this Cornelson joined Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank. This was a turning point in his career. With his salary now paid in US dollar, new investment opportunities began materializing quicker than he could have imagined. Soon Corelneson joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, as a member of the board of directors and a representative of the bank in Brazil. In 1995, after seven years as a hugely successful and productive member of the board, he left to found his investment firm. This firm provides the same services he was providing for the London merchant banks.

To this day Cornelson continues to follow international news closely. In a recent interview, Cornelson said he spends a large portion of his day studying economies and companies and adapting the portfolio of my fund accordingly. He also firmly believes that Reuters is the best news source for investors. They provide “no bias, and deliver good information” that provides a roadmap for investors in today’s turbulent world. Cornelson believes the key to successful investing is to read a lot of information from around the world and understand how news will affect the markets.

Jeremy Goldstein Hosts New York City Wine Dinner in Honor of the Fountain House

Attorney at law Jeremy Goldstein and others had hosted a pair of New York City wine dinners in honor of the Fountain House charity organization. These were exclusive dinners had raised over a total whopping $56,000 for the Fountain House charity, mental-illness focused organization.


The Wine Dinner supporting the organization was in complete honor of the diligence and nobility of the organization, the Fountain House, since they are 100% committed to raising awareness and gaining support for those who suffer from life-depleting mental illnesses.


All of the total donations that were gained are going straight to the award-honored, not-for-profit organizational entity that is solely committed to embracing themselves towards helping and raising awareness for those with the mental illnesses.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, who is an active participant in the Directors Board at Fountain House, had hosted two different individual Wine Dinners in the month of May during the year of two-thousand and eighteen, alongside with Wine Dinner participants, Jim Fenkel and also Omar Khan as well. The individually occurring separate dinners closed in altogether high-ranking participants and accomplished in raising well over a grand total of $56,000 to enforce the undertakings of the mental-illness focused organizational entity that is named the “Fountain House”, which is more specifically a well-structured self-assisting arranged system that is under operation by good men and good women that are attempting to re-reach equilibrium from minor to severe mental health issues and illnesses with active and pursuing engagement and dedicated guidance from a knowledgeable and well-structured group.


The initial of the two individually occurring dinners that were in place to raise funds for the organizational entity known as Fountain House, whose main focus is to help those with mental illnesses and persistent problems, was hosted upon the noble roof of the hotel that is named NoMad on the third day of the week, Tuesday, which was on the twenty-second day in the month of May. The hotel had a nice view of the skyline, and was complimented with a diligent array of Chateau Latour wine classics. This brought in a well-gathered group of notable individuals to one of the New York City’s top and most high-class privately ran charity events of that year. The next wine dinner was in response to the huge population of the first and was held in New York City as well, on the 31st day of the month of May of two-thousand and eighteen.


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Herbalife Nutrition Is a Champion in Supporting the Blood Donation Initiatives of the American Red Cross

The recent announcement from Herbalife Nutrition is that the company will be making another donation to the 120 blood donation centers in the US, of Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars. The American Red Cross runs these centers which are located in various parts of the country. The company is estimating to donate over 280,000 bars with a retail value of $500 million. It will mark the fourth year that the company is making such as a generous donation.

Herbalife Nutrition, which is famous for its sports products and protein shakes and has for many decades been pitching in to support the humanitarian efforts of American Red Cross. The bars are offered to the volunteers after they have donated blood. The bars consist of high-quality protein and carbohydrates of 10 grams each. These nutrients are sufficient to replace what the blood donor has lost.

The protein bars also contain other nutrients such as vitamins B2 and B6, which are useful to the body in building back the lost red blood cells. The Herbalife Nutrition Deluxe Bars also comes in various flavors such as dark chocolate, which happens to be packed with iron. The iron in the chocolate is also a micronutrient that replaces the iron lost.

Herbalife is not only offering the protein bars for nutritional reasons, but also as an expression of gratitude to the blood donors. The protein bar is something the donors can indulge in as they go back to their normal routine after donating blood. It can also be consumed by anyone in need of a healthy snack at any time to refuel after a workout.

Herbalife has also been involved in this cause in other ways. One of them is hosting blood drives in its offices. So far it has hosted over 50 of them in its locations in Los Angeles, California, North Carolina, to mention few. The initiative saves 25,000 lives annually. They encourage their workers, distributors, and customers to donate blood. It is a powerful blood donation drive considering the company has more than 8,000 employees, 3,000,000 distributors, not to mention the millions of customers.

Further, Herbalife Nutrition was a participant in the Missing Types Campaign of July 2018. It removes the letters A, B, and O from the company’s logo, which represents the most needed blood groups in the time of blood drives. American Red Cross was grateful to the company for showing support in raising the visibility of this issue.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm

King of e-commerce Liu Qiangdong realized his vision through customer service

Authentic products delivered as same day. This is the motto of China’s most outstanding e-commerce consortiums. Founded by sociologist and skilled digital marketing expert Liu Qiangdong, is nothing short of a global force.

Qiangdong worked his way up through the ranks of Japan Life, a herbal supplement behemoth. It was there where he would build upon a reservoir of skills including client relationship nurturing, the dynamics of internal business structure, adaptive business models, and market share acquisition.

After working his way up to Director of Computers and Service, he set out on his entrepreneurial foray- a decision that proved to be beneficial.

Paul Mampilly Offers Investment Tips Through a Newsletter Known as Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is a well-educated entrepreneur who has carved a positive portfolio for himself in the finance sector. He got his academic credentials from prestigious institutions such as the Fordham University where he studied for his MBA. Before becoming an investor, Mampilly has worked under various companies where he also held different roles. For starters, he has ever worked at the Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. While working in these companies, Mampilly was able to gain more knowledge and experience about investing.

Mampilly has also had the privilege of working in legal firms such as the Deutsche Bank and ING. His prowess in the finance sector was recognized by various billion dollar corporations. The corporation that had the honor of procuring the services of Paul Mampilly was the Kinetics Asset Management. During the tenure of Mampilly at the kinetics Asset Management, the hedge fund grew to the extent that they were handling $25 billion in the form assets. Such a growth rate was remarkable, and it was named the “World’s Best returns.”

While in employment, Mampilly was always held up because of his busy schedule. He did not even have time to spare for his family. As a result, Paul Mampilly was it fit to concentrate more on his personal interests. At the moment, he is still in the finance sector, and he is working as an investment and research analyst. Over the years, Mampilly has also become passionate about helping people to make money. If you are interested in the investment tips offered by Mampilly, you should go through his newsletter which is published on a monthly basis.

Because of his prominence in the finance sector and his success as an entrepreneur, Mampilly has always been featured on the Fox Business News and CNBC. He is also an editor at the Banyan Hill. He joined the publishing company in 2016. His newsletter goes by the title Profits Unlimited. It consists of 8 pages, and more than 90,000 people have signed up for the monthly publications by Paul Mampilly. In the newsletter, Mampilly always shares some insights on the different stocks that may be termed as a viable investment. As an editor, the Winning Investor Daily has procured the services of Mampilly. He is tasked with writing a weekly column.

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Felipe Montoro Professional Life

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the biggest names to be reckoned with in the Brazillian business. Felipe has worked in this specified field where he has been a leader for the longest time. He is considered to be an expert and to be the best choice if you need assistance at any time. Felipe has done a lot of different PPP project that he has been part of previously. These projects are perfect for various individuals who are in professional and business work. These projects are meant to be ideal for your needs right here and now.

Felipe Montoro Jens uses his dedication and experience to help in reduce infrastructure deficit by complimenting the public service sector. He specializes in the critical areas of transport and sanitation. Among his PPP project include ensuring that Belo Horizonte city in Minas Gerais state has modernized the whole lighting park of the area. They are now using LED technology in place of sodium vapor lamp in a bid to increase the service life while reducing the energy consumption. Another of his projects involves the construction of forty thousand pre-schools and twenty thousand new daycare centers. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin

Felipe Montoro Jens is also a PP between the private companies and the municipal council of Araguari municipality. The project involves building concrete tracks that have been made along the city. Montero proposes a robust structure that would help hurdles being experienced with the PPPs in Brazil. Because of his extensive leadership skills, Felipe Montoro Jens has held on to various positions in some of the largest companies.

It’s through these responsibilities that he has gained management skills which have made him a profound leader. As a result, Felipe Montoro Jens is now tasked on overseeing numerous fields in the industry. Jen educational background is pretty impressive where he has a degree in business administration as well as a postgraduate degree in International Management. Felipe is a very successful person in the business industry, and many aspire to be like him.