Doe Deere Keeps Control Of LimeCrime

The cosmetics industry has always been a difficult one for new entrants to crack as they seek out the best ways of making a mark in an already crowded field. The emergence of LimeCrime as a major part of the cosmetics industry has seen the newly established company become one of the top Internet based cosmetics businesses in the world over recent years. Deere has retained a tight control over the direction LimeCrime is heading in, which may have made a large difference in the success she and her company have achieved in the 21st century.

Fashion has always been the passion of the life of Doe Deere as she embarked on a career in the fashion industry; Deere initially looked to break into the world of clothing design, before she found her love in the creation of cosmetics. The move into cosmetics came after LimeCrime had already been established as a seller of unique designs by the New York trained Deere. Initially, Doe Deere looked to create designs of makeup that were based upon her own style and the aspects of her personality that were always on show.

One of the major influences on the makeup designs of Doe Deere and LimeCrime are her own heritage from her Russian family. Deere has been very public in her love of dolls and the fairytale aspects of her imagination, which have surfaced in her blogs that include her signing off as the queen of the unicorns. LimeCrime came to the attention of many when Deere and her company revealed striking marketing campaigns that included strong, bold colors that were used in innovative ways. The images produced for the LimeCrime brand were often remarkably different to those produced by many established cosmetics companies, which brought the brand to the attention of people wishing for a different outlook on life.

Throughout the life of LimeCrime as a stand alone company, Doe Deere has been looking to maintain the aspects of her own personality and imagination that have made the brand as well known as it is today. Deere still looks to play an active role in the creation of new products that are sold throughout the world and used in the striking marketing campaigns used by the business. Marketing remains one of the areas that Deere looks to maintain a tight control of, which means these images are creating a look that reflects Doe Deere’s own lifestyle and personality.