Magnises: A New Kind of Business Club

Now, more than ever, people are connected, whether by social media, email, telephone or app there is no shortage of ways to communicate with one another. That being said, there is, as they say, no substitute for experience, no placeholder for real-world interaction and this simple conceit is what has lead tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland to create the business network, Magnises.

Magnises is a social networking club, aimed specifically at young millennials in the business world. The organization was created by technology Maverick and creator of Spling, Billy McFarland and aims to connect smart and cutting edge start ups with other similar ventures as well as big business for a more cohesive career experience. One of several features which makes the Magnises club unique is the fact that it is just as geared towards play as it is towards work. For instance, any time card carrying members of Magnises (black metal cards are given to ever new signer) enter a affiliated business, all they have to do is flash their card and they will be given, not only instant VIP access, but also a huge user discount.

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Some of the different kinds of businesses that have partnered with McFarland’s Magnises network include various New York City restaurants, clubs, music venues and even some vacation suites. Additionally, Magnises members will also have the chance to rub shoulders with various New York celebrities like Ja Rule and Rick Ross via VIP access to particular events whether they be concerts, studio events and galas as well as helicopter rides.

Billy McFarland explains that the genesis for the idea for Magnises came from the simple observation that there was nothing more omniscient in regards to easy access payments than credit cards – almost everyone in the world of business carried one (or more) everywhere they went. Therefore, McFarland theorized that the best way to get the word out about his business would be to utilize a similar model and thus Magnises was born. And thus far the enterprise has been extraordinarily successful. See:

Founded just over a year ago, Magnises now has well over 6000 members and generates $ 250 dollars per card, though this does not seem like a great deal of money that amounts to well over $ 1,500,000 dollars. McFarland has publicly stated on numerous occasions that he has had far, far more offers for partnership deals than he has accepted due to the fact that he highly desires to only partner with businesses which he can trust % 100 so that he can provide the very best products and getaways for all of his loyal Magnises users.

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