Fabletics Works Hard To Beat Out Amazon

It is hard to make a business successful when you have the world of Amazon around you. At this moment in time, Amazon controls at least 20% of the e-commerce world of fashion. This has been no easy battle for Kate Hudson however, she strives to make a business out of her active wear company, Fabletics. Her wold is ever growing with more and more people joining her monthly subscription.


Fabletics works around the whole concept of selling clothing to their customers on a monthly subscription plan. What this means for you the consumer is, you will sign up for the low cost of $25 for your first outfit. From that moment on, depending on the plan that you agree on, your cost will increase. If you are a VIP member, you are allowed more perks than someone who has a plain membership plan. You will receive new clothing sets on the beginning of each month and from there on out, you are free to either continue your membership or cancel at any time.


When you shop through the site Amazon, you will shop for a active wear outfit that is more than likely less than top of the line and is way over priced compared to Fabletics. When you purchase the clothing from Fabletics, you will receive a guarantee that should you not be pleased, you can at any time call and a replacement will be issued or you will receive a credit towards a future purchase.


As with any other subscription plan, you will need to cancel your membership plan before the billing date or be billed for that month shipment. If you miss the cut off date, you can still cancel the membership but you will still be billed for that month and that month’s shipment.


If you like what you are receiving, you can either order more just like the one you already have or you can mix and match your shipments. You will be able to purchase some items at a discount depending on the sale they are running and these sales will change monthly. The concept is great and if you are not a avid workout person but might know someone who is, this is a great membership to give to someone for a holiday or even a birthday or graduation gift. It will give the other person an incentive to keep working out and feel comfortable and confident while working out.