A Brief History of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC, is a privately held food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and so has a long history in the industry. Today they have grown into a supplier of food on a worldwide basis with operations in 17 countries. While the company was initially solely focused on providing different types of meat products to customers it has gradually expanded to also supplying dough based food as well as vegetables.

OSI Group has engaged in a number of acquisitions over the years as well as joint ventures. These joint ventures and acquisitions have been completed in order to expand OSI Group’s global presence and what they offer. An example of this would be when OSI Group acquired Baho Food in August 2016. Baho Food, which was a privately held Dutch company, had a large operational presence in both the Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food sold their processed food products cross a large extent of Europe and thus the acquisition boosted OSI Group’s European position. Their food products were also a good match for OSI Group as they consisted of deli meats and convenience foods.

In 2016 OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe, a company that was focused on providing processed food to the UK market. In addition to poultry they supply sauces, marinades, pies, and other processed food to the UK foodservice market. This acquisition gave OSI Group a greatly expanded role in the UK market.

The company has also bought other companies processing plants. In June of 2016 OSI Group completed its purchase of a former Tyson plant in Chicago, Illinois. This 200,00 square foot plant was bought by OSI Group for $7.4 million. With Tyson Foods closing the plant there were still approximately 250 employees remaining and they were reportedly many of them offered jobs with OSI Group.

OSI Group is today one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Forbes has the company ranked #58 in their America’s Largest Private Companies ranking with an annual revenue of $6.1 billion. The company is led by Chairman Sheldon Lavin, its President David McDonald. and Chief Financial Officer Sherry DeMeulenaere.

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