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Teri Hutcheon is a Utah-born girl currently living in Winston-Salem and has a great zeal for life and a strong passion for blogging, social media strategizing, fitness, and creative recipes. Teri is the author and owner of the blog A Foodie Stays Fit and has recently made a little buzz with her positive and realistic review of the online commerce, Fabletics. In July 2014, Teri wrote a non-sponsored detailed and realistic review of Fabletics’ sportswear and later on received a free sample of a full outfit from the store. Fabletics is fitness wear enterprise under the ownership of Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The firm uses a subscription model to send apparel items to customers on a monthly basis.


Teri explained that a first time VIP member receives a discounted outfit at only 25 dollars and lower prices for a la carte items. Joining as VIP member excludes one from paying the required monthly fee and gives an option of skipping the month when one does not need an extra outfit. Fabletics avails a two to three piece outfit for only 49 to 59 dollars each and incurs no charges on a customer for skipping a month. The Krazy Koupon Lady explains the perks of signing up for Fabletics online sale platform. The blogger states that purchasing items from Fabletics is a cheaper way of owning exclusive fashion at discounted prices. The article skillfully cleared the confusion surrounding Fabletics’ subscription process. To prevent unnecessary charges on a month when one does not require extra items, a customer has to tick the necessary entries indicating that on Fabletics’ online store, between the 1st and 5th day of a month.


According to the post on Teri’s blog, Fabletics picks the items for shipping to a client based on their prior choices in style and size. Fabletic’s beats brands such as Lululemon Underwunders in the quality of leggings. The leggings have a high compression ability, are completely opaque and do not fade fast. The matching tops are soft, light and high quality too. Fabletics has an extensive range of stylish tops to pick from, such as sheer fabric, bold patterns, mesh backs, cut-outs and capris with sheer panels. According to Teri, Fabletics beats brands such as Beyond Yoga and Splits 59 by providing high quality and affordable items to clients. She compared Fabletics’ full wear which goes for 49 dollars, rivaling brands that sell a single legging for 80 dollars and a tank top for 40 to 50 dollars. Fabletics’ online shop is an easy to navigate platform that factors in details such as a client’s apparel size, location, and availability of the chosen item. Overall, Teri highly recommends Fabletics for its discounted and high-end sports apparel.

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