EOS Will Make You Smile

If you haven’t tried EOS lip balms yet, then you are really missing out. Not only do they come in a fun orb that makes it easy to locate at the bottom of your bag, but they are made form good stuff like jojoba oil and vitamins C and E. They do not contain any harsh chemicals so you can feel good about using their products on your body. EOS lip balms come in many different flavors so you can choose the right one for you. That may be a bit of a challenge though, since they are all pretty enticing. Read more articles here on frenchtribune.com.

EOS lip balms don’t just come in orbs, but you can also get them in stick form as well. They have Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, and Vanilla bean that come in Organic Smooth Sticks.

EOS lip balms also come in Organic Smooth Spheres, and Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres. If you want to get a hint of pink shimmer to make your lips really glisten, then you will love the Shimmer Smooth Spheres that come in Pearl and Sheer Pink. Hit this link at youtube.com.

Some of the tantalizing EOS lip balm flavors include Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They also come in Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint, and Blackberry Nectar. EOS lip balms glide on easily and the twist-off top makes it easy to apply and reapply your lip balm throughout the day. They are gluten, petrolatum, phthalate, and paraben-free and you can feel go about using every one of the products made by EOS since you won’t get any toxins in your body from using them.

EOS lip balms are unique and have really caught on due to the fact that they are natural, fun, and unique. They will make you smile when you use them.

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Backbones Are Needed

Citizens of the United States are given rights by the Constitution. Our founding fathers saw this land as a place where we could be free from injustice and strive for freedom. Yet, there are still many who allow these rights to be disrespected, not knowing the actions they could take to make things better for themselves. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

We have a responsibility as Americans to ensure this great country stays a beacon of freedom in the world. The best way to do this is by standing up for our own rights. If someone tells you that you aren’t allowed to say something that isn’t regarded as a threat, then this person is an ignorant fool. You can say, write, and believe in anything you want as long as your words cannot be construed as an intent to inflict violent acts upon someone else.

The importance of this was not overlooked in the case of Larkin and Lacey. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were two journalists who spoke the truth. They founded the Phoenix News Times and Village Voice Media as a way for them to exercise their right to the freedom of speech.

When they came upon grand jury hearings which requested notes from authors that had written about their town’s sheriff, Jim Arpaio, they felt it was their duty to tell the truth and released an article about the proceedings.

The sheriff did not take kindly to this. On October 18, 2007, he and his deputies took the journalists from their homes and imprisoned them for the words they wrote. Larkin and Lacey did not fight back physically. They went peacefully and took their unjust punishment for the time being. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

After their release, they retaliated. They used their rights, which were disrespected, to bring the Sheriff to his knees. They sued the county and won a handsome settlement of $3.75 million.

Their justice didn’t stop there. They used the funds they won to bankroll the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization helps those who can’t help themselves in cases involving civil, human, and migrant rights. They help people in the Arizona area and strive to protect everyone who loves this country and the rights we are provided.

There is a lesson to be learned here. If you’re faced with such a challenge as this, violence will only bury you further. If you’re wrongfully punished for any reason, the way to fight it is with words and legal action.

Having a backbone is not the same as having a temper and patience is the way to win any battle. Cowards are everywhere and chances are, if you stand up to those who infringe upon rights, they will back down, just like a coward.

How The Evolution of Smooth Became More Popular Than Chapstick

The Evolution of Smooth has completely dominated the lip balm market ever since 2008. The pastel colored spheres can be seen in the most elite beauty magazines and in the hands of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.


EOS lip balm founders, Sanjiv Mehra and his business partner, Jonathan Teller, have managed to create a staggering fortune of $250 million. It has become one of the best-selling lip balms in the nation.


Growth of EOS Lip Balm

EOS founders saw an opportunity for growth in the lip care industry. They realized a lack of high quality lip balms in a market driven mainly by cutting costs. They invested in research and discovered key pieces of information that would be useful when inventing their product. They found that lip balms were regularly used by women as part of a beauty regimen and they wearing lip balm was not enjoyable. With these information, the business partners set out to create a product like no other. Try click here.


They hired a clay artist to help them sculpt the spherical shape that you see today. They also invested in their own equipment to start the manufacturing process. Their lip balms would be made of high quality ingredients and would be enjoyable to apply.


Getting their product onto store shelves was a challenge in the beginning. Many buyers from retailers felt as though consumers would not purchase the product because they would rather buy a brand that has been around longer. However, even after being rejected multiple times, the men pressed on.


As fate would have it, they scored a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the product. Walgreens was the first major retailer they had an account with. The spheres could eventually be found in Target, Walmart and other drug stores.


EOS continues to dominate the lip balm industry and its success continues to grow.


Find out more, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.

EOS Lip Balm, Flavoring the Future

Before 2007, buying lip balm meant scanning the check out counter at Wal-Mart or the grocery store, finding a small, clinical-looking tube that contained a blandly flavored balm, go straight on walmart.ca. But, in an effort to reform the way we look at lip balm, EOS blasted onto the market. Soon after their launch women everywhere, including celebrities, started raving about their creative design and wonderful flavors. In this article we’ll discuss some of their most popular flavors and include a few facts that the flavors do for your lips, see also ebay.com.


Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor is 95% organic and 100% natural. It’s packed with antioxidants that help keep lips soft, moist and smooth. You’ll enjoy the flavor, your lips will thank you for the Shea-butter and vitamin E. Comes in the EOS signature dark red smooth sphere. Look here.


Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is known for its tropical flavor. It contains antioxidants making it the perfect choice for drinks and lip-balm alike. The fruit is powerful in its healing nature and packed full of vitamins. This flavor of EOS is also 100% natural and even Gluten free. Every aspect of this lip balm is appealing, right down to the smooth, purple sphere which contains it.


Acai Blueberry

Another 100% natural flavor. Acai is used in many supplements and even sold as a whole fruit for its great health benefits. Combine the flavor and power of Acai with the antioxidant and flavor rich blueberry and you get a wonderful flavor and lips that have never been smoother or smelled better. Comes in a smooth blue sphere.


Coconut Milk

This flavor just sounds delicious. The smooth velvety texture of coconut milk is packed inside this flavor. This is one of EOS’s visibly smooth flavors. Get your lips smoother than ever with this wonderful balm and enjoy the velvety taste and smell of coconut milk. Comes in a smooth pink and white swirl container.


Head over here for more, http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.