David Giertz – Highly Respected and Sought After Financial Expert

David Giertz is a well-known financial expert and advisor in the United States and serves as the President of the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, which is the distribution wing of the Nationwide Financial Inc. The Nationwide Financial offers a broad range of financial products, including the retirement planning products, mutual funds, equity-linked plans, and more. David Giertz is often seen in many of the television shows when it comes to financing and the financial market trends on facebook.com.

In a recently given interview to the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz talked about the importance of social security and how many people are not pleased with their financial advisor for excluding social security from their financial portfolio at https://angel.co/david-giertz. David Giertz said that social protection is an important component of the retirement planning, and must not be discarded. He added that taking out social security from the financial portfolio can lead to a huge loss at the time of the retirement. David Giertz said that as per the survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial Research Institute; most of the consumers are unhappy with their financial advisor due to the exclusion of social security and wouldn’t mind switching to another financial advisor at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051.

David said that one of the primary reasons why so many financial advisors ask their clients to do away with the social security is because explaining it can be difficult and it adds to the worry of the financial advisor on CNBC.com. The guidebook for the social security is quite complicated, even for some of the financial advisors. It is one of the reasons why so many financial advisors like to keep it excluded when it comes to retirement planning, but David advises against it. David has received Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University and MBA Degree from the Miami University. He has helped in improving the sales of the Nationwide Financial manifolds over the last few years.