Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali Of Fagali Law And How Businesses Benefit From His Services

Bruno Fagali is an established Brazilian Lawyer. He lives in Sao Paulo where he runs a law firm called Fagali Law. Mr. Fagali focuses on elections law, anti-corruption, compliance, and public law. He holds a Masters degree in anti-corruption, administrative law and state law from Sao Paulo University. Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns is where Bruno Fagali began his career in law.

As an intern, his role involved family law and domestic violence civil procedural cases. After working at the law firm for about three years, Bruno Fagali went to intern at other law firms. His internships taught him a lot especially about administrative contracts, bidding, and regulatory law. Bruno Fagali worked at Radi, Calil e Associados Law in 2012. This marked his first position as an attorney. He worked at the law firm for two years where he performed administrative contracts and appeals, public law, and public civil action. Moreover, Bruno Fagali litigated cases before public prosecutors and courts of account.

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More about Bruno Fagali

Presently, Bruno Fagali counsels corporations and individuals who require business compliance and urban law services. These legal services are very important for businesses that want to grow. Additionally, communities that need development assistance find Bruno Fagali’s services very helpful. Thanks to Bruno Fagali’s vast legal knowledge, his clients are able to choose the best direction for their projects. Compliance rule services ensure that businesses are not acting against the law. Companies seek the services of Bruno Fagali to make sure that they don’t breach the law and Bruno Fagali is always happy to come to their aid. The information he gives to his clients helps them make informed decisions.

Bruno Fagali holds the position of Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/sb, an accredited advertising agency based on pro-ethics. His responsibility includes implementing and managing the firm’s corporate integrity program. To manage and implement Nova/sb’s corporate integrity program, Bruno Fagali has to travel between Rio and Sao Paulo regularly. Bruno Fagali is self-driven, passionate, and has inner self-motivation. These are some of the reasons why his career in law is flourishing in a country with many lawyers like Brazil.

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