Securus Technologies Leading the Transformation in Correctional Industry

The inmates in the correctional facilities need ways to communicate with their loved ones, and it is what is facilitated by the inmate communications service providers. Even though there are many inmate communication companies in the United States, one of the most popular and reputed firms is Securus Technologies. The company has been providing a wide range of correctional services and inmate communication services since it started operations in 1986. Securus Technologies has a system in place to ensure that the customers get not only quality products but also attentive and responsive customer service.


Securus Technologies has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, which signifies the high standards maintained by the company. Securus Technologies is also known to provide a wide range of other correctional services, such as government information management system and parolee tracking system. The company has invested more than $600 million in the last couple of years to advance its system and modernize its research and development infrastructure. The part of this investment has also gone into acquiring patents that would give the company an edge over its competitors. Currently, the company owns around 70 patents in correctional technology, a figure which is soon going to increase.


Securus Technologies has played a vital role in the advancement of the inmate communication sector and the development of correctional products and services used today. The company has helped the law enforcement officers to perform safely and save lives of many people. In all the communities where Securus Technologies’ products and services are used, it has helped in reducing the crime rate considerably. Securus Technologies has a dedicated customer service department as well, which ensures that all the queries and issues faced by the customers are briskly answered. The company continues to lead the change that correctional industry is going through.