Sentient A.I. – Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

The series finale of Friends, a long-running sit-com that ran for ten years, had consumed the attention of 30 million people on one 2000’s night. However, you had to download your own podcasts through your RSS Feeds and listen to your own shows.

What this meant was that 2000’s was a time when we were all moving away from doing things collectively together at the exact same and moving on towards different things simultaneously.

In other words, back in 2000’s, it was more common for the thousands and even millions to participate in doing the exact same thing at the same time than it were to turn your very own podcast episode and be the one who was listening to that show at that exact moment.

We moved away from collectively voting on who is going to be the next American Idol to buying a subscription from Netflix and binge-watching our very own shows at our own times.

This is why personalization is so incredibly important: our everyday routine became less what we do as a collective and more as an individualized approach to how we spend our time.

This is especially true for e-commerce.

The Beginnings of Personalization

It can be easy to dismiss A.I. as either an uneasy threat that Teslo founder Elon Musk continues to warn us about, disregard it as an early technology that is not mature, or fear it for it can take your job away.

However, A.I represents something much more important: the evolution of personalizing your customers’ buyer journeys and experience no matter how device or what interface that they are in.

Moving from changing the e-mail first name based on whose name is it when they answer your e-mail newsletter to moving artificial intelligent videos on Facebook that detail your adventures that you shared on Facebook, personalization is moving closer to predicting what your potential buyers and how to best get it to them to purchase from you.

What Sentient A.I Can Move Personalization Forward

When people shop online, sometimes they get confused by having too many options thrust upon them. This isn’t how an e-commerce recommendation engine is supposed to work!

Sentient A.I is the leader of crafting the distributed technologies with artificial intelligence in getting your potential customer to buy from you.

Two of its products are Aware and Ascend. Sentient Aware uses deep machine learning to use images in order to convert your customers into buying from your e-commerce portal while Ascend is geared to crafting and testing which layouts would be the best for you to implement when interacting with your customers. The purpose with Ascend is to drive more conversions from the your website traffic.

This way, Sentient serves as your e-Commerce Recommendation Engine by learning what your customers are interested in buying.

Personalization isn’t just putting a customized first name for your e-mail list, it’s fully understanding who your customers are, why they are buying, and getting them the right product that they are looking before they even know what they are looking for.