Omar Boarie Brings Back Life

The city of New Brunswick, New Jersey owes its life to the good deeds of Omar Boraie. If this man had not stuck with the city at this time, they would be in the grave and the city would just be a ghost town.


It was about four decades ago when city analysts met together to discuss the future of New Brunswick. The city had been dying for some time and it seemed that things were only going to get worse. The city was losing families, the middle class, employment, and the loyalty of their leaders. These four factors combined together to create a formula for a poison that would ultimately lead to the death of New Brunswick.


Omar Boraie heard of these four factors and he decided he would not retreat from the city as all the others did. He knew that if he could heal these four problems that New Brunswick, New Jersey would gain in spreading and be able to fulfill its purpose.


According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie met with churches and nonprofits to brainstorm together the best way to bring families back to the city. These nonprofits and church leaders told Omar Boraie that the reason many families left was because of a lack of community. They told Omar Boraie they wanted to build community among the families but did not have the finances to do so. Omar Boraie then informed them that if they were to build the necessary events, he would give them the donations necessary to make it happen.


Omar Boraie then began working at stabilizing the job market. This was essential since people were leaving to find jobs. Omar Boraie listened to the heads of the Corporation and found the problem. Most corporate leaders wanted to expand in the city for the current tax rate made it nearly impossible. Omar Boraie was able to work out a tax plan to the city Council the lower the tax rate on these corporations. This allowed the businesses to expand and hire more workers which in turn help the economy. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie finished by enticing the middle class to come back to the city. He did this through real estate they could not pass up. He built real estate that normally only the rich elite can afford a sold it for upstart business price. This led to middle-class professionals leasing out his office space to look more prestigious.