TMS Health Solutions: Changing Methods and Changing Lives

In California’s bay area, a mental health revolution is taking place; this revolution is being spearheaded by TMS Health Solutions, a company offering cutting edge mental health treatment, aimed primarily at the 40% of patients diagnosed with clinical depression, or other mental health issues, who suffer from treatment resistant mental health conditions. TMS Healthcare Solutions offers comprehensive psychiatric services, including medication therapy management, specialized care for clinical depression, and a myriad of other mental health conditions. The primary goal of the staff of TMS Healthcare Solutions is to free patients from the burden and stigmas that come with a mental health diagnosis.

Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS), is a non-invasive, FDA approved therapy for patients who do not have a history of responding to anti-depressant medications or other therapy options. The dedicated staff of clinicians and staff at TMS Health Solutions focus on providing innovative therapies to mental health patients by offering “solutions beyond medication.” These alternative therapies are rooted in finding the common ground between being completely evidence based and compassionate, addressing the needs of each individual patient.

Most types of clinical depression are only treated by treatment, most often medication. But for the nearly 4 out of 10 patients with a clinical depression diagnosis that do not respond to medication, alternative therapy is imperative in the battle against this disease. That is why the growing staff of TMS Health Solution, and their comprehensive psychiatric treatment plans are changing the face of mental health.

TMS Health Solutions recently opened a second San Francisco location, conveniently located across the street from Union Square. This fourth TMS Health Solutions clinic offers even more patients the opportunity to experience this completely innovative approach to treating clinical depression, and many other mental conditions at this new TMS Therapy Union Square SF.

In addition to meeting the needs of even more patients, TMS Therapy Union Square SF allows the mental health experts at TMS Health Solutions to conduct forums discussing clinical depression, other mental health conditions, and potential treatments with potential patients and partnering clinicians. These forums will allow TMS Health Solutions to continue to be at the forefront of alternative therapies in the mental health field.