From Lipsticks To Hair Dye: The Expansion of Lime Crime Cosmetics

The brand known as Lime Crime has the perfect rags-to-riches type of story in a sense. This cosmetics line has come along way since its beginning, but thanks to proper ingenuity, it has expanded beyond belief. First things first, this brand is much different from most of the competition because it’s 100 percent vegan. That’s right! Lime Crime is into offering health benefits, which will in time lead to longevity in sales. By being a vegan-made, consumers will be able to wear the cosmetics on a daily basis. Side effects such as acne, rash and oil buildup are a thing of the past.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has listed the brand as a representative of animal cruelty-free practices. Testing its products on animals is not what this brand represents and PETA has recognized LimeCrime for its consistent actions. PETA is also one of the world’s largest animal-rights organizations, and it has well-over 6 million supporters as well as members. Are you into bold colors and richly intense hues? Do you know how to apply cosmetics for the best possible effects? There is no worries with LimeCrime because it hosts the most brilliant array of colors on the planet. These colors are standard, and they’re blended, which provides you with a one-of-a-kind appearance. The Unicorn hair dyes are simply stunning to the naked-eye and if you really want attention, this is the product of choice. Unicorn hair dye also comes in a barrage of dazzling colors such as bright red, tweet-bright yellow, emerald green, smoky-royal blue, neon blue, charcoal, jam-dusty pink and numerous others.

Whatever the doctor orders in makeup products, Lime Crime definitely has something for everyone. These products are unisex as they’re enjoyed to the fullest by both genders.