William Hiroyuki Saito: Global Innovative Extraordinaire

While growing up in the small Los Angeles county city of La Verne, California during the late 70’s and 80’s, Japanese-American William Hiroyuki Saito, could have never dreamed that he would one day helm a startup IT security software firm—I/O Software, Inc., that would develop one of the world’s first biometric authentication and identification systems. An innovator in then emerging field of IT security software development; I/O Software’s groundbreaking software would later be acquired in 2000 by computer giant Microsoft Corporation for integration into all of the subsequent versions of its’ Windows operating system.

I/O’s epic successes led Ernst & Young to name Mr. Saito as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998. Not one to rest on his laurels; he later moved to Japan and began his second business incarnation as a venture capitalist and government IT security consultant. He was subsequently enlisted by several agencies within the Japanese government as a trusted IT security advisor and consultant; even acting as a direct security advisor to then Prime Minister, Shinze Abe. The Japanese National Diet Committee, assigned the monumental task of investigating the cause of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear leak, also sought out Saito’s security expertise and advise during the same period. Once again, Saito’s many achievements were recognized and he was named Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in that same year.

While initially finding success in the private sector and then later in the public realm; Saito was ready to return to working with private enterprise where he assumed the role of Executive Officer and General Manager with Japan Airlines. Never content to become complacent; Saito would later venture into the previous un-chartered waters of academia, as he became a professor at the Toyko University of Agriculture and Technology and later, a published author.

These days, Saito has turned his visionary sights to offering his vast reservoir of knowledge and experience to start-up business entrepreneurs. Based on his own remarkable journey from a fledgling small biz owner; he knows the ins-and-outs of what it takes to navigate the often unyielding and often treacherous waters that define the startup entrepreneur experience. Ultimately, Saito believes that fate favors the bold and innovative and if his own personal journey doesn’t provide more than ample proof of this belief; he points to historical fact that bares out that the most successful startups have taken risks when economic indicators would have cautioned them otherwise.



Matt Badiali has Freedom Checks for You and Your Aspiring Investors

Perhaps you have heard of one famous investment expert by the name Matt Badiali. Well, if not, you should now be keen on finding out who exactly he is. From the viral videos about freedom checks to the investment predictions often provided by the Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali has shaped his career around the sphere of finance and investment. Watch this video at Youtube.

Badiali started his career from a rather strange point in life compared to where he currently is. He was a scientist with a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from the prestigious Penn State University. Later on, he advanced his education by joining the Florida Atlantic University. Moreover, he attended the North Carolina University for a Ph.D. before an acquaintance connected him with the world of finance.

Similarly, Badiali’s friend was a finance guru who aspired to have an assistant at that moment; Matt Badiali was the suitable candidate. As an average investor just joining the investment expert and guru, Badiali was keen on learning the ropes of various investments skills and low-risk businesses to put his money to. With his knowledge in science and geology, Badiali was in a position to assist the investment guru. That was the most appealing element in his career.

Discovering Freedom Checks

Badiali has since worked with different investment experts and learned more about the stock market and its different shifts within the business. As such, he realized that the freedom checks were not new to most individuals in the industry as some of the top investment experts were using these stocks to make millions. Now when Badiali learned about the checks, he could not keep it a secret anymore; he shared the investment idea in a video and here is what he had to say; Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

MLPs and Companies

Freedom checks are run by MLPs. MLPs are companies that do not have to pay taxes in order to operate. All too often, they deal in refining, manufacturing oil and gas as well as mining. As such, these companies are always in a position to cash out huge chunks of money directed to investors. Additionally, MLPs are considered a rather low-risk investment. From these investments, investors get to cash out millions. Now those are freedom checks. It is important to note that they are not government issued like the Medicaid or social security. For those who are wondering how viable these checks are, they have been proven to work.

Learn: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/


Sussex Healthcare

Those that have actual careers that help others in their daily struggles can recognize the vast benefits that working in healthcare can give individuals. Doing something important that greatly impacts the well being of other human beings is a rewording way to earn a living. The employees at Sussex Healthcare can relate to this deeply held commitment in providing the absolute topnotch patient care that every single solitary person fully deserves.

New employees to this 25 year old healthcare organization immediately feel welcomed and accepted as an important part of an award winning healthcare network. With 20 residential home settings, the opportunities for fantastic jobs have never been better.

Those desiring to help others should seriously consider coming to work at a Sussex Healthcare senior living home. The phenomenal facilities are designed to mimic a comfortable and warm home environment. The beautiful decor inside each splendid home is only beat by every building’s exquisite landscaping details. Most also have a stunning garden that can be seen from inside the buildings. Each resident is urged to bring some treasured decor items to transform their sleeping areas into a familiar place. This healthcare setting is structured to provide every resident with lighthearted fun and wonderful activities that occur regularly throughout each lively day.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

The residents are often taken to see exciting community events like dance or theater programs, musical concerts, neighborhood celebrations and more. Along with several nursing positions, Sussex Healthcare also is looking for nonclinical type job applicants that have a deep commitment to work hard at what they truly enjoy. Some of these enviable open positions include safe and experienced van transport drivers, knowledgeable computer techs, accounting specialists, secretarial positions, hospitality services and other important jobs like housekeeping and maintenance service employees. Find out how a career at Sussex Healthcare can benefit your lifestyle by browsing the easy online website run by the company.

The ability to empathize with others is a critical component to mastering the art of patient care. Some individuals have the knowledge, extensive training and background that would seem appropriate for this sort of work but lack the compassion. These people are unlikely to flourish in a crucial healthcare environment like Sussex Healthcare settings. This is a big reason why so many people are drawn to this healthcare employer. Having compassion for others is an important component in fitting into a Sussex Healthcare run work environment.

Source: https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/

Louis Chenevert Investor and Advocate

Louis Chenevert is a prominent business professional who has had a successful career. Many people enjoy hearing about his stories from his career. He is someone who is continuously looking for ways to take his life to a new level. Even though he started from the bottom, he was eventually able to improve his career to become a CEO.

Attending College

College is an excellent foundation for anyone who wants to have career success. Louis Chenevert attended the University of Montreal, and he learned various subjects at the school. He decided to focus on business to have a successful career. He wanted to learn about production management. He took an internship at a local car company.

After graduating from the University of Montreal, Louis Chenevert started working for General Motors. General Motors offered an executive career path that Louis Chenevert took. He advanced rapidly during his career, and he focused on ways to improve his life as much as possible.

Career Advice

Louis Chenevert is often asked about career advice for young people. He firmly believes that young people should take chances during their career. Some people get stuck on a career path early in life. Louis Chenevert is also a firm believer in developing a passion for work. It is difficult for some people to achieve success because they are continually trying to get motivated. When a person enjoys a job, it is not hard to find internal motivation.

Future Plans

After decades of advancing in his career, Louis Chenevert became CEO of United Technologies Corporation in 2008. He was beyond excited about the opportunity. He worked hard to improve the company in multiple ways. He developed both sales and profits in the business. Although he is no longer the CEO, he stays updated on events happening within the business. He wants to maintain a quality working relationship with people from the company in the future.


Jordan Lindsey, JCL Capital, & the Bitcoin Growth Bot

Foreign markets are a popular trend in current investing. These markets offer the distinct advantage of allowing trading constantly due to the time differences around the world; therefore, one can nearly always been trading around the clock. Cryptocurrencies make trading in the Forex markets bring a new aspect of learning to the potential trader; but Jordan Lindsey is on a course to help guide the ability to accurately trade.

Jordan Lindsey has vast experience in the cryptocurrency markets. He coded an algorithm to trade in the foreign markets as the founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot. This bot allows the trade of Bitcoin in the Forex markets through the utilization of a systematic approach never before seen. Lindsey founded JCL Capital in 2005 and continues to work toward new levels of entrepreneurial success.

As a child growing up in New York City, Jordan Lindsey was always business-minded and competitive. He played a variety of sports, including tennis and ice hockey, and he knew in the very early years that he had a deep desire to create something that would truly change the world.

Jordan Lindsey and his wife, socialite Giovanna Acha, are the proud parents of three darling little girls. They originally met while volunteering in Medjugorje, quickly fell in love, and continue to enjoy one another’s company. Despite their combined success levels and life under the microscope of a curious, interested population, Jordan and his wife are doing their best to instill values in their children such as hard work, leadership, and consistent honesty.

Lindsey cites some the keys to his success as hard work, creativity, and the willingness to live outside of his comfort zone. He promotes a business model that includes slow gains in the Forex market: advice in direct opposition of many who are touting the get-rich-quick patterns of cryptocurrency. Lindsey teaches and advises using a quasi-conservative approach to investing.


Waiakea Water Brand cannot be Compared

There are so many companies that have ventured into the water bottling department. All of these companies are trying hard to win the hearts of the consumer who cannot survive without this important commodity. When you go to any shopping stores in any part of the world, you must find an area that has always been set aside for different brands of water. After a recent survey, financial experts have realized that the water department is currently over one hundred billion. Most people in many parts of the world are using bottled water. Italians are leading in the consumption of bottled water.

If you told your friends that you were interested in selling water in the past, most of them would laugh at you. People thought that this is just a silly investment opportunity that could not result in any earnings. Things are completely different in the modern market. There are still countries where people drink the water in their kitchen tap because it is clean and it is considered to be safe. Most people still believe that it is not wise to pay for something that is available for free in the kitchen. Bottled water that has been treated well, filtered and declared free of pollutants has hit the market, and people want this because it does not harm the body. Investors have now realized that they can filter the water they have in their homes and sell it to the consumers for drinking.

Waiakea Water is one of the few brands that have taken the market by a storm. This brand is packaged from its source, and it is believed to contain nutrients that are not available in other brands. The brand has been fortunate to acquire a lot of acceptance from people in many parts of the world. The water from Waiakea is outstanding when compared to any other company. In several occasions, Waiakea Water has been voted to be the best. This brand has taken all the measures to preserve the environment, and this has won the hearts of many people who advocate for the same. The water bottling company supports needy communities in the world.


Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited Highlight Lucrative Investing Opportunities

Paul Mampilly has carved out a noteworthy career for himself as a hedge fund manager which is his greatest claim to fame in the investing world. He served in several places with distinction as a money manager where million-dollar portfolios were under his control. He steadily proved himself at every chapter of his career and finally got the keys to the Maserati so to speak. The opportunity to manage a high powered fund doesn’t come easily but Mampilly proved himself worthy and equal to the task. Learn more about Paul on Inspirery.com.

Bankers Trust was the first rung on the ladder for Paul Mampilly and he was an assistant portfolio manager. He learned quickly and showed promise which led to other jobs with more responsibility and greater dollars to invest. He also spent time with ING and Deutsche Bank where he was successful and these experiences helped lay in place a strong foundation from which he accomplished even greater achievements.

His growing reputation for excellent performance opened another door with Kinetics Asset Management where he substantially grew their hedge fund. During his tenure, it was highlighted as one of the World’s Best hedge funds by the venerable Barron’s magazine. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Innovation has been the calling card of Paul Mampilly as a stock picker. He’s always looking for the next great story that could lead the market higher. A good example of this is his early belief in Netflix which led to extraordinary gains in his investing. He regularly pens articles that highlight promising areas of growth and emerging market trends. These analytical skills have driven his career throughout and also contribute greatly to his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

The Templeton Foundation and their investing competition is the apex for successful investors who are invited to be a part of it. Paul Mampilly was honored to compete and thrilled to win the contest when he topped all participants over a two year period. This victory led to him being featured on financial television as the investing world realized his talents. CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg all showcased him with guest appearances.

The torrid pace of Wall Street eventually persuaded Paul Mampilly to retire early and live a quieter life. He hasn’t entirely left the game however and writes several newsletters that give everyday investors the successful research methods of a hedge fund manager. The growing subscriber base of Profits Unlimited are the beneficiaries of his unique stock picking abilities and analytical skills.

View: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Paul-Mampilly/

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein has managed to work his way to becoming a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He entails over 35 years of real estate experience. His portfolio includes over $1 billion of value that contains over 3,000 apartment units and over 10 million square feet of properties. His responsibilities at Hager Pacific includes those of financing, project management and dispositions. Besides his incredible resume of professional experience, he serves his community by way of extensive philanthropy efforts.

Mr. Milstein and his wife started the Adam and Mila Family Foundation in 2000. This non-profit was started in order to strengthen the ties between the State of Israel and the United States of America. With this pursuit comes educational assistance and donations. The organization manages to donate over $1 million dollars annually in order to support advocates of Jewish welfare. It also provides tools to strengthen the Jewish community within schools, neighborhoods and amongst friends.

In the light of philanthropy, Adam Milstein supports a long list of non-profit organizations: StandWithUs, AISH Ha’Torah, Christian United for Israel, Project Interchange, The American Israel Education Foundation, Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Ohr Eliyahu Academy and many. many others as well.

Adam Milstein graduated the Israel Institute of Technology – Technion, with a degree in Business and Economics, which he would obtain in 1978. Prior to attending the institute, Mr. Milstein would serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) where he would serve in the Kippu War.

Adam Milstein is currently an author on ‘The Times of Israel’ website. His most recent article “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges With Israel in Our Hearts”, talks about important history and recent events of the state of the Jews: The Warsaw Ghetto, The Divestment and Sanctions campaign. He encourages Jews to fight for their future as it is constantly being attacked and ridiculed for the purpose of eradicating the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein is a well respected real estate investor in the Los Angeles area. For more information on Adam Milstein, visit his Linkedin or his Israeli American page for further details.


Jason Hope and His New Ebook

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an investor. He attended Arizona State University for his bachelor’s degree in finance. After he graduated from Arizona State, he attended W.P. Carey School of Business for his MBA. Hope cares about education, health, politics, and science & technology. He has helped many people through the state of Arizona, and around the world.

Hope has donated $500,000 to SNES foundation. SNES is a nonprofit organization that is working to develop rejuvenation biotechnology in the hopes to help age-related health problems. Aubrey de Grey is the co-founder and the chief science officer of the anti-aging research. Their hope is to help people with arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. These diseases happen from the body breaking down as a person gets older. Hope thinks that too little of research is being done, but it is worth the investment and really hope other follow his footsteps, and donate to the research.

He donates his time and money to many other nonprofit organizations, such as Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, The Arizona Science Center, The Boys and Girl Club, Teacher For America, and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Hope offers grants to entrepreneurs in the hopes that it will inspire future philanthropist so that the world can grow into a better place. He also visits high schools in Scottsdale to mentor the students. He believes that the future entrepreneurs need guidance to get to the right places, and this is what he is trying to help with. The technology industry depends on this futurist.

Jason Hope has released a new ebook titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things. The book is about the many devices that are able to connect to the internet and to other devices. Some examples of these devices are laptops, tablets, smartphones, and medical devices. The devices we have today can connect to just about anything. You can get your shopping list from your fridge with your smartphone, control your home’s security system, even control appliances like washing machines and coffee makers. This ebook tells us how our devices and the amazing technology that we have created can improve daily life.

For More info: medium.com/@jasonhope

EOS Product Review Of Exclusive Lip Balms

EOS is a beauty company that gained great popularity over the last few years. This is due to the wonderful line of lip balm products produced by the company (mapleholistics.com). They are a relatively small company, compared to the other major lip balm companies. However, they were still able to market their product successfully and produce the second best selling lip balm product on the market today. The company also gained notoriety because they believe in producing products that are organic, vegan, and chemical free. Certainly, these products are considered eco-friendly beauty products too. Let’s take a closer look at EOS lip balm products.

EOS Shimmer Lip Balm

Of course, EOS fans are very familiar with the organic lip balm. However, there are several other lip balms that are produced by EOS to consider. One such product is the EOS Shimmer lip balm. This is a natural lip balm product that adds just a slight hint of shimmer to your lips. It also includes nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and is gluten free. Available in Pearl, Sheer Pink, and Coral.

EOS Active Lip Balm

EOS Active lip balm is designed for the person that lives a very active lifestyle and spends a lot of time outdoors. The lip balm includes ingredients that protect and nourish the lips. The lip balms also fill your lips with a delightful zesty flavor. Available in Lemon Twist with SPF 15. Available in Pink Grapefruit with SPF 30. Available in Aloe with SPF 30.

About EOS

EOS, also known as the Evolution Of Smooth was founded in 2006. EOS is a New York based beauty company that produces several very popular lip balms. The company also produces several other products that include hand lotions, body lotions, and shaving creams. Their products are natural and do not contain synthetic ingredients.