Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited Highlight Lucrative Investing Opportunities

Paul Mampilly has carved out a noteworthy career for himself as a hedge fund manager which is his greatest claim to fame in the investing world. He served in several places with distinction as a money manager where million-dollar portfolios were under his control. He steadily proved himself at every chapter of his career and finally got the keys to the Maserati so to speak. The opportunity to manage a high powered fund doesn’t come easily but Mampilly proved himself worthy and equal to the task. Learn more about Paul on

Bankers Trust was the first rung on the ladder for Paul Mampilly and he was an assistant portfolio manager. He learned quickly and showed promise which led to other jobs with more responsibility and greater dollars to invest. He also spent time with ING and Deutsche Bank where he was successful and these experiences helped lay in place a strong foundation from which he accomplished even greater achievements.

His growing reputation for excellent performance opened another door with Kinetics Asset Management where he substantially grew their hedge fund. During his tenure, it was highlighted as one of the World’s Best hedge funds by the venerable Barron’s magazine. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Innovation has been the calling card of Paul Mampilly as a stock picker. He’s always looking for the next great story that could lead the market higher. A good example of this is his early belief in Netflix which led to extraordinary gains in his investing. He regularly pens articles that highlight promising areas of growth and emerging market trends. These analytical skills have driven his career throughout and also contribute greatly to his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

The Templeton Foundation and their investing competition is the apex for successful investors who are invited to be a part of it. Paul Mampilly was honored to compete and thrilled to win the contest when he topped all participants over a two year period. This victory led to him being featured on financial television as the investing world realized his talents. CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg all showcased him with guest appearances.

The torrid pace of Wall Street eventually persuaded Paul Mampilly to retire early and live a quieter life. He hasn’t entirely left the game however and writes several newsletters that give everyday investors the successful research methods of a hedge fund manager. The growing subscriber base of Profits Unlimited are the beneficiaries of his unique stock picking abilities and analytical skills.