Malcolm Casselle: Shedding Light on the New Hope in Virtual Marketplace

WAX is a platform that has been decentralized and for people to operate excellently in the virtual marketplace. The renowned founders of OPSkins developed WAX. This is a leading marketplace for all online videos games assets. Currently, WAX is proudly serving more than 400 million online players in the world who are busy collecting, buying, and selling in-game assets. In the recent times, WAX tokens was introduced tokenization of virtual goods in exchange for the cryptocurrency.

This mechanism is used to enhance easy trading between the sellers and buyers without issues of trust. It is yet to be launched, and it is expected to allow various traders to create their virtual stores on a decentralized platform, security, provide instant payments, and trust services that are targeted to grow the ecosystem with new participants.

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO OPSkins. OPSkins leads in the sales of in-game virtual assets as the best-known bitcoin merchant in the world. However, it has many limitations in the area of technological capacities. The creators are yet committed to making the blockchain trading a success.

They are launching a brand new blockchain platform for virtual assets trading referred to as Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX. This new blockchain platform has been built on the foundation of decentralized smart contracts and blockchain to allow any buyer or seller to trade their virtual assets effectively. It is viewed to solve two major issues in the virtual asset market. The issues are fraud and fragmentation.

According to Malcolm Casselle, there have been concerns in the virtual asset trading ecosystem regarding security, payment processing, and language. These have been a limitation for many traders from different countries and regions. To solve this fragmentation issues, WAX introduces WAX token that will allow the sellers to tokenize and sell their preferable assets as well as the buyers to buy without issues.

It will enable purchases from one individual to another. The second problem solved is fraud according to Malcolm Casselle. Buyers and sellers are always concerned about their security in the virtual market. The new WAX blockchain will address this issue for good. It eliminates the need for intermediaries and middlemen in the virtual market.

Are The Chainsmokers Changing?

Recently, in news about The Chainsmokers, there has been a lot of hype over their new songs that may be coming to the charts. It may seem as though The Chainsmokers have been around for years smashing records and setting new goals for other music groups, but they have only been reaching top 10 charts for about three years. This was all started when their song “Roses” was a hit and led them to create better music each and every time.

Now, after these few years of hitting it off and becoming very loved artists by many around the world, there is a rumor that The Chainsmokers may be changing their style of music. It has been said that the style of music may resemble more of a dark style as compared to their current upbeat style. This would come as a very large shock to many people are fans of them and have been since they hit it off.

When asked about this in an interview, Drew Taggart said that he felt it was time to release something new that might give people another perspective on how music should be felt. It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows because you need to feel more surreal feelings than just happiness sometimes. But this is not to say the change will be bad. The new single “Sick Boy” will be the first song with this new style that could potentially either gain many more followers or push some of their current audience away. The Chainsmokers had not released a song in nine months prior to the mentioned news of their music changing to a darker style.

But not all hope is lost because with this single The Chainsmokers are expected to top the charts much like they have done with multiple other songs in the past. This can just be a building block for a very devoted crowd of people who are willing to follow the path The Chainsmokers lay down for them. There could even be some historic events in store for this music group as they keep moving forward.

OSI Group & The Foodservice Revolution

The word revolution means to change or to cause a change. In foodservices, this specific field of work is all about change because it has to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in society. In addition to that, the food service field of work must frequently evolve to meet the demands of the growing public. To simply get straight to point, OSI Group is a revolutionary in professional foodservices. This gigantic company spans outward to over 17 countries. This means that it has physical structures in up to 17 different countries. Some of these structures, includes test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers.

What are some of the company’s locations? OSI Group’s structures are located in Poland, in Hungary, in India, in Germany, in Canada, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, in Japan, in Brazil, in Ukraine, in Australia and in other regions. The locations seem to be nearly endless to some degree. Here in the United States, OSI has facilities in:

• Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

• Riverside, California

• Chicago, Illinois

• West Jordan, Utah

• And in other areas

Would you believe that China’s booming economy has come from dealing OSI Group? That’s right! OSI has been operating in China for over 20 years, and it has at least 10 factories here. These factories are loaded with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment. As of today, this company is the largest poultry producer in China, and China has the largest feed mill thanks to OSI.

As you can see, OSI Group is the gift that keeps on giving. Its outward reach touches just about every continent excluding Antarctica. It is safe to say that OSI Group has been around for a very long time, and it will definitely be around in the coming decades.

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The Renowned Natural Resource Advisor, Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist by Banyan Hill Publishing. According to the article, Banyan Hill Publishing firm that has grown so fast in the recent years to become a leader in global asset protection and investment, was founded as the Sovereign Society before re-branding. Its name is derived from the Banyan tree which is known as the largest type of canopy. This is because, as it grows higher, the branches that develop are supported by aerial roots that move to the ground creating a firm support to the branch making it look like another tree. It has been known in history to withstand floods and storm. The Banyan Hill publishing firm is of this kind because it enables the investors withstands any form of financial storm at any time. The firm consists of well-educated employees that offer independent investment advice to the public. They have website that provide information to over four hundred thousand daily readers on investment in natural resource, goods, undervalued US Companies among others. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Banyan Hill Publishing has global experts in managing business, technical analysis and planning of finances, working in network companies’ advising on entrepreneurship, asset protection and investments. Moreover, they are traveled people who have been known to advice world leaders and own various financial publications. They provide people with the ability to make informed financial decisions with little risk on their wealth. Follow Matt on It is not easy to predict when to expect a financial storm therefore; the firm ensures that they present unique ideas that go beyond the normal ways which are known to only the few most profitable investors

Matt Badiali is an expert in natural resources and therefore helps investors in this field. He began his studies from the Penn State University for a bachelor’s degree of science in Geological and Earth Science. He then pursued masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, before joining University of Carolina for PhD. In addition, Matt Badiali is a well-traveled person who has met chief executive officer of various resource companies and helped in analysis of geological data. He has worked for a drilling firm as a geologist and an environmental firm as a consultant. He also taught geology at North Carolina and Duke University. In conclusion, Matt Badiali’s skills gave him an opportunity to interact with high investors such as legendary energy investor T.Boone Pickens among others.


New Crystal EOS Lip Balm Wows and Impresses: Hibiscus Peach Flavor Review

EOS Lip Balm does it again. The new crystal EOS Lip Balm makes an impressive showing both in packaging and texture. The packaging states clearly the all natural ingredients with no beeswax. It is impressive that the lip balm wasn’t tested on animals and is vegan ( The shape of the product is not a complete oval shape but a triangular shape with smooth edges. The product fits nicely in your hand. The shimery coating on the product denotes the crystal form.

The circular and clear lip balm also looks like clear jello. The lip balm goes on very smoothly. It feels soft on your lips. The fragrance reminds one of freshly picked peaches. The pretty lavender pink product covering the lip balm is easy on the eyes. This lip balm rates high marks for smoothness, unique product packaging and ease of use. The reviewer in this video is very excited about this lip balm. She actually has a lot of positive things to say in regards to the unique packaging and the fact that it is wax free. It really wowed her that the lip balm provided good hydration of lips with natural oils.

The first impressions she had for the Hibiscus Peach flavor Crystal EOS lip balm were very positive. She loves peach, so she loved the fact that the lip balm had a pleasant peach fragrance. She thought that it could be a bit stronger. She highly recommends this lip balm even though it is a bit pricier that the other EOS lip balms, see Amazon


She wasn’t able to find it anywhere but Walgreens, but Walmart does carry the product. She had fun finding it. She definitely wants to try the other flavors that are coming out soon on the Crystal line of EOS lip balm.

For Ronald Fowlkes, Giving Back To His Local Hockey Team Is A Great Way To Continue To Serve

When Ronald Fowlkes graduated from high school he had a clear path that he intended to follow. He immediately joined the Marines in order to fulfill his passion for serving his country. After a successful four year career in the Marines that twice saw him promoted on merit, Ronald entered the world of law enforcement. He served for 13 years total between time on the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. One of the things that Ronald gained a great amount of knowledge of in these endeavours was tactical equipment and how important it is to keep it well maintained. This has translated well to Ronald’s life after leaving these fields. He is now a Business Development Manager in the tactical gear industry and he spends his free time giving back to his community in an area that he has great passion for.


Ronald Fowlkes is a lifelong fan of the sport of hockey and his son currently plays for the Tiple-A team of the St. Louis Blues hockey club. In this, Ronald has found the perfect outlet to continue his love of mentoring, all the while doing it in a sport that he loves. Ronald serves and the equipment guy for the hockey team and also handles the off ice training sessions. In giving back to the hockey team he is serving his community by utilizing areas he has great knowledge in. Ronald Fowlkes is just about as knowledgeable as anyone could be in the area of equipment, equipment maintenance, and how important these things are in regard to performance. Ronald also has extensive knowledge in physical fitness training that he passes on to his mentees. He gained this knowledge from his military and policing background as well. Ronald enjoys helping the hockey teams coaches get the best out of their player by making sure they are physically fit and he also loves counselling the players in the maintenance of equipment and educating them on how well maintained equipment can be the difference between winning and losing.


Ronald Fowlkes works for Eagle Industries Unlimited, a leading tactical gear company that supplies sportsmen, law enforcement and police with the best gear in the business. Ronald’s position is as Business Development Manager. In this role, he spends time daily on working with the company’s customer base that spans the United States. He also spends time mentoring the sales representatives the company employs. Ronald is passionate about training the sales representatives as to the proper use and marketing of the company’s outstanding products. Ronald’s background in the Marines and the world of policing has made him the ideal candidate for this line of work. He has extensive, real-world experience in using all of these types of tactical gear.


Why Jose Hawilla is the Example of a Good Business Man

Entrepreneurs have a lot of things to deal with. They are typically people that are motivated by an internal passion to do something that has not been done before. This is what Jose Hawilla showed early on in his years as a Brazilian business man. He is the founder of the Traffic Group. This is a multinational sports marketing company that Hawilla transitioned into after a career as sports journalist. It was a perfect fit for him because he knew a lot about the sports industry. This would become something that he was very passionate about. It put him in a place where he would be able to learn more what it would take to venture into sports marketing


There are a ton of people that would like to become entrepreneurs, but they do not have any true idea about where they need to get started. One thing that any entrepreneur can do to increase their success is study entrepreneurs and find out exactly what characteristics are common between the ones that are successful. Check out to know more.



One thing that makes an entrepreneur stand out is their ability to put first things first. They are on a mission and they know what they want to do. They do not let the minor distractions of the day take them away from the main course that they are online. This is what successful entrepreneurs are able to do continuously in order to build their business.


Another thing that a successful entrepreneur is capable of is blocking out all of the negativity that is associated with their dream. There are going to be a lot of naysayers that will say that they can’t do a certain thing even though an entrepreneur may see and feel the dream is within their reach. Entrepreneurs that are good at achieving their goals are the ones that bypass all of the noise that is around what they are trying to accomplish. They simply take aim at building a better plan of action if the first one fails. That is what a good entrepreneur does. They stay connected to the dream.