Why Jose Hawilla is the Example of a Good Business Man

Entrepreneurs have a lot of things to deal with. They are typically people that are motivated by an internal passion to do something that has not been done before. This is what Jose Hawilla showed early on in his years as a Brazilian business man. He is the founder of the Traffic Group. This is a multinational sports marketing company that Hawilla transitioned into after a career as sports journalist. It was a perfect fit for him because he knew a lot about the sports industry. This would become something that he was very passionate about. It put him in a place where he would be able to learn more what it would take to venture into sports marketing


There are a ton of people that would like to become entrepreneurs, but they do not have any true idea about where they need to get started. One thing that any entrepreneur can do to increase their success is study entrepreneurs and find out exactly what characteristics are common between the ones that are successful. Check out quora.com to know more.



One thing that makes an entrepreneur stand out is their ability to put first things first. They are on a mission and they know what they want to do. They do not let the minor distractions of the day take them away from the main course that they are online. This is what successful entrepreneurs are able to do continuously in order to build their business.


Another thing that a successful entrepreneur is capable of is blocking out all of the negativity that is associated with their dream. There are going to be a lot of naysayers that will say that they can’t do a certain thing even though an entrepreneur may see and feel the dream is within their reach. Entrepreneurs that are good at achieving their goals are the ones that bypass all of the noise that is around what they are trying to accomplish. They simply take aim at building a better plan of action if the first one fails. That is what a good entrepreneur does. They stay connected to the dream.