New Crystal EOS Lip Balm Wows and Impresses: Hibiscus Peach Flavor Review

EOS Lip Balm does it again. The new crystal EOS Lip Balm makes an impressive showing both in packaging and texture. The packaging states clearly the all natural ingredients with no beeswax. It is impressive that the lip balm wasn’t tested on animals and is vegan ( The shape of the product is not a complete oval shape but a triangular shape with smooth edges. The product fits nicely in your hand. The shimery coating on the product denotes the crystal form.

The circular and clear lip balm also looks like clear jello. The lip balm goes on very smoothly. It feels soft on your lips. The fragrance reminds one of freshly picked peaches. The pretty lavender pink product covering the lip balm is easy on the eyes. This lip balm rates high marks for smoothness, unique product packaging and ease of use. The reviewer in this video is very excited about this lip balm. She actually has a lot of positive things to say in regards to the unique packaging and the fact that it is wax free. It really wowed her that the lip balm provided good hydration of lips with natural oils.

The first impressions she had for the Hibiscus Peach flavor Crystal EOS lip balm were very positive. She loves peach, so she loved the fact that the lip balm had a pleasant peach fragrance. She thought that it could be a bit stronger. She highly recommends this lip balm even though it is a bit pricier that the other EOS lip balms, see Amazon


She wasn’t able to find it anywhere but Walgreens, but Walmart does carry the product. She had fun finding it. She definitely wants to try the other flavors that are coming out soon on the Crystal line of EOS lip balm.