The Rise of Clayton Hutson to Prominence

The music industry is a very competitive world. It requires a lot of creativity to be successful. The artist tours are essential to their career. They need to be good enough to leave the audience craving for more to show up next time. For this to happen, you need a tour manager like Clayton Hutson.

Clayton Hutson has been in the music industry enough to know all the requirements to make an event successful. He is also a great planner, and this guarantees his clients that nothing will go wrong. He visits the site before to ensure everything is in order. On their way to the show, he organizes his crew members by taking them through the program of the day to avoid any confusion. Clayton Hutson says that it is the small things that people don’t focus on that mess their career.

Being successful in business means being able to get clients. Clayton Hutson says that most of his clients are from referrals. He explains that by offering excellent services to his clients and going an extra mile to make their work a success, he is able to get more clients. Clayton also has active social media pages which he uses to connect with his users. He says that this is very important to him because connecting with people helps in upholding his long-build reputation.

Clayton Hutson is currently working as the stage manager to Kid Rock. He says that he has to be at work before anyone else arrives. During the show, he doesn’t get to have fun like the rest of the people. He takes that time to delegate duties to his team on what to do after the show. By doing this, they are able to save time in parking things up. It also helps in avoiding loses through breakages.

Clayton Hutson has had challenges that he has had to overcome on his entrepreneur journey. To start with, he joined the business in the worst time possible; when firms were closing down as a result of the financial crisis. The other misfortune that he went through is parting with $150000 after being sued by a firm he was acting as a subcontractor for with their client. It all happened so fast. The client terminated the services of the company but wanted to continue his working relationship with Clayton Hutson. When the firm learned this, they sued him hence the $150000 fine. Learn more:

Alex Pall talks about his musical journey.

Alex Pall a member of the famous band, The Chainsmokers, the group is made up of Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. The two have worked on many projects, and over the years they have managed to move music lovers with their new style and technique.


Their success, however, has been felt in the recent years. They have worked towards making their fresh sound more acceptable among music lovers, and have also worked with other artists who have contributed significantly to their growth. The duo also went on a tour to several European countries, their songs were received with much love, and this is a high motivation to continue working on more projects.


Alex Pall revealed how he settled in music and how the group emerged. Some of the critical lessons he has learned over the years and some of the challenges they have faced.

Alex Pall has always loved music from a young age, he even entered Djing still at tender age, though at that time it was a hobby. This hobby has turned out to be a source of his income. Alex worked as a Dj for a while, though he was afraid that it would not become a career since it was something he did for fun. He, however, decided to take the bold step and turn his passion into a job.


While at New York he attended a gallery exhibition, it is during this event when he met Andrew Taggart. Coincidentally the two shared a manager and the manager introduced them. Before embarking on the career Andrew and Alex first became friends and during their meetings, their discovered they shared some similar likes and ideas about music as well as life and this is how they settled on working together.


The kind of music Alex and Andrew sing is unique. Alex explains his experience with bringing a new sound to the industry. According to Alex, the journey has not been easy but thanks to the technology they have been able to reach a broader market and get to understand how listeners feel from listening to their music. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has made things easier for the two and in spreading the word to more people.


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GoBuyside (NY)

There’s lots of money to be made out in Corporate America; you just have to know where to go and where to look.

One company that is helping firms all over the world to reach their financial peak is GoBuyside. GoBuyside has been helping firms to reach their financial peak since 2011, particularly investment and hedge fund firms, which under the influence of GoBuyside has helped them to remain above the financial confusion out there by hiring competent corporate talent. Read this article at Accesswire.

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You can contact their trusted staff online if you have any questions pertaining to investment recruiting. And if you’d like to learn even more about what this phenomenal company is doing, go to and see how GoBuyside has met up to the 7 challenges facing businesses when it comes to recruiting top corporate talent.


There is no question that GoBuyside is changing the face of Corporate America. More and more firms are seeing the practicality of utilizing its services in hiring top corporate talent for their businesses. It really does make a difference the kinds of people companies hire, they can either build your business up or they can tear it down, and if you don’t want to see your business go down, then you need to choose GoBuyside, who will definitely build up your firm and help it to keep its financial edge which is so crucial in this tough economy.

So, go online now and start to gain financial stability to keep your investment and hedge fund firm alive and thriving, and above all, to stay far ahead of the competition.

Yes, there is a lot of money to be made, but you can only make it if you have a company like GoBuyside at your side. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Thank The Academy of Art University for That Great Outfit

Every now and then someone is wearing a great outfit that is very impressive. For one thing, the person wearing the outfit might be getting a few looks from people as they admire the color and how well it complements the person’s skin tone. It is also cut in a way that it not only complements the shape of the body, but may also enhance the shape of the body. The person who is wearing is feeling confident, and for a good reason. After all, this is a great outfit at the least. Some may say that this is the perfect outfit.

For those that may be wondering what the origin of this outfit is. One place to look at is Academy of Art University. One of the reasons that this is the school to look at is because this is where people get all of their ideas for fashion. The classes on fashion design are very insightful with instructors that are very passionate about fashion. They express their passion for fashion. However, they allow people to explore their own talents so that they can come up with some potentially game changing designs. The environment is very fun for people who want to get into design.

One thing that fashion needs in some areas is a shock. This is one thing that Academy of Art University is working towards. They want to be able to get people to think about fashion in a different way. Classes like fashion journalism can help people look at fashion in a new way. One of the best ways to shock the fashion industry is to break a lot of established rules. This means that some people are going to have an unexpected reaction to it. However, all that is needed is time in order for the style to be considered normal.


Fortress Investment Group: Becoming a Reliable Private Equity Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm that was founded in 1998. The company is known for becoming a trendsetter, introducing reforms in the American financial and business sectors. The company has around 900 employees as of the present, and its headquarters is located in New York City. In 2007, the company was introduced as an IPO (initial public offering), and they debuted at the New York Stock Exchange during the same year. The company is known back then as the largest private equity firm to be opened for public trading. More than 8% of the company was sold to the public in the form of shares and stocks, and it helped the company rake in more profit.In the present, the Fortress Investment Group transformed to become a financial and investment management firm that operates on a global scale.

They have also diversified their investments to ensure that losses will be kept to a minimum. According to reports, the firm now has $43 billion worth of assets, and they are maintaining a partnership with more than 1,700 investors that are relying on their hedge funds, capital vehicles, and private equities. The company offers a long-term investment plan for their clients, and they are promising that the investment entrusted to them would have a guaranteed return. The Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger, who are from New York City and San Francisco, respectively. They currently serve as the company’s principals, and they are also holding essential positions within the company.

They are proud to say that the firm that they founded offers a variety of services to their clients, including asset-based investing, managing operations, acquisitions and merging services, checking through capital markets, and knowledge about the companies and institutions sector.The Fortress Investment Group is also known as a company that offers many asset-based investments that can be obtained through private equity and funds from credit. The Fortress Investment Group managed to develop for more than 20 years of experience. The professionals working for the company also transformed how the company is dealing with their business partners, and their contribution to the company can be seen as a significant game changer for the industry. The founder of the company stated that they are working hard to provide innovation to the financial and business sector, and they are hoping that more investors will be working with them in the future.

Why Skin Care Matters

Millions of people around the world want to look and feel younger. Using skin care products is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Jeunesse is a company that offers both beauty and health products. The company is only a few years old, but it already sells products in various nations around the world.

Skin care is essential to looking and feeling younger. Far too many people neglect this aspect of their beauty regimen. Purchasing Jeunesse products can help people improve their skin.

Health Products

Most people want to lose weight and have more energy. Few people ever accomplish these goals. Jeunesse offers health supplements to help customers feel more energetic. The products are made from organic ingredients, and most customers think the products taste great.

Jeunesse tells customers that the health products work best with other lifestyle changes. Some people wrongly believe they can only take health supplements to improve their health. The company does offer health coaching for people who are struggling to reach their goals.

Product Cost

One of the benefits of buying products from Jeunesse is the low cost. Unlike many beauty companies, Jeunesse does not charge a tremendous amount for the products. Customers can take advantage of subscription services to save money each month.


Jeunesse prides itself on manufacturing quality products. The materials used during production are great for the skin. Some companies try to boost profits by reducing product quality. Jeunesse wants all customers to be satisfied with the products.

Future Growth

Jeunesse currently spends a lot of money on advertising. The company is expanding into multiple new countries this year. With all of the growth, the company must invest in infrastructure to keep up with the production needs of the business.

Anyone who needs quality health and beauty products should consider purchasing from Jeunesse.

Vijay Esweran’s Entrepreneurial Lessons

Vijay Esweran is an entrepreneur, investor, author and the CEO of QI group of companies. Vijay was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984, before enrolling for an MBA from South Illinois University in 1986. He extended his stay in London and worked for several companies and later discovered his interest in Multilevel Marketing and Binary system marketing, prompting him to pursue CIMA a professional course in the field.

In 1998, Vijay jetted back to Malaysia and established QI, which has grown to be a reputable E-commerce brand globally. Apart from E-commerce, QI has invested in telecommunication, media, luxury products, cooperate investments and travel. The company has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE, just to name a few. One of the company`s major project is the QI city, a residential and commercial development, under the green Ventures Capital, one of QI`s subsidiary.

Vijay Eswaran is known for his philanthropic activities across Malaysia. He spearheaded the construction of a University to boost education in the country. The University is currently set temporarily in Ipoh, but plans are underway to relocate it to the QI city. Vijay dreams of establishing a green campus that is free from pollution, applying electric transportation means and depending on solar power. He controls the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam foundations, charitable organizations in Malaysia focused on supporting the needy in the country.

Vijay is a motivation speaker, who has visited major cities globally to talk matter entrepreneurship and leadership. He is an author with a wide collection of publications under his name. His first book was Sphere of silence, published in 2005 and highlights his entrepreneurship journey and his early life. His latest publication is two minutes from Abyss and the eBook is accessible on Amazon.

Vijay is married to Umayal Esweran the chairperson of the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Esweran`s mentorship programs and entrepreneurial acumen has helped him scoop several accolades globally and locally, and just recently, Forbes named him among the top 50 philanthropists in Asia. Vijay is passionate about the youths and offers priceless pieces of advice through his books. During his free time, Vijay networks with his huge following on social media.

Southridge Capital and Financing Gurus

Southridge Capital is a prominent name in the financial services field. It’s a firm that specializes in structured finance and advisory matters. It caters to a broad assortment of companies that are public. The objective at Southridge Capital is to assist clients that want to manage their requirements through the guidance of creative financial openings. Clients that want to find unparalleled structured finance assistance routinely turn to Southridge Capital. The Southridge Capital staff has a lot of knowledge that revolves around financing options, credit strengthening and securitization.


Southridge Capital LLC has a management crew that includes five impressive people. Stephen M. Hicks, first of all, is the business’ Chief Executive Officer. He’s its mastermind, too, having founded it. Other people who make up this crew are controller Narine Persaud, Director of Research Laurence J. Ditkoff, portfolio management expert Linda Carlsen and general counsel Henry B. Sargent.


According to PR Newswire, this firm has supplied monetary assistance to a handful of groups. It has done this in conjunction with the well-known Daystar Foundation. It’s given monetary help to the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the Lounsbury House, the Western Connecticut Health Network, the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and the Walnut Community Hill Church. Southridge Capital has had a penchant for giving its assistance to various sectors for a long time.


This esteemed company has two offices. One office is in New York, New York. The other is in New England in Connecticut. Both offices focus on fund management matters of all kinds. People can reach these offices via telephone and fax.


Southridge has provided more than 250 public firms with helpful financing assistance and strategizing. The staff at this company has a strong grasp of relevant topics such as the optimization of balance sheets, financial assessments, restructuring evaluations, mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements and bankruptcy tips. Clients that are in need of comprehensive guidance that involves bankruptcy can always trust the Southridge Capital group. This is an American business that provides many clients with the ease of financing methods that are 100 percent customized and distinct.




Susan McGalla Changing Diversity In Business Leadership Roles.

Were you to spend any measure of time reading up on or interacting directly with Susan McGalla, you would see that she has become a maven for change in the workplace. Gender-diversity has been a real issue in high-level business positions for as long as there HAVE been high-level business positions available. McGalla isn’t working to just change the perception of gender diversity at the highest levels of business, she is also working to help businesses benefit from the very concept. According to research, businesses that embrace gender-diversity are more than 15% more likely to outperform their competitors. That’s a pretty big deal.

Susan McGalla is most likely known for her work climbing the corporate ladder of American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla rose up the ladder at a time when all of the executives within the company were men. Now, McGalla is pushing the limits of the glass ceiling in an entirely different industry: professional football. McGalla works as the VP of Business Strategy as well as Creative Development for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping companies embrace gender diversity while improving their businesses.

McGalla now works directly with various companies in order to implement what is now known as an ‘Executive Sponsorship’. These sponsorships motivate businesses to invest in women leaders who are qualified and capable of leading their company into the future. With McGalla’s help, many businesses are likely to benefit from a change in their gender dynamic.

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

Richard Dwayne Blair Helping Investors Meet Their Goals

Richard Dwayne Blair came from a long line of teachers and quickly realized how much teachers can have an impact on their student’s lives. However, he was also interested in the finance industry. Once he graduated college, he decided to combine the two industries and found Wealth Solutions, an Austin based financial advisement company, in 1994. Blair opened Wealth Solutions with the goal to educate people in a way that will allow them to make the best financial decisions. The company also helps investors identify their goals and set up a plan that will help those goal come to fruition.

The best way Richard Dwayne Blair has found to help his clients with their plan is by the Three Pillar Approach. This approach allows Blair to provide his clients with a realistic, doable plan. He does this by diving into their current financial status, their goals, and retirement needs.

The first pillar is to set up a plan, how the client’s goals are going to be met. This pillar is achieved by Blair learning his client’s specific goals, their needs, and the amount of risks they are willing to take. It is also at this point in the process that clear and concise expectations are recognized.

The second pillar is when action begins. Richard Dwayne Blair sets up a custom and enduring investment scheme for his clients. The goal of this is to meet each client’s individual objectives and liquidity needs. During this phase, Blair actively stays on top of each client’s investments, transferring them as needed in order to see maximum gains during times when the market is up, and minimizing loses when the market is down.

The third, and last pillar, is where Richard Dwayne Blair continues to monitor and ensure that the client’s goals are being met. He tracks and compares what is happening with client’s investments to what the expectations were said to be from the first pillar.

The use of the Three Pillar Approach allows Richard Dwayne Blair to stay on top of and ensure that his clients are meeting or exceeding their financial and retirement goals.