Ara Chackerian On His Companies And New Treatments

The health care industry is going through a tremendous time of growth right now. The innovative spirit behind new treatments and technology is incredible. Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian works as a businessman in the health care industry and wants to help people in new ways that are way more beneficial. He is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions based in San Francisco, California. Right now they are working on a new kind of therapy called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It helps treat depression.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and sits on the board of many businesses. In his philanthropy, Chackerian is focused on community-based projects that uplift people. In fact, he co-founded a business in Nicaragua that provides much needed jobs for the local community. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly teak farm called Limonapa Teak. He also serves as the general partner. Most of his career is centered on health care tech companies. These companies are revolutionizing how patients are cared for by looking at it from a holistic place. Ara Chackerian also sits on the board of directors for Nor Luyce and PipelineRx. You can checkout for more details



When it comes to mental health, Ara chackerian believes talking to someone about it is a very important factor. The most under spoken subjects to talk about is suicide, and that needs to change. 100 suicides happen each day, totaling 45,000 people in the United States each year. These people have families and friends who are devastated by their losses. We have to change the language, misinformation, and stigma behind suicide so everyone can have more compassion for each other. Reach out and talk to people if you need help, and help others by lending an ear. There are plenty of resources out there like crisis help phone numbers, websites, therapists, and so much more. Suicide is a life changing subject that is not light in nature. People don’t know how to react to talking about it, but we must break through. There are new therapies that are going to change the game when it comes to health care. Getting the help people need is the first step to healing. Don’t let it pass by without speaking up.for more dtails you can visit