Jose Zeco Auriemo’s Career Journey

Jose Zeco Auriemo is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of JHSF Group which is a Brazilian company that deals with real estate development. The company was started by two brothers in the year 1972 with the target of making it be the best construction company in Brazil and beyond. Jose Zeco Auriemo took over the leadership of the company while he was 27 years old. However, he had been working for the company since he was a teenager and he had the opportunity of devoting a clear vision for his family business and he also gathered enough experience that would help him lead the company.

Jose Zeco Auriemo is a hard working person whose ambitions for great things could be seen from the time he was a teenager. Unlike most of his peers who would be spending most of their teenage lives with their friends and family, Zeco Auriemo was already working for his family company at the age of seventeen as well studying Engineering at Sao Paulo’s faculty of engineering. Zeco decided to pursue engineering as a way of preparing to rake over the leadership of JHSF Group, visit

Jose Auriemo also showed his leadership talents while he was still young when he attended the International Youth Coexistence which was held in Japan. He was also able to show that he was an active young man by visiting Europe to live with Nelson Pessoa Filho as he did his horse riding training. Since Jose Zeco Auriemo took over the leadership of JHSF he had been able to bring a lot of positive changes to the company which includes taking the company to the international level. JHSF through Jose Zeco’s leadership is now going with the reconstruction of some historic building in New York’s fanciest street known as the Big Apple.