Sunday Riley Provides Unique Skin Care Options

Over the past decade, one of the biggest trends in the overall personal health industry has been a renewed focus on overall skin care. Today, people are more concerned about the health of their outer layer of skin than ever before. There are several great reasons why people today are more concerned about making sure that they are taking good care of their skin.

Skin Cancer

One of the main reasons why people need to make sure that they care for their skin is because of the higher risk of skin cancer. The rate of people that develop skin cancer is continuing to increase every year. While there are many different reasons for why this is occurring, there are ways that people can slow down the progress of skin cancer and even prevent it from occurring. By staying out of the Sun and making sure that you are properly covered, you can help to reduce the risks. Proper skin care will also allow you to identify problem spots earlier on.

Healthier and Younger Skin

Another reason why many people like to focus on skin care is that it can help to result in healthier and younger looking skin. One of the largest and most common signs of aging are wrinkles and other skin issues. While it may seem that this is inevitable, there is plenty that someone can do to help make their skin look healthier. By using a good mix of creams and other products, you can keep your skin looking younger for longer.

For those that are looking for a better skin care product, the product line provided by Sunday Riley ( is a great option. Sunday Riley is a leading brand and product line of a wide variety of creams, makeups and other skin care products. These products are designed to help someone achieve a healthier looking skin, which can also help to protect against dangerous radiation. Today, Sunday Riley (@sundayrileyskincare) may also be best known for providing a quality product at a relatively low price, compared to some of the other more expensive skin care products out there today.

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The Benefits Of Joining The American Institute Of Architects

As a professional in the architecture field, one of the things that can help advance your career is to become part of a professional organization. One of the leading professional organizations in the architecture field is the American Institute of Architects.

This organization has been around for over one hundred years and has served as the premier organization for professional development in the architecture field. As a member of this organization, architects will be able to take advantage of many benefits that will allow them to get more out of their careers. Joining the AIA will enable an architecture professional to have access to more networking opportunities to find better employment options. They will also be in position to improve their reputation and credibility by being a member of a well known professional organization. Being a part of this organization will also help architects get more education on the latest developments in the field as well.

When it comes to the leadership of the organization, the person who runs it is chief executive officer Robert Ivy. He is a longtime practicing architect, writer and editor. After working in these fields for a number of years, Robert Ivy joined this leading organization in 2011 to become its top executive. Since taking over as the CEO, Robert has been a significant contributor to introducing new educational programs, leading expansion and providing highly effective leadership. As the CEO of the professional organization, Robert has helped it remain a very trusted and reputable professional organizations in the industry.

During the course of his career, Robert Ivy has been actively involved in writing and editing. After completing a bachelor’s degree and getting a graduate degree in architecture, Ivy would begin using his knowledge in the field of writing and editing. Ivy began writing for top architecture publications. This helped him establish himself as one of the leading experts in the field. Robert would continue to write articles that provided valuable knowledge about the latest developments in architecture. Robert Ivy would also move on to become an editor as well as win awards for his work and contributions during his career.

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Peter Briger Discusses the Strategies to Profit in the Financial Industry While Others Despair

Most of the financial organizations have been known as the centers of excellence, especially when it comes to formulating strategies and policies that help the entity to continue getting a significant amount of profits while other organizations in the same industry are recording losses. However, Peter Briger has introduced some strategies and policies that have made Fortress Investment Group to be known as one of the most opportunistic financial organization in the industry.

Speculating is an essential strategy that many organizations have been using with the sole aim of increasing the amount of income that they usually record. However, not all companies have the necessary framework and human capacity to speculate and come up with some strategic plans that would enable them to get profits. However, Peter Briger has been able to come up with some strategic ideas that have allowed Fortress Group to be opportunistic enough and record profits.

One of the main strategic plan that the organization has embarked on is ensuring that the company purchases those assets that are deemed obsolete and low in value. The company, through the assistance of Peter Briger, has been able to buy a large number of such assets, especially from the government and other private investors. Some of the properties that the company has acquired include old railway lines that are no longer in use and old factories that have already closed down their operations.

It is common knowledge that the economic downtime in the country had caused some companies to fail and close down their operations. All the old factories and the rail lines that were not operational were sold at discounted rates to the company. However, the entity would later sell all the assets to other organizations and even the government itself after the economy received huge financial injections.

Peter Briger is also credited by championing the strategy of acquiring some assets from the companies collapsing due to the financial market crash of 2008. Most of the assets acquired at this period were acquired at discounted rates because the companies wanted liquid cash to sustain their operations. However, the company would later sell the assets after the economy stabilized at huge returns. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

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OG Juan: Footing The Bill

OG Juan is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. He is an executive of Roc Nation, which is an entertainment company. This company includes the management and publishing of artists and athletes alike, as well as touring, film and TV. Roc Nation was founded in 2008. The company can proudly boast working with artists and athletes such as Rihanna, Shakira and Big Sean, to name a few. The website also introduces the highly controversial and important stories that have a captive audience on the edge of their seats such as “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.”

In a recent story on, OG Juan was the subject of viral stories on the internet. These stories were about his 50th birthday bash. The incredible amount of money spent left viewers in awe. The total bill came to over $91 thousand dollars. You probably think $91 thousand dollars is a crazy amount of money. However, OG Juan is a millionaire many times over.

When these stories came out and went viral, Jay Z was attached to them. It was said that Jay Z and OG Juan both payed the bill. However, Jay Z came forward and admitted that OG Juan footed the entire bill. But don’t think Jay Z couldn’t have paid the bill himself. According to he is just shy of being a billionaire with a net worth of $930 million. It was humbling that he didn’t want to take credit for paying the bill and that he gave credit were credit was due.

OG Juan has also partnered with Jay Z in the nightlife and sports arena. He and Jay Z have opened several sports bars around NYC. One of those bars is the 40/40 Club on 25th Street. It has 2 floors and multiple lounges. This bar is all about sports.

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