The Benefits Of Joining The American Institute Of Architects

As a professional in the architecture field, one of the things that can help advance your career is to become part of a professional organization. One of the leading professional organizations in the architecture field is the American Institute of Architects.

This organization has been around for over one hundred years and has served as the premier organization for professional development in the architecture field. As a member of this organization, architects will be able to take advantage of many benefits that will allow them to get more out of their careers. Joining the AIA will enable an architecture professional to have access to more networking opportunities to find better employment options. They will also be in position to improve their reputation and credibility by being a member of a well known professional organization. Being a part of this organization will also help architects get more education on the latest developments in the field as well.

When it comes to the leadership of the organization, the person who runs it is chief executive officer Robert Ivy. He is a longtime practicing architect, writer and editor. After working in these fields for a number of years, Robert Ivy joined this leading organization in 2011 to become its top executive. Since taking over as the CEO, Robert has been a significant contributor to introducing new educational programs, leading expansion and providing highly effective leadership. As the CEO of the professional organization, Robert has helped it remain a very trusted and reputable professional organizations in the industry.

During the course of his career, Robert Ivy has been actively involved in writing and editing. After completing a bachelor’s degree and getting a graduate degree in architecture, Ivy would begin using his knowledge in the field of writing and editing. Ivy began writing for top architecture publications. This helped him establish himself as one of the leading experts in the field. Robert would continue to write articles that provided valuable knowledge about the latest developments in architecture. Robert Ivy would also move on to become an editor as well as win awards for his work and contributions during his career.

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