JD.com Gears Towards the Application of Internet of Things with Intel

JD.com is one of the most vibrant online retailers in China. Founded in 2004 by Richard Liu Qiangdong, who also serves as its Chief Executive Officer, the online retailer has become a market leader in the Chinese retail industry. To date, the company serves more than 300 million clients across China and beyond with net revenue of US$55.7 billion.

Since its inception, the company has offered innovative and tailor-made shopping solutions, which have made shopping an enjoyable experience for all its customers. JD.com takes pride in providing a variety of products in all major categories like home furnishings, electronics, apparel, home appliances, toys, books, videos, fresh foods, and other fast-moving consumer products.

Besides offering a wide range of authentic and high-quality products, JD.com also delivers products to its customers within a day. The company has invested in a robust nationwide logistics system, which covers more than 70 cities across China. The company also employs a complex data-driven delivery technology to offer quality services like no other company in the Chinese online retail industry.

JD.com, which is also referred to as Jingdong is committed to continuous research and investment to take online retail to a whole new level. Recently, the company teamed up with Intel to develop a joint laboratory to look into the possible application of the Internet of Things in its operations. The joint lab, which will be highly digitized, will be instrumental in the development of a new iteration of media and advertising solutions, vending machines and other future technologies.

By combining JD’s advanced data handling capability and Intel’s sophisticated technology, the two companies are confident that they are headed to a more technologically advanced retail industry. The expected technological developments will lead to broader commercialization of new products and services into the global market.

Over the years, JD.com has taken a leading role in driving data-driven offline retail innovation as part of its Retail as a Service Strategy. With the development of the new lab, Jingdong hopes to revitalize global retail by sharing its technology with third party brick and mortar retailers.

Previously, JD.com has introduced its cutting-edge technology to over-the-counter stores. Some of the exceptional services include smart checkout solutions, smart shelving, and smart price tags among other technology upgrades. Click here

Organo Gold Hits the Market with an Exciting Products

Organo Gold is an international marketing company based in Canada, known for producing world quality product including the popular brands of Organo coffee. The company is on a mission to change people`s lives by bringing new levels of balance, freedom, and wellbeing through delivering quality premium products and creating significant business opportunities. Its team of independent distributors assures that Organo beverages and nutraceutical products are available all over the world.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008, and the founding members were Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. The company applies multilevel marketing strategy, in which individual distributors promote and market the products and earns 50% commission from the total sale they make. The company doesn’t offer its product through retail or coffeehouse stores.

Organo Gold has launched FENIX DX™, an advanced detoxifying product which is formulated to work out perfect for daily consumption boosting your natural body for regular detox process. Detoxing our bodies plays a vital role in making our body healthy through getting the lid of toxins. The newly formulated detoxifying product has been manufactured with the highest standard to meet the body needs. The product contain20 calories and 5 grams of sugar with key ingredients including;

• Ganoderma, Vitamin C, Acai, and Blueberry which all have an antioxidant effect.
• Bilberry, Licorice Root Extract, and Aloe Vera which promotes digestive health.
• Chamomile Extracts which contains soothing and calming properties.

FENIX DX™, unlike many detox products in the market, it is not a colon cleanse or a laxative product. The product helps in digestive system through supporting and regularizing it, a vital process for the well-being of a person. This product is fit for use by adults who are aiming in maintaining beneficial digestion for it is gluten and lactose-free product. The product has arrived in the U.S and Canada markets mostly in promotional designed packs.

For details: www.indeed.com/cmp/Organo-Gold/reviews

Sunday Riley and Glowing Skin

Sunday Riley’s article “Sleep your way to Glowing Skin” offers readers, specifically millennials, informative information on the best ways to prepare and care for your skin, with sleep being the most important.

Sunday Riley explains the process of how our skin repairs and renews itself while we are sleeping, so the more you sleep, and the better you sleep, the better skin you will wake up with. Sunday Riley also offers suggestions on the best tools and treatments to use as part of your before bed glowing skin routine. One I found interesting, was the use of a roller to gently massage your skin, releasing endorphins, and increasing circulation to help give you a natural glow. You would put your favorite oil, serum, or night cream on after this process.

I found it interesting that Sunday Riley mentioned sleeping on silk pillowcases instead of cotton. I like most of you, probably sleep on cotton pillowcases, and most likely go straight to bed after my nightly face cleansing/moisturizing routine. The cotton pillowcases absorb most of the face cream and oils meaning less of it stays on your face. Silk pillowcases absorb less of the face cream and oils, so more of your skincare products actually stay and absorb through your skin, and not the pillowcase.

In the end, it all goes back to beauty sleep and that being a real and true thing, and not just a myth or term we throw around. Inflammation in our bodies also is a culprit for aging and dull, tired looking skin. A nice soak in a bath filled with Epsom salts is a sure way to detoxify your body, while also de stressing before bedtime. Sunday Riley mentions that sleeping on your back is the best way to fight wrinkles and increase blood flow back to your head.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares his success tips at the World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. He runs JD.com, a leading e-commerce platform serving China and other parts of Asia. At present, Richard Liu’s e-commerce has an estimated worth of $ 57.6 billion.

How did he grow the e-commerce platform from a mere start-up to the established platform it is today? Following is a comprehensive picture of Liu’s business journey derived from his past interview with the World Economic Forum.

Richard Liu started his start-up in 1998 as a small shop selling Magneto-optical products. According to the interview posted on weforum, Liu Qiangdong branded the shop as Jingdong, a combination of his ex-girlfriend’s name, and the last characters of his name “Qiangdong.”By 2003, Richard Liu opened over 12 stores in different strategic locations around Beijing. In 2005, Mr. Liu decided to transform his business from a mortar and brick store to an e-commerce store that would serve the entire Chinese market.

The transformation led to the birth of the present day JD.com, an e-commerce store that sells an array of quality consumer products. It sells foodstuffs, apparel, electronics, home appliances, and furnishings. Besides offering fast moving consumer goods, JD has also come up with a unique service called White Grove, which deals in the sale of luxury products. The service is differently tailored to give consumers a unique experience. To enhance the White Grove services, JD has partnered with Farfetch, a renowned provider of luxury products, especially in fashion. Farfetch uses JD’s platform to market its products.

What trick did he use to outwit his e-commerce competitors? According to the interview posted on the World Economic Platform, JD.com won the hearts of its consumers by selling quality consumer goods at an affordable price. Most of JD.com’s competitors sold counterfeits at an exaggerated price.

Besides selling authentic products, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s e-commerce store employed fast logistics as a scheme to gain and defend the industry’s top position. Its customers would receive their goods for as short as one day after placing their orders. At present, Richard Liu says that customers can receive their products on the same day they place their orders. The e-commerce store is looking to speed-up its logistics using smart technology.

Serge Belamant and the Future of Blockchain Credit Cards

Think about the things that define our lives. Cell phones, computers, ride-sharing apps, etc have all caused our lives to be much easier, and the fact that we have access to almost all of the knowledge that humanity has to offer is pretty amazing. However, while there are many revolutionaries that saw these changes coming- many in the past had no clue that this was how things were going to be. Rapid adoption of new technology is one of the best ways to get ahead in the worlds of finance and technology.

Currently, the company Net1 and a blockchain founder Serge Belamant, are on track to take the processing market by storm. Since their technology exists only within their framework, it is likely that the company will be able generate a terrific amount of free cash flow revenue. So much free cash revenue, in fact, that many predictions have them being able to buy up every public share on the market sometime before the end of 2023. Their technology has wide applications, from banking to finance to real estate.

Net1 and Serge Belamant have developed their own patented, proprietary blockchain technology to help process transactions using the EMV standard. EMV stands for European Mastercard Visa. Serge Belamant envisioned a way to process transactions in a quick, secure and cost-efficient manner using the blockchain. Instead of using a main computer to process each and every transaction via online servers, they are actually using the blockchain to verify those same transactions.

Right now, there are many places in the world processing transactions are very expensive or flat out not possible. However, this tech would dramatically reduce fees, increase safety, and bring transaction access to even the most remote and rural areas of the globe. Serge Belamant and all of the people that work with him at Net1 are rapidly changing how people view transactions. In addition to individual payment processing they are also considering moves to replace traditional bank accounts with blockchain derived systems. The world is changing- and fast. The best way to benefit from a changing world is to grab the bull by both horns.

For details: angel.co/serge-belamant

Doe Deere and the American Dream

Born in Izhevsk Russia, a little Jewish girl named Xenia Vorotova dreamed of coming to the United States of America one day. Everything she had learned about the U.S., she got from music, movies or magazines. The dream became a reality when 17-year-old Xenia, her mother, and younger sister moved from Russia to New York City.

Although the women arrived ready and willing to work hard to achieve their goals, they quickly found themselves living in a homeless shelter and surviving off of food from the local church pantry. Xenia escaped reality by drawing and dreaming of one day becoming a fashion designer.

In the Spring of 1999, a social worker introduced them to Dorchen Leidholdt, the leader of Sanctuary for Families, a nonprofit organization designed to help immigrant women.

Dorchen helped Xenia’s mother find an accounting job, and after seeing the drawings done at the homeless shelter, helped Xenia get enrolled in FIT, a renowned college of art, design, business, and technology. She also helped Xenia’s little sister get enrolled in Columbia University.

By 2000, the women were able to leave the homeless shelter and move into an apartment in the Lehman Projects in Harlem. Although the Projects were in gang territory, the women felt this was a step up. The girls each had their own bedroom, which they had never had before. By the end of 2000, Xenia adopted her official nickname-Doe Deere. In 2008, Doe Deere founded her own makeup company called Lime Crime, which employed 35 people in Los Angeles.

Xenia thanks America for giving her, an immigrant, the opportunity to pursue her dream-the American Dream. Over the past 20 years, she has worked tirelessly and now has a successful business, beautiful home, and her family who all still stick together.

Stories like Xenia’s are why immigrants worldwide are willing to risk all to come to America. Don’t forget that not all Americans started as Americans. Sometimes those who risk everything and walk the most difficult path to citizenship, turn out to be some of the reasons America is so great.


Ted Bauman Sees a stock Market Crash in the Near Future

For several months, economist Ted Bauman has been calling for the possibility of a stock market crash. Although many traders on Wall Street would disagree about the stock market crashing, there is a growing consensus among investors that the stock market is extremely overvalued and the bull market may not last much longer. Ted Bauman traveled to South Africa when he was a young adult. He earned his economics and history degrees at the University of Cape Town. His written work has been published in respected journals all over the world. Today, he is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and provides his subscribers with three newsletters to help them achieve their financial goals. He lists several macroeconomic factors that could eventually cause the stock market to crash.

Ted Bauman feels that US stocks are more overvalued now than at any other time in history and will eventually return to their fair value. He uses a tool called the CAPE ratio for measuring the overall value of the stock market. According to this ratio, the US stock market is more overvalued now than at any other time in history. Once more investors come to this conclusion, they will begin to sell stocks at a fast pace until the market returns to fair value. The average historical reading for the CAPE ratio is seventeen and the current reading is thirty-two. This means that stock prices would have to decline by almost fifty percent to return to historical averages.

A trade war between China and the US is another catalyst that Ted Bauman feels could cause the bull market in US stocks to end. Many respected economists feel that if the trade war does not end soon, the entire world will be thrust into a recession. Mr. Bauman has pointed out that Chyna has done little so far to retaliate against the Trump Administration, except imposing its own tariffs. China could punish US multinational companies that rely on business in China. Many of these corporations would lose substantial revenues, eventually resulting in lower profits. Many of these corporations are traded on major US stock exchanges and their share prices would eventually fall as a result of lower profits.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman