Herbalife Nutrition Is a Champion in Supporting the Blood Donation Initiatives of the American Red Cross

The recent announcement from Herbalife Nutrition is that the company will be making another donation to the 120 blood donation centers in the US, of Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars. The American Red Cross runs these centers which are located in various parts of the country. The company is estimating to donate over 280,000 bars with a retail value of $500 million. It will mark the fourth year that the company is making such as a generous donation.


Herbalife Nutrition, which is famous for its sports products and protein shakes and has for many decades been pitching in to support the humanitarian efforts of American Red Cross. The bars are offered to the volunteers after they have donated blood. The bars consist of high-quality protein and carbohydrates of 10 grams each. These nutrients are sufficient to replace what the blood donor has lost.

The protein bars also contain other nutrients such as vitamins B2 and B6, which are useful to the body in building back the lost red blood cells. The Herbalife Nutrition Deluxe Bars also comes in various flavors such as dark chocolate, which happens to be packed with iron. The iron in the chocolate is also a micronutrient that replaces the iron lost.

Herbalife is not only offering the protein bars for nutritional reasons, but also as an expression of gratitude to the blood donors. The protein bar is something the donors can indulge in as they go back to their normal routine after donating blood. It can also be consumed by anyone in need of a healthy snack at any time to refuel after a workout.

Herbalife has also been involved in this cause in other ways. One of them is hosting blood drives in its offices. So far it has hosted over 50 of them in its locations in Los Angeles, California, North Carolina, to mention few. The initiative saves 25,000 lives annually. They encourage their workers, distributors, and customers to donate blood. It is a powerful blood donation drive considering the company has more than 8,000 employees, 3,000,000 distributors, not to mention the millions of customers.

Further, Herbalife Nutrition was a participant in the Missing Types Campaign of July 2018. It removes the letters A, B, and O from the company’s logo, which represents the most needed blood groups in the time of blood drives. American Red Cross was grateful to the company for showing support in raising the visibility of this issue.