Jeremy Goldstein Hosts New York City Wine Dinner in Honor of the Fountain House

Attorney at law Jeremy Goldstein and others had hosted a pair of New York City wine dinners in honor of the Fountain House charity organization. These were exclusive dinners had raised over a total whopping $56,000 for the Fountain House charity, mental-illness focused organization.


The Wine Dinner supporting the organization was in complete honor of the diligence and nobility of the organization, the Fountain House, since they are 100% committed to raising awareness and gaining support for those who suffer from life-depleting mental illnesses.


All of the total donations that were gained are going straight to the award-honored, not-for-profit organizational entity that is solely committed to embracing themselves towards helping and raising awareness for those with the mental illnesses.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, who is an active participant in the Directors Board at Fountain House, had hosted two different individual Wine Dinners in the month of May during the year of two-thousand and eighteen, alongside with Wine Dinner participants, Jim Fenkel and also Omar Khan as well. The individually occurring separate dinners closed in altogether high-ranking participants and accomplished in raising well over a grand total of $56,000 to enforce the undertakings of the mental-illness focused organizational entity that is named the “Fountain House”, which is more specifically a well-structured self-assisting arranged system that is under operation by good men and good women that are attempting to re-reach equilibrium from minor to severe mental health issues and illnesses with active and pursuing engagement and dedicated guidance from a knowledgeable and well-structured group.


The initial of the two individually occurring dinners that were in place to raise funds for the organizational entity known as Fountain House, whose main focus is to help those with mental illnesses and persistent problems, was hosted upon the noble roof of the hotel that is named NoMad on the third day of the week, Tuesday, which was on the twenty-second day in the month of May. The hotel had a nice view of the skyline, and was complimented with a diligent array of Chateau Latour wine classics. This brought in a well-gathered group of notable individuals to one of the New York City’s top and most high-class privately ran charity events of that year. The next wine dinner was in response to the huge population of the first and was held in New York City as well, on the 31st day of the month of May of two-thousand and eighteen.


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