The American Institute Of Architects Is Ahead Of Its Community And Environmental Projects

When it comes to supporting architecture and its roles in the community, then Robert Ivy is one figure that has played a pivotal role in making sure that learners continue to get an exposure to the right training and resources that will in turn, improve their lives and those of their clients. Ivy works at the American Institute of Architects, a professional body established on the basis of bringing together qualified architects in the United States of America. It is also a leading members-only institution whose influence overreaches multiple sectors as well as industries. Some of these industries include healthcare, community charity projects, building and construction as well as software engineering.

Over the recent years, AIA has taken multiple steps towards the introduction of cross-pollination with various professionals in different industries thanks to the leadership input of Robert Ivy who serves as the chief executive officer of the organization. Under his guidance, the organization has made other tremendous progress towards preserving its input to disaster management, prevention as well as healthcare provision.

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Robert Ivy took the reins of leadership in 2011. Since then, he has made tactical moves by guiding the employees towards embracing contemporary ideas as well as issues. In his capacity, AIA has fully supported issues related to education policies as well as public health according to Also critical to note is the fact that the organization has duly supported community development. Moreover, Ivy has been rooting for the development of center stage policies that will guide architects towards finding key solutions.

Robert Ivy is immensely recognized for his various contributions in the industry of architecture. For starters, he was the chief editor of the architectural record, a position he held from 1996. Then, he was appointed the vice president for McGraw-Hill Construction where he was responsible the effective management of the company. Well Robert Ivy has earned numerous awards in his capacity as the editorial leader for various companies. For starters, in 2009, he earned the Crain Award where he was appreciated for being an excellent corporate executive in the field of architectural works. Having partnered with the Dean for about fourteen years, he was now better placed to match various senior roles in different capacities. In 2010, Ivy was recognized by the Alpha Rho Chi of the industry of architectural works. Robert Ivy is positive about the positive future of architects. He is convinced that with the right resources in place, a lot can be achieved.