Academy of Art Students Showcase the Future of Fashion

The world of fashion is always changing. One of the factors behind the change is the designers. There are plenty of designers that are always willing to push the boundaries of fashion with their imagination. They show off all of their creativity at the fashion week. One example of fashion week is at New York. This previous New York Fashion Week has shown off two menswear and five menswear from BFA and MFA graduates of the Academy of Art University. The silhouettes and the outfits that have appeared on the runway were quite interesting to say the least.


The group of designers consists of people that come from different countries and cultures so there are going to be quite a few different designs and silhouettes. There are pictures of some of the latest silhouettes and outfits that have turned up on the runway. These outfits do have an interesting and very unique look to them that has not been seen before. The coloring and the fabric of these outfits do give off a futuristic vibe. They are very otherworldly and have definitely caught the attention of plenty of fashion enthusiasts. The Academy of Art has definitely encouraged creativity for the students and the designers.


One of the best aspects of fashion is when people find outfits that are flattering. When one wears an outfit that brings forth a good shape to them. If the outfit is comfortable as well, then this is a great combination. One of the best experiences is to find an outfit that has the best feeling fabric as well as the best form and style to it. Dressing with style can help people experience something new. For one thing, a good outfit can even have an effect on their personality. People will feel more confident and willing to try on more elegant clothes. The Academy of Art University and its graduates provide just that, a sense of joy.

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How the Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Really Works

When you have flat and greasy hair that leaves you frustrated with the hair care products you are using, you grow tired of all the celebrity testimonies you see on television. One young lady that works as a hair stylist and suffers with flat uninspired hair decided to take the world on a journey with her as she shared her individual experience with a Wen By Chaz hair care product.

Looking at the WEN By Chaz line from the point of view of the creator, we have to see why Chaz Dean decided to go from a Los Angeles salon stylist to a hair care product creator. Although he had minimal success, once Dean developed the Wen By Chaz line, his business exploded with some of the biggest celebrity clients in the industry.

Dean knew that he could not grow his business using inferior hair care products that did more damage than good, so he created a formula of organic ingredients that were designed to repair and restore the years of damage people have done to their hair. No harsh cleaning agents that strip away natural oils, instead, his ingredients protected the hair and gave it body.

To closely follow along with the story originally posted on Bustle, we see on day one how this young lady had extremely flat and greasy looking hair. She told viewers all about how it not only looked greasy, it felt that way too. She began the 7-day journey expecting to see more of the same from all the products at the salon that she had tried in the past with no success.

We can see by the pictures she posted (here: over those days, that her hair certainly began to improve right after she began using the Wen By Chaz hair conditioner. Her journey has inspired many to try the products to see for themselves.

Try Wen; visit the Guthy-Renker beauty store today. The products are also available online on or via

Wen By Chaz: Beautiful Hair In One Sit

It does not matter if our hair is long, short or pixie cut, the only thing that matters is that hair is healthy and taken care of, and it is not always such an easy process. To have a long an voluminous mane, there are ways in which we can enhance and already well-taken care silky hair. The basis of someone’s image, hair care is not to be taken lightly. When everything on your outfit, makeup and teeth are perfect, hair should be no exception. There are all sorts of products in the shelves that make promises of perfect curls and smoothness. But do you know which one is the best for your type of hair?

The Experiment

There are some products that can help you achieve that result: Wen by Chaz Dean ( has been praised as a great all-in-one solution for all types of hair. The editors at Bustle decided to give it a try and came up with very interesting results. With an easy appliance and fast results, it seems to be working. The experiment was done on thin hair, and according to Emily McClure, her hair did feel soft and bouncy when she washed it with the product, although it would get a little greasy come the afternoon.

Overall rated as a great product for people who are looking for a little extra shine, it is a product that will be a must in some people’s shelves when they need to take care of their hair. With great reviews and a growing legion of fans, Wen by Chaz Dean is going to become one of the go-to products for many haircare fans worldwide, and with a growing demand for innovative products, Wen is also a fantastic alternative to the everyday shampoo-conditioner-cream-oil-blow-dry routine for the ordinary hair lover. Order the product online. Go to or to purchase.

Lime Crime; Makeup for Unicorns


Lime Crime is a unique makeup store offering brightly colored hues in eye shadows, liners, and lipsticks. Their most notable item is the Velvetines Matte Lipsticks, inspired by the velvet texture of rose petals. These lipsticks started the widely popular liquid to matte lipstick trend. Their Velvetines are offered in brightly colored hues, such as the Alien, a blacklight reactive neon green, to more natural colors such as Elle, an apricot nude. Perfect for Halloween, anyone can sport Bloodmoon, a dark blood red lipstick, for a classy vampire look. The Velvetines available on UrbanOutfitters are real transfer-proof lipsticks and are guaranteed to last through the day and night. Another unique product is the pearl-inspired, metallic Perlees Matte Lipsticks. These have an iridescent glow to them and come in colors ranging from bright copper to denim blue.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and founded by CEO, Doe Deere. Born in Russia, and raised in New York, Doe has always been into bright colors and art. She is a one of a kind artist living every inspiring female entrepreneur’s dream. Doe Deere over see’s product development in her facilities to make sure things are done best for her Unicorns (fans). She encourages and loves those who were born different; the “Unicorns” who are into intense colors, are confident and challenge societies expectations. Doe Deere needed brighter makeup to match the clothing she hand-sewn and sold online, and this is where she began Lime Crime.


On top of offering uniquely hued makeup to Unicorns, Doe Deere is big on giving back to the community; Starting with guaranteed Vegan and cruelty-free products. They have been PETA verified, and Leaping Bunny certified. Lime Crime has donated more than 16,000 dollars to charities, including Girls Inc, HOLA, Sanctuary for Families, Bideauvee, Adopt NY, and the Red Cross.


Doe Deere says on the blog “I make makeup for girls and boys, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!” Obviously, she is serious about pleasing her Unicorns, and what better way to do so than donating to charities, and offering unique vegan and cruelty-free products.  Buy for yourself on Doll’s Kill.

Evolution Of Smooth’s Lip Balm Can Keep Even The Dryest Lips Moist

Evolution of Smooth is the revolution in the world of lip balms. EOS lip balms come in a wide variety of different flavors as well as in a unique ball shape. The lip balm created by Evolution of smooth is completely organic and natural, with not other plastics or bad chemicals associated with some lip balms out there. What’s better is that EOS lip balms are free of Parabens, Gluten, and Petrolatum. People all over are loving the container for the EOS lip balm, coming in a fun ball shape, which also allows for easy application and no loss of product.
The Evolution of Smooth lip balms have many flavors which change according to which type of sphere it is. Flavors in the Organic spheres they have Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, Medicated Tangerine, Pomegranate Raspberry, and more. They also have the EOS Visibly Soft Series, which has Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, and Vanilla Mint. They have some spheres focused on protection, with the flavors Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit for SPF protection. They also have two special shimmer spheres which comes as Pearl or Sheer Pink.

Many Walmart customers have expressed how much they enjoy using Evolution of Smooth’s fantastic lip balms, because they highly moisturize the lips and take care of any dryness, without causing a build up on the lips. The price of the product is self-explanatory, coming in at a measly $3 dollars, Evolution of Smooth lip balm is very cheap, and most choices at organic, while each Evolution of Smooth lip balm comes in a natural flavor. Get these organic balm on Walmart or order it via eBay.

The natural flavors provided by Evolution of Smooth are capable of keeping anyone lips moist and smile ready through any of the season changes. With the unique and fun shape of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms, storing and location the product is very easy, as it is hard to mistake an egg shape. For more info, check out