Sunday Riley and Glowing Skin

Sunday Riley’s article “Sleep your way to Glowing Skin” offers readers, specifically millennials, informative information on the best ways to prepare and care for your skin, with sleep being the most important.

Sunday Riley explains the process of how our skin repairs and renews itself while we are sleeping, so the more you sleep, and the better you sleep, the better skin you will wake up with. Sunday Riley also offers suggestions on the best tools and treatments to use as part of your before bed glowing skin routine. One I found interesting, was the use of a roller to gently massage your skin, releasing endorphins, and increasing circulation to help give you a natural glow. You would put your favorite oil, serum, or night cream on after this process.

I found it interesting that Sunday Riley mentioned sleeping on silk pillowcases instead of cotton. I like most of you, probably sleep on cotton pillowcases, and most likely go straight to bed after my nightly face cleansing/moisturizing routine. The cotton pillowcases absorb most of the face cream and oils meaning less of it stays on your face. Silk pillowcases absorb less of the face cream and oils, so more of your skincare products actually stay and absorb through your skin, and not the pillowcase.

In the end, it all goes back to beauty sleep and that being a real and true thing, and not just a myth or term we throw around. Inflammation in our bodies also is a culprit for aging and dull, tired looking skin. A nice soak in a bath filled with Epsom salts is a sure way to detoxify your body, while also de stressing before bedtime. Sunday Riley mentions that sleeping on your back is the best way to fight wrinkles and increase blood flow back to your head.