EOS Lip Balm, Flavoring the Future

Before 2007, buying lip balm meant scanning the check out counter at Wal-Mart or the grocery store, finding a small, clinical-looking tube that contained a blandly flavored balm, go straight on walmart.ca. But, in an effort to reform the way we look at lip balm, EOS blasted onto the market. Soon after their launch women everywhere, including celebrities, started raving about their creative design and wonderful flavors. In this article we’ll discuss some of their most popular flavors and include a few facts that the flavors do for your lips, see also ebay.com.


Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor is 95% organic and 100% natural. It’s packed with antioxidants that help keep lips soft, moist and smooth. You’ll enjoy the flavor, your lips will thank you for the Shea-butter and vitamin E. Comes in the EOS signature dark red smooth sphere. Look here.


Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is known for its tropical flavor. It contains antioxidants making it the perfect choice for drinks and lip-balm alike. The fruit is powerful in its healing nature and packed full of vitamins. This flavor of EOS is also 100% natural and even Gluten free. Every aspect of this lip balm is appealing, right down to the smooth, purple sphere which contains it.


Acai Blueberry

Another 100% natural flavor. Acai is used in many supplements and even sold as a whole fruit for its great health benefits. Combine the flavor and power of Acai with the antioxidant and flavor rich blueberry and you get a wonderful flavor and lips that have never been smoother or smelled better. Comes in a smooth blue sphere.


Coconut Milk

This flavor just sounds delicious. The smooth velvety texture of coconut milk is packed inside this flavor. This is one of EOS’s visibly smooth flavors. Get your lips smoother than ever with this wonderful balm and enjoy the velvety taste and smell of coconut milk. Comes in a smooth pink and white swirl container.


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