Beneful Dog food – extra delicious and extra healthy!

When I got “Beebee” home, I could only think about her healthy growth and happiness. I pledged to use only fine quality, all natural and high-grade ingredients for her food and the brand that lived up to my expectations was Beneful dog foods by Nestle Purinastore. Beneful has got three different broad varieties of dog foods: dry dog foods, wet dog foods, and dog treats. I have bought all from Walmart, and will point out the products that “Beebee” and I have loved so far!

The first favorite of Beebee is Beneful Dry dog food originals with real beef, chicken, and salmon. I see her devouring the full bowl at one go with a pair of happy eyes. There is a total of six varieties, all of them containing some form of meat. I can tell that the taste is rich because it smells real good. Next on the list is the wet dog food: Incredibites. I have been feeding Beebee the one with Salmon, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans and she loves it. The wet food comes in another variety: Chopped blends. They pack it in a Tupperware, so it’s really easy to store the leftovers. Beebee loves the flavor of chopped blends which comes with beef, carrots, peas, and barley. As you can tell, peas and beef provide healthy doses of Iron and protein to her. With sweet potatoes and barley, I can meet her quota of daily carbohydrates. Barley is a rich source of good kind of carbs and so is sweet potatoes. Turkey is a better source of protein and contains minimal fat, so your dog keeps active the whole day. I have been using few dog foods earlier which used to make Beebee extremely lazy and moody but Beneful’s products have been a blessing for us both!
Beneful’s Dog treats [] have a range of dental ridges for your dogs. They come in all sizes, small, medium and large and give your baby dog a healthy and enchanting smile. Beneful also has Dental twists, which help align their canines on regular use. It also helps to promote dental health and hygiene. My Beebee is happy, how about yours?!

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Excellent Types Of Beneful For Your Dog

Nestle PurinaStore makes a number of different brands of human and pet food. They make one exceptionally delicious and healthy food for dogs, called Beneful. This product has really hit the dog food market by storm, and it is sold on Wal-Mart all over the country. It is even sold in a very wide range of regions of the world. One thing that makes Beneful stand out against other types of dog food is the quality of the ingredients used. Unlike some brands of dog food, there are ingredients that come from a natural source. This adds to the flavor of the food, and it also helps to bolster the nutritional quality. Additionally, the variety of types of food you can get from the Beneful line really helps to set it apart.
Beneful Originals provides well rounded nutrition for dogs. This brand of dog food is geared at full grown dogs, without any complicating health factors. In addition to being extremely healthful, there are different flavors available from this type of Beneful.

There also is another great brand of Beneful that is made for puppies. Beneful Healthy Puppy contains all the materials essential to the growth and development of your dog. Beneful Healthy Puppy is also made in different flavors.

Beneful also makes treats [] that you can feed your dog. These treats make an excellent snack, but they can also serve as great rewards for training. One type of dog treat made by Beneful is Beneful Baked Delights Stars. There are two different flavors of Beneful Baked Delights Stars that are on the market. One variety has bacon and cheese, but the other one has chicken and cheese.

Beneful also makes another type of dog treat. This dog treat makes an excellent reward for training, and it also is a good snack. However, this dog treat will also do a great job at protecting the dental health of your dog. Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists comes in several different varieties. These varieties are made for three different size ranges of dogs.



Following The Trends Of The Pet Food Industry


Beneful is a dog food brand that is owned by Nestle Purina. The brand introduced its dry dog food, wet dog food and treats to the market in 2001. In the last few years, Beneful has become one of Nestle Purina’s most significant brands. When the brand first came out, it was a leader in nutritional content and appearance. It was one of the first dog foods that had real meat in it. This trend, that Beneful carried over to the dog food market more than a decade ago, is just now gaining momentum.

Beneful also provides lots of assurances about product quality. Beneful requires every single supplier, of plant material or meat material, to follow a strict set of guidelines from how they care for their land to how they harvest, store and deliver the material to the manufacturing plant. Beneful then has a system in place that tracks every ingredient from when it arrives at the manufacturing plant up until it is sitting on a shelf in a retail store. The product, as a whole, is highly regulated every step of the way, by both Beneful and Purina, as well as by regulatory bodies like the FDA and USDA.

Beneful’s mother company, Purina, was mentioned several times by the Daily Herald in a recent article about the changes that are happening in the pet food industry. The article described how pet food companies are starting to utilize human food trends. There are organic foods for dogs now. There are grain free foods so that dogs can eat like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. There are dog foods that have medium-chain triglycerides in order to help older dogs metabolize their food better. There are foods that require refrigeration and foods that have game meat in them. The variety is endless. The article finished by saying that while it is a fast growing industry with a market that clearly demands it, it also contains very expensive ingredients. More time will tell whether profits can be made.