Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Online Ordering Services

Nationwide Title Clearing has come up with an innovative way of dealing with the problem of title defects that has threatened to cripple the real estate industry. According to the company’s management, they have launched a new interactive website. The company’s clients will now be able to order for property reports online. This service will hasten the ordering process and ensure the authenticity of the titles.

According to Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), genuine property titles helps in hastening the transaction process and eliminating wrongful foreclosures. In the recent years, the increasing cases of title defects have forced many potential buyers to halt their purchases. This situation has slowed down the growth of the market. NTC’s strategy will reduce the risk of buyback and the inability of banks to foreclose, as the information on all residential properties in the United States will be readily available.

NTC notes that title defects are caused by different factors. This problem is commonly caused by individuals seeking to claim a property owned by someone else. The wording on the title documents has also been of major concern. In the United States, the wording varies from one area to another. For a title to be valid, it must adhere to the wording requirements of a given jurisdiction. Absence of important signatures such as those of property owner’s spouse has also contributed to title defects. Lastly, many people are seeking for titles without following due process. Such titles end up as defects.

The company’s clients can now access various property reports such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status (plus) Report, Tax Status Report, and Current Owner Report. NTC has channeled its energies towards developing accurate and up to date reports. NTC sources for the actual land records/data from the counties. They then authenticate such information using both automated and human verification process.

About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc

NTC is a Palm harbor-based research and document-processing firm. The company provides its services to lenders, investors, and servicers. Notably, eight out of ten largest residential mortgage companies in the United States use the company’s services. The corporation’s exhaustive system is able to track property documents in over 3,600 jurisdictions in the United States. Over the years, NTC has been the recipient of different awards owing to its exceptional services. The corporation won the Inc. Hire Power Award in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, the Fast 50 Award listed NTC as the 26th fastest growing company in Tampa Bay.



A Brief History of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC, is a privately held food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and so has a long history in the industry. Today they have grown into a supplier of food on a worldwide basis with operations in 17 countries. While the company was initially solely focused on providing different types of meat products to customers it has gradually expanded to also supplying dough based food as well as vegetables.

OSI Group has engaged in a number of acquisitions over the years as well as joint ventures. These joint ventures and acquisitions have been completed in order to expand OSI Group’s global presence and what they offer. An example of this would be when OSI Group acquired Baho Food in August 2016. Baho Food, which was a privately held Dutch company, had a large operational presence in both the Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food sold their processed food products cross a large extent of Europe and thus the acquisition boosted OSI Group’s European position. Their food products were also a good match for OSI Group as they consisted of deli meats and convenience foods.

In 2016 OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe, a company that was focused on providing processed food to the UK market. In addition to poultry they supply sauces, marinades, pies, and other processed food to the UK foodservice market. This acquisition gave OSI Group a greatly expanded role in the UK market.

The company has also bought other companies processing plants. In June of 2016 OSI Group completed its purchase of a former Tyson plant in Chicago, Illinois. This 200,00 square foot plant was bought by OSI Group for $7.4 million. With Tyson Foods closing the plant there were still approximately 250 employees remaining and they were reportedly many of them offered jobs with OSI Group.

OSI Group is today one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Forbes has the company ranked #58 in their America’s Largest Private Companies ranking with an annual revenue of $6.1 billion. The company is led by Chairman Sheldon Lavin, its President David McDonald. and Chief Financial Officer Sherry DeMeulenaere.

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Todd Lubar Is Keeping Finances Tight

Todd Lubar is a brilliant individual that is currently serving as the president at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. Todd Lubar is also the senior vice president of legendary investments. Lubar went to Cedarcrest University and he graduated with a BA in Speech Communication in 1995. Todd Lubar is an individual that has had many high-ranking positions over his life. Todd Lubar worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. Todd Lubar was able to help Maryland Legacy financial grow to an office production of many hundred million dollars a year. Lubar later went on to serve as senior vice president with Charter Funding.

Todd Lubar is an individual that really has a deep interest in real estate. Apart from real estate, it was very obvious that he had a knack for business. Lubar wanted to be able to further his career, but at the same time he had a true desire to help those individuals that were in need.

Through the experience that he was able to attain at his different positions, Lubar was able to learn models of conservation mortgage banking. He was also able to find areas in which he could expend his lending capabilities to be able to broker loans to outside investors and lend as a direct mortgagor for the bank. Lubar was able to develop close relationships with many people that were experienced when it came to the building trades needed to produce a good quality product in a timely way. Lubar was able to also establish multiple relationships with large banking institution in order to establish high lines of credit.

Since Lubar had so much experience in the properties market, he was able to be involved in over 7000 transactions that permitted him to sharpen his ability to analyze the risk of any loan scenario and to make adequate decisions based on that experience. With all the experience and expertise that he acquired, Lubar was able to form Legendary Financial LLC and its affiliates which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC.

Magnises: A New Kind of Business Club

Now, more than ever, people are connected, whether by social media, email, telephone or app there is no shortage of ways to communicate with one another. That being said, there is, as they say, no substitute for experience, no placeholder for real-world interaction and this simple conceit is what has lead tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland to create the business network, Magnises.

Magnises is a social networking club, aimed specifically at young millennials in the business world. The organization was created by technology Maverick and creator of Spling, Billy McFarland and aims to connect smart and cutting edge start ups with other similar ventures as well as big business for a more cohesive career experience. One of several features which makes the Magnises club unique is the fact that it is just as geared towards play as it is towards work. For instance, any time card carrying members of Magnises (black metal cards are given to ever new signer) enter a affiliated business, all they have to do is flash their card and they will be given, not only instant VIP access, but also a huge user discount.

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Some of the different kinds of businesses that have partnered with McFarland’s Magnises network include various New York City restaurants, clubs, music venues and even some vacation suites. Additionally, Magnises members will also have the chance to rub shoulders with various New York celebrities like Ja Rule and Rick Ross via VIP access to particular events whether they be concerts, studio events and galas as well as helicopter rides.

Billy McFarland explains that the genesis for the idea for Magnises came from the simple observation that there was nothing more omniscient in regards to easy access payments than credit cards – almost everyone in the world of business carried one (or more) everywhere they went. Therefore, McFarland theorized that the best way to get the word out about his business would be to utilize a similar model and thus Magnises was born. And thus far the enterprise has been extraordinarily successful. See:

Founded just over a year ago, Magnises now has well over 6000 members and generates $ 250 dollars per card, though this does not seem like a great deal of money that amounts to well over $ 1,500,000 dollars. McFarland has publicly stated on numerous occasions that he has had far, far more offers for partnership deals than he has accepted due to the fact that he highly desires to only partner with businesses which he can trust % 100 so that he can provide the very best products and getaways for all of his loyal Magnises users.

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Andy Wirth – A Beacon Of Hope For Lake Tahoe Community

Recently, several areas around Lake Tahoe saw plans for new developments, some of which were riddled with controversy. However, individuals like Andy Wirth stood to face challenges making their community a safer and better place to live. Among these challenges were the lingering fate of Squaw Valley Resort as one of the private groups tired to incorporate the town. Understanding that incorporation efforts will shut down local businesses, Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, came to the rescue by spending cash from his pockets to stop the incorporation.

Perhaps, this is not the first time that Andy has come to rescue his beloved community. Since his father moved to Lake Tahoe to take on the job of ski patrol, Andy spent his childhood in the powdered slopes becoming a park ranger, himself. Since the day, Andy has become the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, one of the most well-known Ski resorts in the world. In his new job, he continues to assist his community by managing and planing several new initiatives.

For instance, he recently announced one of the largest Gondola projects in North America, which would connect Squaw Valley Resort with Alpine Meadows. In addition, several new buildings will be erected in the area to accommodate additional visitors who will stay at the Resort to enjoy joint-facilities. In fact, Andy is already contemplating plans for the construction of facilities that will benefit the entire Lake Tahoe Community.

Recently, he was also selected as the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Services, which is the primary link of the area with visitors who come to the many world-class resorts in the Lake Tahoe region. For the stakeholders, Andy was an automatic choice for leading the organization because he is instrumental in initiating various air services and related ground facilities for multiple entities in North America. Due to his efforts, Jet Blue also started a direct service from JFK to the Reno-Tahoe area serving thousands of Ski enthusiasts who love visiting their favorite recreational area, every year. Hopefully, Andy will continue to offer hope and opportunity to thousands of local businesses who count on his commitment.

Adam Milstein named as one of the most influential Jews of modern times

The Jerusalem post recently published a list of the most influential Jewish leaders in this world. For someone to appear on this list, there are several requirements that you should have passed. For instance, an individual ought to have helped the Jewish community in the past one year and still had the potential to impact in the coming years. It was, therefore, very competitive to appear on the list. Several individuals made it into this list. Adam Milstein made into this list for the role he had played in the formation of Israeli-American culture as well as due to his philanthropic activities. Adam and his wife Gila run the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

According to the business wire, other individuals who made to this list included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the U.S Senator Charles Schumer. Supreme Court Justices Elena Kegan, as well as Ruth Bader, made it to the list. The list did not leave behind philanthropist Ron Lauder, Haim Saban, and Sheldon Adelson behind. They were also named for their contribution and their potential. The list also included Jewish leaders such as Malcolm Hoenlein and Natan Sharansky. Just like any other community where comedians play a key role in development, the list also had comedians and entertainers Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot.

Adam’s wife had played a key role for Adam to be on this list. The many organizations that Adam had been part of were also key to him being named in this list. The main reason why he was named in this list is being the co-founder of the Israel American Council. Over his life, Adam has been part of other organizations such as Stand By Me, Birthright Israel and AIPAC national council. Other organizations include the Israel on Campus Coalition as well as Hasbara Fellowships.

Adam appeared on the list as number 39. Professionally, Adam is a real estate agent like his father, and he is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam was born In Haifa Israel and holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Technion University.


Marketing with Kenneth Goodgame

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business plan. A lot of business owners today feel like they do not have enough time or money to properly market to customers. This is something that Kenneth Goodgame has helped many people with. Instead of concentrating on big marketing campaigns, there are a variety of ways to reach out to customers. With all of the social media tools that are available, every business should have something going for them in marketing.

From the time he was young, Kenneth Goodgame was always interested in marketing and technology. While in college, he started a marketing internship at a major company. He quickly fell in love with the field of marketing. When he first started out in his career, he worked in a marketing department at a large company. Working for someone else was simply not for him, so he decided to do something else with his life. That is when he decided to start a marketing company. True Value has been helping other companies for many years with their marketing plans and strategy. Over time, Kenneth Goodgame has helped thousands of business owners take their company to the next level.

In the future, Kenneth Goodgame plans to continue to expand his current business. There is a huge demand from business owners today for marketing help. Not only can this help people who are struggling, but it also allows True Value to make more money. If you need help with your marketing strategy, Kenneth Goodgame is the person to go to. He has years of experience in the field, and he knows how to find the strengths and weaknesses in any business. Investing in marketing help will drive sales and profits over the long term for your business.

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Talk Fusion Is For Those Who Think Outside Box

Any successful person in any field has had the guts and the determination to dream big and go for it. They have run into obstacles and they have run into people that have told them their dream is not obtainable. They have tried to stop them and tried to put a damper on their dreams. However, they have mental toughness and they think outside the box and they do not listen to them. If anything, it gives them a chip on their shoulder to prove other people wrong. It fuels their dream and fuels their ambition to make it happen.

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007, and he believed in it from day one. He knew he had something special and he knew that people would take to it and really love it. After all, it was made for people like him. These are not people that are suited for wearing a suit and tie and sitting at a desk. There is a whole world out there and they wish to explore it to the fullest. Talk Fusion allows that to happen for those that are dreamers. The dreamers are the ones that change the world. Talk Fusion is truly changing the world.

It is giving people freedom and freedom is something that one can’t put a price tag on, at the end of the day. With video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences, anything is possible when it comes to not only starting a business but running a business. The big names in the industry are noticing such as Technology Marketing Corporation, as they have given out two awards to Talk Fusion in the year 2016. They are well aware of what they have done and the changes they have made to the product for the better and to make it even more fun for customers.

This is a very special award as it is the the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. These are companies that work with voice, data, and video and have improved their product for the betterment of the public.

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Highland Capital Management gives The Family Place $1 Million Grant

Highland Capital Management’s president and co-founder James Dondero announced the week of October 7th that Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., the philanthropic arm of HCM, will be giving a $1 Million Grant to The Family Place. One of the leaders in supporting domestic violence victims in the Dallas area, The Family Place is able to do many great things with the help of the community and charitable donors, and this latest batch of fundraising, the Legacy Campaign, proves just that.

Funds from the Legacy Campaign will be used to build a state of the art center for domestic violence victims to seek counseling, expecting to serve 2,000 people annually with emergency shelter space, along with a child development center and pet shelter.

This is just one example of Highland Capital’s profound philanthropic values, and of Highland’s leader, James Dondero. With a match of 50 percent of any funds raised to $1 million until april 4th, 2017, the Challenge Grant is an incredible addition onto the Legacy Campaign, and will ensure Dallas domestic violence victims a brighter future.

James Dondero, co-founder of Highland Capital, has been a leader in not only philanthropy, but business as well. With over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets, as well as being chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank, and a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios, Dondero has been able to contribute much to the economy, as well as to those in need.

Highland Capital Management, a leader in financial markets, has around $16 Billion worth of assets underneath their management. Not only have they made giant successes in the business field, but in the charitable fields also, with an entire branch of the company specifically donated to philanthropy.

The Challenge Grant for The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign is not only an incredible finish to the round of fundraising, but an amazing contribution from Highland Capital Management and it’s president James Dondero, and just one example of their commitment to making the world better through business success and philanthropy.

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IAP Worldwide, Making the Impossible Possible

Do you have a technical problem that worries you in ways of solving it? Worry no more because IAP Worldwide Services offers reliable solutions. IAP Worldwide is a leading international company that has been in existence for the past 60 years. IAP is well known for the provision of top-class program management. It renders its abilities in the provision of safe, reliable and innovative solutions to the vast problems of its clients.

About IAP Worldwide
IAP Worldwide has its headquarters in Canaveral, Florida in the United States of America. Its operations are in 25 countries worldwide in over 100 locations on The company has up to 2000 employees in the countries it operates in worldwide.

Mission, Values, Vision, achievements and corporate involvements
IAP Worldwide makes the mission of its clients and customers their mission. IAP Worldwide achieve this mission by use of proven technology and ingenuity in problem-solving. The company owns up the problems of its customers and takes the challenge of solving them on behalf of the clients. Thus, they treat customers as part of them through the support they grant to them in the context of their mission.

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The values upheld by this company are in agreement with its charter which entails many factors on Monster. The factors include achievement of mutual success through partnering with the communities, colleagues, and customers. Other factors include acting nicely in a resolved manner, swiftly and with humility and integrity. Putting into action intellectual curiosity and provision of inspirational leadership and follower ship is also part of their values.

According to IAP Worldwide, the definition of success is not just the satisfaction of needs of its clients but also the commitment to serving the community. They aim at transforming the world regardless of the challenges they face. IAP Worldwide collaborates with the Military to provide technical support.

Recent involvements of IAP Worldwide
IAP Worldwide Services acquired two units of business from DRS Technologies in a move to increase the capabilities of IAP in the delivery of services to its customers. Other involvements of IAP include information technology and communications services. The firm is also involved in aviation and engineering solutions and utilities and power solutions.