The Benefits of Using Quality Lip Balm

EOS is a company that makes quality beauty products such as lip balm and body lotion. The body lotion that EOS produces provides great moisture for skin and comes in many different great smelling scents that contain aloe and antioxidant rich lotion. EOS also provides different scents of shaving cream as well. Check on for details.

There are many different brands of lip balm out there but they aren’t all the same. The types of lip balm that EOS produces are full of flavor and creates moisture for soft lips. Not only is the lip balm that they produce rich in anti oxidants, EOS lip balm come in many different flavors as well.

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They make specific kinds that are 95% organic such as the Blueberry Acai flavor, this flavor in particular is all-natural and has a great flavor to it as well. Passion Fruit is another flavor that EOS makes that is gluten free and goes on smoothly to leave lips soft and having a great flavor to them. Other flavors include EOS lip balm Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint. Each flavor has specific qualities to them but each also provides great moisture and flavor to lips and they go on smoothly to create healthy moisturized lips. Follow EOS on

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