Doe Deere and the American Dream

Born in Izhevsk Russia, a little Jewish girl named Xenia Vorotova dreamed of coming to the United States of America one day. Everything she had learned about the U.S., she got from music, movies or magazines. The dream became a reality when 17-year-old Xenia, her mother, and younger sister moved from Russia to New York City.

Although the women arrived ready and willing to work hard to achieve their goals, they quickly found themselves living in a homeless shelter and surviving off of food from the local church pantry. Xenia escaped reality by drawing and dreaming of one day becoming a fashion designer.

In the Spring of 1999, a social worker introduced them to Dorchen Leidholdt, the leader of Sanctuary for Families, a nonprofit organization designed to help immigrant women.

Dorchen helped Xenia’s mother find an accounting job, and after seeing the drawings done at the homeless shelter, helped Xenia get enrolled in FIT, a renowned college of art, design, business, and technology. She also helped Xenia’s little sister get enrolled in Columbia University.

By 2000, the women were able to leave the homeless shelter and move into an apartment in the Lehman Projects in Harlem. Although the Projects were in gang territory, the women felt this was a step up. The girls each had their own bedroom, which they had never had before. By the end of 2000, Xenia adopted her official nickname-Doe Deere. In 2008, Doe Deere founded her own makeup company called Lime Crime, which employed 35 people in Los Angeles.

Xenia thanks America for giving her, an immigrant, the opportunity to pursue her dream-the American Dream. Over the past 20 years, she has worked tirelessly and now has a successful business, beautiful home, and her family who all still stick together.

Stories like Xenia’s are why immigrants worldwide are willing to risk all to come to America. Don’t forget that not all Americans started as Americans. Sometimes those who risk everything and walk the most difficult path to citizenship, turn out to be some of the reasons America is so great.

Why Skin Care Matters

Millions of people around the world want to look and feel younger. Using skin care products is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Jeunesse is a company that offers both beauty and health products. The company is only a few years old, but it already sells products in various nations around the world.

Skin care is essential to looking and feeling younger. Far too many people neglect this aspect of their beauty regimen. Purchasing Jeunesse products can help people improve their skin.

Health Products

Most people want to lose weight and have more energy. Few people ever accomplish these goals. Jeunesse offers health supplements to help customers feel more energetic. The products are made from organic ingredients, and most customers think the products taste great.

Jeunesse tells customers that the health products work best with other lifestyle changes. Some people wrongly believe they can only take health supplements to improve their health. The company does offer health coaching for people who are struggling to reach their goals.

Product Cost

One of the benefits of buying products from Jeunesse is the low cost. Unlike many beauty companies, Jeunesse does not charge a tremendous amount for the products. Customers can take advantage of subscription services to save money each month.


Jeunesse prides itself on manufacturing quality products. The materials used during production are great for the skin. Some companies try to boost profits by reducing product quality. Jeunesse wants all customers to be satisfied with the products.

Future Growth

Jeunesse currently spends a lot of money on advertising. The company is expanding into multiple new countries this year. With all of the growth, the company must invest in infrastructure to keep up with the production needs of the business.

Anyone who needs quality health and beauty products should consider purchasing from Jeunesse.

Lime Crime: A Cosmetic Company With Passion

Most people have seen the beautiful girl with a bright, bold and quirky fashion sense flashed across social media outlets, but what do we really know about her? Continue reading to learn how this girl took her passion for color and introduced a new cosmetics line.

Tired of not finding colors bold enough to fit her style, Doe Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008. This was the first cosmetics line to introduce radical lip colors within the industry. In 2009, this company launched their Unicorn lipsticks, which were bright and beautiful. Needless to say this introduction shook the cosmetics industry.

She took her passion for color and uses it to encourage others to define their own beauty. By defining their own “beautiful”, they’re encouraged to experiment with color and step outside the box. Her bright, bold and quirky fashion style encourages women to be true to themselves.

Her cosmetics can be found in retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Dollskill. They’re also available online through the company website, and Cosmetic retailers wouldn’t be complete with the addition of Lime Crime cosmetics on their shelves. These products add variety to their collections.

However, she’s not just another pretty face flashed on social media, Doe Deere is a passion business women. She started he cosmetics line to help others such as herself, who were unable to find colors that matched their style.

Deere, overseas the production of her cosmetics line, ensuring that they meet the companies standards. She runs her company with positive reinforcement, encouraging her employees along the way.

She doesn’t believe in running her company with an “iron first,” but by inspiring and motivating others. She’s an avid supporter of women-owned business and was named Top Inspiring Female Entrpreneur by Self-Made Magazine.

Being Yourself Just Like Doe Deere

Being yourself is really hard in some ways. This is often true today when there are so many pressures on people telling us all to be in little boxes. I know that firsthand. I have struggled over the years to be myself. One of the best ways to really be yourself is to find the right kind of tools to make that happen. One of my favorite of all tools is that of makeup. I useful makeup to help bring out my inner thoughts. This is something that Doe Deere, one of my very favorite makeup people, knows really well. She knows that you can use makeup not just to cover your face but to reveal it and help show people what you are thinking.

Yourself Outside

When you are yourself, both inside and outside, like Doe Deere, you are fully awake inside. You are also allowed to show yourself to other people. Like her, I like being with people who help me feel really alive and happy. When I found her site, Lime Crime, I realized that she was being there for other people with ideas they could easily use and find. I love being able to look at the kind of fascinating looks that she comes up. You never know what she’s thinking about next. You can come on her site and always see something that you have never seen before. I love how she’s always showing off her own inner personality and letting other people inside her world.

Makeup For People

Some makeup companies want you to look a certain way and only a certain way. They want you to look like one thing. With Lime Crime and Doe Deere, you can look like many things. You can look like yourself only with makeup on. You can also copy the new looks that she shows us, letting us see all kinds of ways that makeup can help bring you to life. I like to get on her site and see how she turns color inside out and upside down. She shows you that makeup is something that you can use to be yourself and be other things when the mood happens to strike you and you feel like making a change in your life.

Your Life On Color

Color is one of the best ways to show who you are. Like Deere, I want to have a life that is one where color is at the center of my life. She knows that you really need to let others into the colors that you pick out. When you are out there with others, you can wear her makeup and then come up colors that bring your thoughts from the inside to your own face. I can turn to the colors she puts on her site and use them to project a mood that is about self expression and also about using color for love and for a way of being who I want to be to others.


Doe Deere Discovers Her Work Has Been Taken Without Permission


In the world of the net today, it is not uncommon for images and other work to be taken without getting permission in advance to do so. While such copying is often done by accident, it also often done deliberately in many instances. Worse, it is done without attribution. Such was the recent case for makeup seller and world class artist Doe Deere. Deere, one of the hottest names in contemporary fashion, was utterly shocked to see that her own image had been taken by artist Richard Price. She had put out an image of herself holding a doll that looked exactly like her. The image was aimed at helping a fellow artist. She knows that her work is seen widely by many people who love art and color. She was probably surprised to learn that this image was taken without asking her by artist Richard Price, quickly used to make a print and then sold to a collector for a large sum of money.

A World Of Her Own

Deere has helped create a world of her very own. She is someone who has learned very much how to use the net to bring out color and show off the very possibilities of makeup that are clearly allowed in the world today. Much as people in the past have worked in various kinds of media, so too, has Deere taken hold of the various kinds of media available today in order to help her fashion her own take on the world. She has been able to find a world that is all about color and life. She has also been able to take this world and use it to help sell one-of-a-kind makeup products.

Getting Modern With Lime Crime

Lime Crime is Deere’s personal makeup store. Here, her fans can find the kind of makeup they want and need to help them add all kinds of colorful bursts to their lives. She aims to help people choose not just from standard shades such as red and pink but to explore all sorts of other options such as oranges, greens and blues. The result is she can demonstrate how to use color in ways that may not have been seen before in any other space or via any other retailer online. Her fans would certainly agree that she brings an entirely original voice to the world of fashion and makeup.


LimeCrime Reaches Social Media Milestone With The Aid Of Founder Doe Deere


LimeCrime is one of the most innovative cosmetics brands in the world and has looked for new and innovative ways of developing the brand for the future; under the leadership of founder and CEO Doe Deere the company has looked to develop an ever increasing digital presence across blogs and social media platforms. For Doe Deere the development of an Instagram following reaching more than two million social media followers is the next logical step along the way to keeping the cult brand moving forward in its development and growth.

Doe Deere is one of the best known innovators in the cosmetics industry after she developed the LimeCrime cosmetics brand to fulfill her own needs as much as those of her customers. Not a complete novice in the fashion industry, the Russian born Deere completed her education in New York City with the focus placed firmly on the fashion industry before she began producing cosmetics full time. A move to Los Angeles saw a short term move into the music industry, which ended with the release of the first clothing from the LimeCrime brand.

Over the course of the life of LimeCrime the brand has become a major force Online with the founder placed firmly at the forefront of the Online life the company enjoys. Doe Deere has developed her own persona that sees her referred to as the Queen of the Unicorns, a title that refers to her personal image based on myth and fairytale. Alongside the advertising materials LimeCrime has developed Online, the company also releases video of the founder giving tutorials on the creation of her cosmetics and tutorials on their use.

For those living and working within the company the LimeCrime brand has become more than just a range of cosmetics, but is also seen as an Online community where individual choices are made and exhibited to fellow makeup users. Much of the success of the Instagram account of the company can be put down to the inclusion of fan posts submitted under #limecrime. The hashtag has come into regular use across Instagram and Twitter as this company producing a range of cruelty free products has grown beyond its initial cult following; Doe Deere has always looked to develop new ideas for the company and continues to do so as the social media presence of LimeCrime continues to grow.

Visit Doe Deere’s website at and follow her on Twitter.

Fashion Doe’s and Fashion Doe Not’s

It’s hard to not help thinking that Doe Deere is more like a magical being than a real person. Of course she is a real person, but her unique fashion sense and colorful hair and makeup makes her almost seem like a doll or an alien from the old Jetsons cartoon. It’s probably almost part of the job description of being the owner of Lime Crime makeup to be a wildly colorful individual. For someone with such a unique style, Doe Deere has her very own list of do’s and don’ts fashion rules.

Many makeup aficionados claim that wearing a dark colored lipstick at the same time as a bold eye makeup is too much or too busy. It would seem to be safe to assume that Doe Deere feels the same way about that sort of makeup application. That is not true though. Doe Deere actually encourages people to try wearing a bold lip and bold eye makeup look. Her makeup company is about bold colors and she regularly wears makeup looks that have the focus on both the eyes and lips. She loves to mix blue eyeliner with a red lipstick or a rust red smoky eye with a blue lipstick.

Doe Deere is never afraid of wearing multiple colors or multiple patterns in an outfit. She says a big part of this is just making yourself work on color coordination and understanding of the color wheel. It always looks best to pair complementary or contrasting colors when mixing multiple colors in one outfit without going overboard.

In Doe Deere’s fashion world open-toed shoes with socks aren’t always a no. She even sometimes wears brightly colored socks with her open-toed sandals or heels. It kind of resembles a doll-like look.

Doe Deere is famous for brightly colored hair. She’s had lavender, blue, orange, green and red hair color. Despite the bright hair Doe Deere doesn’t only wear black or neutral colors when her hair is a bright color. She’s careful not to color clash, but she won’t shy away from mixing colorful hair and clothes.

Doe also disbelieves in having to dress your age or only wearing certain clothes for certain occasions. She believes people should dress exactly as they want to whenever they would like.

Check out Doe Deere’s Website

Doe Deere and Her Rise in the Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere has become one of the most prominent leaders in the cosmetics industry. She is a young lightning rod for controversy, and this is part of the appeal that she has for teenagers. She has stated that she has cruelty free testing products, and this raised a lot of eyebrows in the cosmetics industry. She didn’t specifically state that any other cosmetics companies were indulging in practices with animals. She did, however, raise a level of awareness about product testing. She was vocal about that, but there is still an air of mystery that makes her intriguing as well.

For her Lime Crime brand she has been letting the products do the talking. All of the obscure names for her makeup has caused a lot of good social media buzz about the brand. This is what Doe Deere has been known to do. She is able to get people talking. There are blogs that have stories about her, and Unicorn Makeup is a favorite among teenagers. Even little girls are becoming aware of her lip gloss line. It shows the power of her ability to stand out in a crowd.

It is a good thing that she has had the ability to stand out. She has risen to the level of the CEO, but she has never really used television to promote products. There are people in different countries that are asking about her products, but she isn’t spending that much om marketing. All roads lead to the website via social media. This is the only true marketing tool that she has employed. Everything is web-based. Customers do not even see the brand in department stores. They have to go to the website. This is great because it cuts out the middle man.

While some people view Doe Deere as a lighting rod for controversy, others are looking at what she is able bring to the table. She is a fresh face that has a young fan base. The people that love her brands will be a lot more likely to spread the word about it. She recognizes the power of social media, and she has done a lot to stay on top with active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There are a sea of competitors out there, but Doe Deere has determined that she is in a league of her own. The cosmetics industry buzz is a sure sign of this. When Doe Deere is brought up in conversations there are no other people that are associated with her. All of the talk is about how she is changing the industry. There is no talk about who she is competing against. She has given people something to think about.

Check out Doe Deere at PHAMExpo!

The Amazing Success of Dr. Jennifer Walden

In Texas, the field of medicine is taken very seriously. Just like any industry, there are doctors in the medical field that have really risen to the top. These doctors have been able to master their craft and advance not only their own careers but the field of medicine as well. From general practice to cosmetic surgery, there are those doctors that really stand out above the rest. These are the doctors that are helping to change lives every day on a massive level.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of these doctors who has really been able to stand out above the rest. Her mastery of in the art of cosmetic surgery has made her one of the top doctors in the Texas medical industry. There are very few cosmetic surgeons in the state of Texas who are as precise as Dr. Walden. She has satisfied hundreds of patients over the years and helped to transform the lives of these individuals. Many around the country have even hailed Dr. Walden as the top female cosmetic surgeon in America. Not only is Dr. Walden hailed as a top female plastic surgeon but she was also listed in the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar.

Dr. Walden graduated from the University of Texas with an undergraduate degree in Biology. She then attended the University of Texas Medical School and graduated salutatorian of her class. Dr. Walden then practiced in Manhattan for 7 and a half years before returning to Texas to open up her own practice. It is in Texas where she really made a name for herself. Individuals now travel from all over the country and even the world to have procedures performed by Dr. Walden. Her practice continues to grow and her skills only continue to get more advanced with each procedure.

Doe Deere Says No Harm In Breaking Fashion Rules

Fashion maven and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere, recently shared a number of her beauty secrets and fashion tips in an interview with Bustle Magazine. Deere’s fashion and beauty sense can be traced back to her Russian roots. She moved to New York as a teen because she wanted to be a rock star. When that didn’t pan out, the next logical step was makeup. Success eluded her for a moment, but she finally got her footing and broke out as one of the most sought-after grass roots creators in the industry.

Deere has never been one to shy away from the extreme and has no problem with rocking everything from blue hair to green lipsticks. The self-appointed “Unicorn Queen” says there are rules you need to abide by when creating your own look. Deere’s products are about breaking all the rules. And she proves it with her brash and bright color palettes, blue lipsticks and glitter pots. Just because your style may be a bit off the beaten path doesn’t mean you don’t lack it, according to Deere.

Deere says one of the biggest makeup faux pas a women (or man) can do is having a bold eye with bold lips: You should have only one or the other. Sometimes its more exciting and refreshing to have bright red lipstick and simple eye work rather than both. This is more of a guideline than a rule, according to Deere. There are sometimes when you may feel daring and want to go all out with light-blue eyeliner an magenta lips.

Although colors are good, especially when they’re brash and bold, too many can be even better. Purple hair, a multi-color sweater and polka dot shoes can is not going overboard. There’s no such thing as toning it down if it’s something you like. If clashing patterns is your thing, have at it. Yes, you can keep the pinks, purples, peaches, periwinkle and greens together — but a splash of red won’t hurt.

Deere says she’s addicted to socks and tights. Many people shy away from wearing them with open-toe shoes and high heels, but this is one fashion faux pas she loves. “You can have a lot of fun with socks, and I own over a hundred pair,” says Deere. Socks can be mixed and matched and that hint of color seen through the open toe can give fashion a bit more flair. So, don’t you dare pack away those summer heels. Break them out and have some winter fun.

One of the biggest rules drives Deere crazy: dress your age at all times. Style defies age, according to Deere. There’s no reason to ditch that short dress because you just hit 40 or that sparkly mini skirt at 50. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. never let color, patterns or style dictate your fashion sense.