How Dr. Villanueva Is Changing The Face Of Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded the dental management firm MB2 Dental in Carrolton, Texas. While he was operating his sole dental practice he came up with the idea of combining the best parts of operating a sole practice and being part of a group practice. Since he had been a part of both types of dental practices, he had practical knowledge of what it would take to make this vision a reality while allowing dentists to maintain their clinical autonomy.

Dentists want help running the business side of their practice but they don’t want any strings attached. MB2 Dental fills this need for them and so far there are over 70 dental practices in 6 states that use the company’s services. Under Dr. Villanueva’s leadership, MB2 Dental has grown to over 530 employees.

Dr. Villanueva has said that his management style is to hire very smart people and then stay out of their way. He also believes in collaboration and open communication among the staff and management of the company. He’s also said that he doesn’t take himself too seriously which makes him more productive because he doesn’t believe he has all the answers. The role that technology is playing in the field of dentistry has Dr. Villanueva excited to be part of the industry. Every year there is new technology released that helps dentists treat their patients and improve the patient’s visit.

Dr. Villanueva recently appeared on a podcast where he described his efforts to change the field of dentistry. He has said that most dental practice management companies are boring and uninspired. He is doing something different with MB2 Dental which is to have fun while supporting dentists, allowing for personal growth, while still being professional. Dr. Villanueva has also said that he wants MB2 Dental to maintain a youthful culture that is also technologically advanced and stays up with new trends.

Dr. Villanueva earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from the University of Florida. He attended Nova Southeastern University where he earned his DMD. In addition to having worked in both sole and group dental practices, Dr. Villanueva has also been a Dental Director. He has also trained new dentists and served as a mentor. While serving as Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental he continues to practice dentistry. Outside of his work, he is married to a physician, Carol, and has four young children.