Venezuela Endures Worsening Electricity Situation

Many are working in Venezuela by candlelight these days, according to a recent Corporation Wiki report. The country is suffering from an extreme power shortage. Lighting candles is the only option for many since the government has mandated the cutting off of power. The rationing of electricity is done for one single reason: there is only so much electricity left. Once wattage is used, it is not being replaced.
In hindsight, Venezuela was overly reliant on hydroelectric power. A massive, sustained drought has brought the ability to generate electricity to a standstill. The nation now falls back over 130 years into the past (at times) when power is deliberately cut off.

To say this has created economic and political instability in the country would be a dramatic understatement. Things are only going to get worse until more power is produced. The “rolling cuts” of power only last for four hours. Once they pass, power returns. If additional electricity is not generated, the duration of those power outages is going to increase. Political and economic instability is likely to increase as well.

Even if the massive drought were to end, the memories of the current disastrous situation is not likely to fade from the minds of people like Norka Luque who’s experiencing it. In time, the drought and the power outages will end but Venezuela is not likely to be the same, politically, ever again.