OG Juan: Footing The Bill

OG Juan is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. He is an executive of Roc Nation, which is an entertainment company. This company includes the management and publishing of artists and athletes alike, as well as touring, film and TV. Roc Nation was founded in 2008. The company can proudly boast working with artists and athletes such as Rihanna, Shakira and Big Sean, to name a few. The website also introduces the highly controversial and important stories that have a captive audience on the edge of their seats such as “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.” https://rocnation.com/

In a recent story on https://thebrotalk.com/, OG Juan was the subject of viral stories on the internet. These stories were about his 50th birthday bash. The incredible amount of money spent left viewers in awe. The total bill came to over $91 thousand dollars. You probably think $91 thousand dollars is a crazy amount of money. However, OG Juan is a millionaire many times over.

When these stories came out and went viral, Jay Z was attached to them. It was said that Jay Z and OG Juan both payed the bill. However, Jay Z came forward and admitted that OG Juan footed the entire bill. But don’t think Jay Z couldn’t have paid the bill himself. According to https://www.celebritynetworth.com/ he is just shy of being a billionaire with a net worth of $930 million. It was humbling that he didn’t want to take credit for paying the bill and that he gave credit were credit was due.

OG Juan has also partnered with Jay Z in the nightlife and sports arena. He and Jay Z have opened several sports bars around NYC. One of those bars is the 40/40 Club on 25th Street. http://the4040club.com/ It has 2 floors and multiple lounges. This bar is all about sports.

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Clay Hutson’s Career Journey

Clay Hutson’s Career Journey

True to the saying that experience is the best teacher, Clay Hutson’s experience in the music industry has made him a rare gem. Hutson has gained a lot of experience in the music industry, specifically production, through chasing aesthetic perfection and an unparalleled live music experience and working throughout the night in order to produce the best music. Clay Hutson has worked several companies that provide music solutions immediately he graduated from the college for theatre design. While working for these companies, Clay got the chance of playing many roles such as sound engineer and project manager among other roles that made him gather enough experience to start his own music company. After serving almost all purposes in the industry, Clay Hutson finally settled on being an investor who ventured in live entertainment production.

How Clay Hutson started his own Company

After working in almost all sectors in the music industry, Clay Hutson gained enough experience in tour production and live entertainment that could take him through the entertainment industry successfully. After working for a number of companies, Clay got the chance of perfecting his skills. Therefore, when the company he was working for closed, he decided to take a risk by opening his own production management company. Clay Huston is currently working for Kid Rock and he spends a lot of his time presiding over the floor of events from the beginning to the end. According to Clay, he always makes sure that he is the first one to arrive on the tour venue in order to make sure that everything is set for the day. It is through his hard work, enthusiasm, and passion that has always kept Clay at the top of the music industry for a long time.

Clay Hutson has been able to make most of his ideas practical by having a clear idea of what works for his job and what does not work. He is mostly trapped in finding ideas that relate to set design, sound, and lighting among other things that are necessary for tour production. Clay Hutson is always amazed by the technological advancements that are always being invented in the live music sector. He is mostly amazed by this type of technology because he has a passion for assisting clients to achieve their goals. Therefore this technology has come as a savior in the industry because they help boost the creativity of artists and producers.


Alex Pall talks about his musical journey.

Alex Pall a member of the famous band, The Chainsmokers, the group is made up of Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. The two have worked on many projects, and over the years they have managed to move music lovers with their new style and technique.


Their success, however, has been felt in the recent years. They have worked towards making their fresh sound more acceptable among music lovers, and have also worked with other artists who have contributed significantly to their growth. The duo also went on a tour to several European countries, their songs were received with much love, and this is a high motivation to continue working on more projects.


Alex Pall revealed how he settled in music and how the group emerged. Some of the critical lessons he has learned over the years and some of the challenges they have faced.

Alex Pall has always loved music from a young age, he even entered Djing still at tender age, though at that time it was a hobby. This hobby has turned out to be a source of his income. Alex worked as a Dj for a while, though he was afraid that it would not become a career since it was something he did for fun. He, however, decided to take the bold step and turn his passion into a job.


While at New York he attended a gallery exhibition, it is during this event when he met Andrew Taggart. Coincidentally the two shared a manager and the manager introduced them. Before embarking on the career Andrew and Alex first became friends and during their meetings, their discovered they shared some similar likes and ideas about music as well as life and this is how they settled on working together.


The kind of music Alex and Andrew sing is unique. Alex explains his experience with bringing a new sound to the industry. According to Alex, the journey has not been easy but thanks to the technology they have been able to reach a broader market and get to understand how listeners feel from listening to their music. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has made things easier for the two and in spreading the word to more people.


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Are The Chainsmokers Changing?

Recently, in news about The Chainsmokers, there has been a lot of hype over their new songs that may be coming to the charts. It may seem as though The Chainsmokers have been around for years smashing records and setting new goals for other music groups, but they have only been reaching top 10 charts for about three years. This was all started when their song “Roses” was a hit and led them to create better music each and every time.

Now, after these few years of hitting it off and becoming very loved artists by many around the world, there is a rumor that The Chainsmokers may be changing their style of music. It has been said that the style of music may resemble more of a dark style as compared to their current upbeat style. This would come as a very large shock to many people are fans of them and have been since they hit it off.

When asked about this in an interview, Drew Taggart said that he felt it was time to release something new that might give people another perspective on how music should be felt. It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows because you need to feel more surreal feelings than just happiness sometimes. But this is not to say the change will be bad. The new single “Sick Boy” will be the first song with this new style that could potentially either gain many more followers or push some of their current audience away. The Chainsmokers had not released a song in nine months prior to the mentioned news of their music changing to a darker style.

But not all hope is lost because with this single The Chainsmokers are expected to top the charts much like they have done with multiple other songs in the past. This can just be a building block for a very devoted crowd of people who are willing to follow the path The Chainsmokers lay down for them. There could even be some historic events in store for this music group as they keep moving forward.