Why OSI Group Continues To Grow

The Humble Origins

OSI Group began as a simple meat deli operating out of the Aurora suburb of Chicago. After the founder of OSI group realized the profits he could make, he decided to give his sons a role in the family business. This worked out well and eventually the sons took over the business. Under their control OSI became a national business with clients across the country. Their unique use of special cryogenic preservation separated them from the competition.

Growing From The Roots

From a national base OSI Group managed to grow into something much greater through the use of careful acquisitions of overseas companies. When they finally managed to obtain the businesses necessary to make themselves into an international business, they did everything to make sure the continued to prosper even in times of recession. This has allowed the company to become so much more than just a meat processing company. They offer clients around the world everything from frozen vegetables to frozen dough. With these services, they have managed to dominated competition and solidify their role.

What More Can Be Done

The ever expanding roles that OSI Group takes on are certainly fascinating to think about in and of themselves. OSI Group has gone from simply processing frozen hamburger patties to giving its clients frozen coffee grinds and other essential resources. This wide array of services makes this company so much more than its competition. They understand where their growth potential is and they pounce when the time is near. OSI Group has essentially served as the center of the world’s fast food industry. They supply restaurants around the world with all of the supplies they need to give the whole world junk food.

What The International Scene Looks Like

The most important thing to understand about OSI Group is that it’s built with the world in mind. Right now, the rising markets of China and Eastern Europe are attracting the eye of OSI Group. They understand the potential to expand in these markets and will do just about anything necessary to create a foothold in these markets. They don’t begin by trying to important American products into foreign markets. Instead, they look at pre-existing companies and do everything they can to take over the local scene. From there, they expand to become the leaders of meat processing. This is how OSI grew from its deli start and how it continues to grow.

OSI Group’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/

About Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklony is a researcher and professor of Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. He is specifically interested in the field of medical research and has focused particularly on the link between cancer and aging. In his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget, Mikhail has carried-out and published extensive research on the subject of aging. His contribution to this specific field of science is immense and unparalleled, with the interesting topics he picks regarding cancer and aging attracting much attention within the medical field.Mikhail’s goal has been to figure out ways in which elimination of cancerous cells can be possible without the destruction of normal cells that are particularly crucial to the recovery of both the body and mind after long periods of cancer treatment. Mikhail has undoubtedly been a great inspiration to his peers and students who wish to continue expanding on his research in future.Besides researching on the efficient ways of treating cancer, Mikhail has also been focusing on finding ways in which this dangerous and tragic can be treated in a cost-effective manner. He believes that in future, cancer treatment will no longer be a luxury treatment for those who are financially stable, but rather will be an easy and cost-effective treatment.

Mikhail’s Research on Rapamycin

Mikhail is widely-known for advocating the use of a cancer drug known as Rapamycin, also commonly referred to as Sirolimus or Rapamune in the pharmacy market. Rapamycin was initially used as an anti-fungal agent, but was later used in other ways after it was discovered that it possessed remarkable antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties.There are various reasons as to why Rapamycin is regarded as one of the best medicines ever discovered. Firstly, it has antiproliferative properties that make it efficient in reducing the risk of cancer in patients with organ transplants. Secondly, it has immunosuppressive properties that are vital to patients with organ transplants. Compared to other anti-rejection drugs, Rapamycin displays minimum toxicity levels towards kidneys. Rapamycin has also been found to be best for treating patients with hemolytic-uremic syndrome as it contains low levels of toxicity towards kidneys.

Another reason why Rapamycin is a wonder drug is because it is efficient in treating Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), an extremely rare disease that affects women of child-bearing age.Rapamycin is the primary drug approved for the treatment of this disease as it helps to block the release of lymphangiogenic growth factors. In addition, Rapamycin has been found to be efficient in treating other health conditions such as Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Facial Angiofibromas, as well as the prevention of re-stenosis. Multiple researches are in progress to establish Rapamycin’s potential in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Mikhail Blagosklonny has played a huge role in pioneering the utilization of Rapamycin to treat a variety of aliments, as well as advocating the use of the drug to prolong human life. While research is still ongoing in certain treatment procedures, the initial results are encouraging enough to keep hopes alive.

The Main Man Behind DIVERSANT’s Success

John Goullet has had an amazing career. His career started in 1981 when he worked for Computer Sciences Corp., in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. He worked there for three years before moving onto The Constell Group in Piscataway, New Jersey. He continued to bounce from company to company for the next eleven years. He worked for companies like 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and Tsr Consultants, all in New Jersey. Goullet is a finance and technology man through and through. Moreover, to think, his amazing career all started with a degree from Ursinus College.

All those years working for various companies, Goullet learned one thing. Many of the big Fortune 500 companies are constantly searching for IT professionals. Goullet realized how big the market for IT staffing was and decided to cash in on it himself. In 1994, Goullet founded his IT staffing company, Info Technologies, Inc. He has since grown that company into one of the largest staffing consultant firms in the nation. Infor Technologies has won numerous awards and recognitions. It was even named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine.

Info Technologies was originally founded as part IT staffing, part computer consulting. It was later on that Goullet realized the profitable potential of addressing his clients’ need for qualified IT professionals. He invested hundreds of man-hours in understanding the corporate climates effectively. He wanted his team to understand his clients’ need on a personal level. The better they understood his clients, the better they could match the clients with the right professional.

Most of Info Technologies’s clients are Fortune 500 companies. Goullet built his company into a$30 million company in just five years. The company was so successful that in 2010, DIVERSANT Inc. wanted in on the success. The two companies merged and Goullet was named Principal of DIVERSANT LLC. Even though the company name has changed, Goullet is still pursuing his passion for providing clients with the best-matched professionals of the IT marketplace. There’s a reason that John Goullet is the best.