Using Donald Scott NYC Tools for Straight Razor Cutting

Traditionally, the straight razor was used to give men a close shave and smooth face. Today, the straight razor is used as a hair cutting tool.


Using a straight razor to cut hair helps to create texture, especially in shorter hair styles. Using a conventional tool in an unconventional way is one way stylists continue to create innovative and cutting edge hair designs. Using the straight razor instead of shears to cut hair helps to create interesting layers and texture. The angle at which the operator holds the razor determines how much hair is removed and interesting lines are created with each movement.


Interested in trying the straight razor cutting method? Choosing the right tools is essential if you want to create a modern look with ease and confidence. A leading brand that will help you create these new styles is Donald Scott NYC’s straight razors and hair cutting tools. They are the modern stylist’s best friend and are a “must have” for anyone who is serious about hair artistry. Before creating his innovative line of tools, Donald Scott worked with Paul Mitchell and established a loyal following of professional hair stylists and artists. His popularity within the industry is apparent.

Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.