Streamlined Results With WEN

With the overload of beauty and styling products out on the market today all we want sometimes is just a simply way to cleanse and style our hair. With the stripping and lathering shampoos, deep conditioners, blow dries, and thick styling pastes and hair sprays sometimes our hair just calls out “Help!”. Our hair is like anything else on or in our bodies, it requires balance. Instead of going out to buy one more shampoo intended for “balancing” the hair, read this article first.
Thank you to Emily McClure who took the time out of her busy schedule to test a product for us so that we could see how it would fit in to our busy schedule. Emily reviewed hair care product WEN hair by Chaz Dean [] and took pictures of her locks every day and wrote about her transforming hair care routine here:

Emily’s findings have concluded that we will not be using anything else except for WEN by Chaz Dean. Get a garbage bag and toss all of those half empty bottles of worthless product because all you are going to need is Wen hair. WEN hair is a sephora endorsed cleansing shampoo, cleansing conditioner and styling product all rolled into one easy step. It does not strip away natural oils, leaving hair softer and shinier than ever before, and it preps hair perfectly for a nice breakage free blow dry. Emily’s hair transformed through the week from a dry and lifeless head of hair to a vibrant and flowing mane ready for the camera. It is obvious that the product worked wonders for her fine hair but would also work for an even thicker or drier mane.

WEN Hair Care products are also available at Ebay.