Securus Technologies Leading the Transformation in Correctional Industry

The inmates in the correctional facilities need ways to communicate with their loved ones, and it is what is facilitated by the inmate communications service providers. Even though there are many inmate communication companies in the United States, one of the most popular and reputed firms is Securus Technologies. The company has been providing a wide range of correctional services and inmate communication services since it started operations in 1986. Securus Technologies has a system in place to ensure that the customers get not only quality products but also attentive and responsive customer service.


Securus Technologies has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, which signifies the high standards maintained by the company. Securus Technologies is also known to provide a wide range of other correctional services, such as government information management system and parolee tracking system. The company has invested more than $600 million in the last couple of years to advance its system and modernize its research and development infrastructure. The part of this investment has also gone into acquiring patents that would give the company an edge over its competitors. Currently, the company owns around 70 patents in correctional technology, a figure which is soon going to increase.


Securus Technologies has played a vital role in the advancement of the inmate communication sector and the development of correctional products and services used today. The company has helped the law enforcement officers to perform safely and save lives of many people. In all the communities where Securus Technologies’ products and services are used, it has helped in reducing the crime rate considerably. Securus Technologies has a dedicated customer service department as well, which ensures that all the queries and issues faced by the customers are briskly answered. The company continues to lead the change that correctional industry is going through.


How Securus Technologies Helps to Prevent Crimes

Crimes in our city have been on the rise ever since the gang population has exploded. Despite the efforts of authorities, these gang members are getting more violent and taking their activities to areas where innocent people are being hurt. When my task force is called out to a location, our job is to cut off the head of the snake so that the rest of the body dies. This means going after the higher-ranking gang members so that the street-level thugs can not organize.


This is often easier said than done because when the gang members are put in jail, they still are able to conduct business from the phones. To be able to stop the spread of violence and gang activities, we have to work two different fronts at the same time. While informants are helpful, many will not come forward either inside or outside of the jail because they fear the gangs will seek revenge on their family. Luckily we have a resource inside the jail that has been allowing us the ability to put a real hurt on gang activities both inside and outside of the jail.


Securus Technologies was responsible for installing our inmate telephone call monitoring system, and it has been very helpful at revealing illegal activities the inmates were involved in. Securus Technologies has 1,000 employees that are dedicated to the objective of making our world safe, and it shows. Once my team understood how the LBS software worked, we got to work listening to the gang members in jail and how they conducted business over the phone.


These calls revealed gang members talking about getting drugs into the jail, how the drugs were to be obtained on the street, and what type of violence was to be taken on the streets. These calls have helped us to slow down the gang and their violent activities.


Securus Customer Service Helped Us Reach My Dad

Securus customer service was helpful the first time that I called to speak to my father. I downloaded the app and I tried to be sure that I could press the button to talk to him, but I had to speak to someone to find my father to connect the call. Securus got their BBB certification because they were able to help people like me every time we called in. I was happy about the way this worked, and I only spent moments on the call waiting to get my dad on the line. I was able to see him on the video call, and I was able to call back when I needed to.


The issue had to be handled each time other people in my family set up their accounts, and I am glad that I was able to get people to sign up for their own accounts. My dad was happy to talk to all these people, and I know that he likes to hear from us. She is trying to get his life turned around, and there is no way that he could do that if we were not there. The customer service I got just convinced everyone else to do the same as I did.


Securus has helped a lot of people, and I have even told people about it myself. I think that it will help people when they need to get reconnected, and I know that it will change their outlook on life. That outlook could be really bad if they are sitting in jail, but now I know that I can work with my dad to get things going so he can get out of jail and change. We need my dad to be better, and talking to him on Securus helps a lot.

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The Amazing new Cutting Edge Technology from Securus

Securus is one of the leading organizations in the inmate communications industry. They have pushed forward in the world of telecommunications with many great services that help inmates and their loved ones communicate. They have been setting the bar high for the industry for many years now due to their amazing leadership and innovative products. Securus has recently developed a great technology that will be able to help investigators all over the world. This technology can scan voices in calls in order to better help law enforcement officials find the criminals they are looking for.


This new technology has been a great way to help crack down on gang-related crime and organized crime. There are very few criminals who can slip through the cracks nowadays thanks to the amazing technology that is being rolled out into the marketplace. Trends in phone conversations can also be tracked as well by this new technology. This is a great way to identify any possible threats from individuals outside of the prison system.


Securus has been hailed among the best companies in the industry when it comes to inmate communication. It is easy to see why this is said when you look at the nearly 1.2 million inmates around the world who are helped by the services Securus has to offer.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies Update On ConnectUs Solutions For Prisons

Securus Technologies recently shared some important information with the media and others that are connected with the civil and criminal justice industry. They are moving forward with the implementation of a plan that would save customers real time and money. We know that time and money is an increasing problem with those in the criminal justice industry and the prison industry. They’ve decided to join with ConnectUs, supplying inmate forms and grievance application. Securus is always looking for ways to improve their technology and offer only the best quality service to their clients.

Innovative Technology

Those in the prison industry often get very frustrated with the large piles of paperwork that must be processed. Generally, all the paper work was completed manually. This might include various sign up forms, prisoner request and grievances. Previously, prisoners would request a form. The prison personnel would retrieve the form. The prisoner would fill out the form and return it to the proper authorities. The next step was to process the form manually. Handling the paperwork manually took a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of the prison personnel. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application have streamlined the entire process. Tasks that took days or months are now completed in several minutes. The automated system saves the prison industry a tremendous amount of money and time.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a very outstanding information technology company. In fact, the company is considered one of the leaders in the criminal justice technology industry. Their technology solutions have increased production and improved all technologies that are involved with the prison system.

Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. They are a leading technology company that service law enforcement, correctional institutions, and prison industries across the country. Securus Technologies goal is to provide the best and most efficient technologies that help to make the world a better place.