LimeCrime Reaches Social Media Milestone With The Aid Of Founder Doe Deere


LimeCrime is one of the most innovative cosmetics brands in the world and has looked for new and innovative ways of developing the brand for the future; under the leadership of founder and CEO Doe Deere the company has looked to develop an ever increasing digital presence across blogs and social media platforms. For Doe Deere the development of an Instagram following reaching more than two million social media followers is the next logical step along the way to keeping the cult brand moving forward in its development and growth.

Doe Deere is one of the best known innovators in the cosmetics industry after she developed the LimeCrime cosmetics brand to fulfill her own needs as much as those of her customers. Not a complete novice in the fashion industry, the Russian born Deere completed her education in New York City with the focus placed firmly on the fashion industry before she began producing cosmetics full time. A move to Los Angeles saw a short term move into the music industry, which ended with the release of the first clothing from the LimeCrime brand.

Over the course of the life of LimeCrime the brand has become a major force Online with the founder placed firmly at the forefront of the Online life the company enjoys. Doe Deere has developed her own persona that sees her referred to as the Queen of the Unicorns, a title that refers to her personal image based on myth and fairytale. Alongside the advertising materials LimeCrime has developed Online, the company also releases video of the founder giving tutorials on the creation of her cosmetics and tutorials on their use.

For those living and working within the company the LimeCrime brand has become more than just a range of cosmetics, but is also seen as an Online community where individual choices are made and exhibited to fellow makeup users. Much of the success of the Instagram account of the company can be put down to the inclusion of fan posts submitted under #limecrime. The hashtag has come into regular use across Instagram and Twitter as this company producing a range of cruelty free products has grown beyond its initial cult following; Doe Deere has always looked to develop new ideas for the company and continues to do so as the social media presence of LimeCrime continues to grow.

Visit Doe Deere’s website at and follow her on Twitter.

Wiki Editor Stands Up to Internet Trolls with a Surprising Response

Emily Temple-Wood has been writing and editing Wikipedia since she was twelve years old. All this time, every time she would edit or write on Wikipedia she would receive inappropriate messages that were either sexist, abusive or sexual.

Her determination to write has never been affected by these comments, and she would ordinarily ignore the trolls. However, when she attained then age of twenty one she came up with an innovative idea called the WikiProject Women Scientist. It has its own Wikipedia page and is usually used to raise awareness about women who have over the years made it in the field of science.

There is also a Wikimedia Blog Profile, which is specifically for women who are in the Royal Society. She did this after realizing that no single Wikipedia Page had been created for any one of them. Emily says that if a comment would make her want to cry or make her mother unhappy she automatically grades it has been sexist and gross and she immediately creates a Wikipedia Page. This move and initiative by Emily Temple-Wood has been described as the perfect way of silencing individuals who constantly abuse women online.

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This Wiki writing service offers language translators who are of immense help to individuals and businesses who would wish to get an existing Wikipedia page in a different language. In monitoring one’s account, they provide an account manager who assists the business or individual in monitoring and will update a Wikipedia page if inaccurate information is represented on the page. This helps in preventing bad edits that would negatively affect an individual or business brand.

Wikipedia has been described as the powerful means and method to do individual and business branding if not the best. Wikipedia adds to an individual or business some sort of reliability and integrity. When a business decides to create a Wikipedia page it helps in boosting the sales of a business due to the positive Wikipedia revisions that automatically market a business to the rest of the world.

It has an Objective Revision Evaluation Service, which is a tool used to detect and remove all bad edits on a Wikipedia page. This tool is effective and vital as it allows one to run their Wikipedia Page with no fear of online insults that are evidently uncomfortable.