Jeremy Goldstein Provides Insightful Advice Regarding Incentives For Employees

Sustaining a corporate economic environment requires numerous factors. Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney with a practice in New York City. He has seen situations degenerate into a battleground where the business investors and employees will certainly lose. His experience with large corporations ensured he is well informed regarding the usage of Earnings per Share or EPS. His insights into incentive based programs should not be missed.


EPS refers to the handling of the employee incentives and is generally positive. EPS influences the price of stocks and the stockholders. It additionally provides an incentive to increase the amount employees are paid by the company. Studies show a pay structure including EPS leads to a more successful business. EPS seems to be advantageous but the competiveness of trading and shares can enable an unfair advantage to be gained by leveraging EPS.


EPS opponents believe using EPS in a corporation often leads to favoritism. They feel instead of providing collective control EPS enables CEO’s and executives the ability to execute vast power. They feel this effectively skews the results. This means company executives may be deliberately skewing the results to boost the share sales. This can be seen as misleading or even illegal.


Other opponents have stated the metrics are for short term profitability without any way to reinvest money in the future or support the corporate growth of the company. Programs based on performance are being called unreliable. Jeremy Goldstein believes a compromise between the actions of the pro-EPS and anti-EPS opponents. He believes the answer is not getting rid of pay per performance but holding the CEO’s and executives responsible for their decisions. This platform would provide sustainable growth and repeatable and measured share growth.


Jeremy Goldstein began his legal career at a large firm. He eventually created his own practice in New York City and has been practicing for numerous years. He attended the New York University School of Law to earn his J.D. He has worked on many legal cases for banking companies, cellular companies, stockholder companies and petroleum and oil companies. These matters included monetary compensation and legality. Both the Chambers USA Guide amd Legal 500 list Jeremy Goldstein as a top choice for legal counsel.


Jeremy Goldstein has also written for many law journals. He provides current counsel and opinions of popular matters of legality. He has contributed to the Law and Business NYU Journal due to his membership in the professional advisory board. He chairs the Executive Compensation Committee for the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee and is a member of the Business Section of the American Bar Association. Jeremy Goldstein additionally makes frequent donations to Fountain House to support their efforts to provide assistance for individuals affected by mental illness. Learn more: