Rodrigo Terpins Dream

Ever since Rodrigo Terpins was a young boy, who had dreams of becoming a professional rally driver. When Rodrigo was a litle boy, he would watch his father fix up beat up cars and and repair them into brand new cars. He would later incorporate this into his career and have success. His dreams came from his father Jack Terpins. who was a professional basketball player who has made many achievements throughout his career which inspire his son Rodrigo, to do exactly the same. With his brother Michel Terpins being interested in race car driving too, the two brothers had a lot of encouragement not only from his family, but from their entire hometown which is Brazil. After doing years of practicing and trying to perfect his technique racing cars and repairing them, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother would go all over the world to compete against other race care drivers to win the ultimate winning trophy. With Rodrigo’s passion and love for his career, not only did he establish a career for himself as a race car driver, he also establish a business where it plans out different racing competitions in Brazil making him millions. Rodrigo Terpins knew that being a race car driver wouldn’t last forever, having a dangerous career, especially not knowing what could happen in a span of five minutes is alarming not only to himself, but his family. Rodrigo Terpins not only had dreams of becoming a race care driver, he also wanted to become a social economic leader who wanted to make a difference in the world just like his father, Jack Terpins, who was the Jewish council. Rodrigo Terpins was able to become the president of a small town making very important decisions to make sure that everybody is living in safe, secure environment. Throughout the years of Rodrigo Terpins, he has had determination and passion for the beloved sport of race car driving. Check out to see more. His hard work and dedication is apparent throughout his career and it shows tremendously. It is amazing to see what it is yet to come in his wonderful career. You can visit his Vimeo to see more videos.