Find Professional Home Cleaning Services On Handy’s Platform

We are living in a tech savvy world where anyone who has access to a cell phone, particularly a smart phone, can order services for basically anything they can dream of without having to even speak to someone on the phone. We no longer have to flip through a phone book or get out our Rolodex in order to find the service provider we long for. There are many successful start up companies that are available to help get the job done, such as Uber driving services and Grubhub food delivery services, but even more helpful is the home service guru called Handy.

Handy has changed the way consumers find home service providers. They have tapped the market in order to bring cleaning and repair professionals in touch with consumers without having any of the ups and downs associated with typical home service providers. Consumers do not have to screen people themselves. In fact, one of the founders made it their mission to test out the screen process and online application process that Handy uses in two major markets before bringing it to all of the 28 markets that Handy provides services to. was started in 2012 by two Harvard Business School students. In the recent years, Handy has surpassed their competition, now being regarded as the best online home cleaning service provider available.

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The short article that you just read was produced based off of information gathered from the business and tech savvy news source known as The article referenced was written by Jeff Bercovici, called “From Pivot to Profit”, and goes over all of the fine details involved in running a successful start up company. It can be viewed by going to this link.