Beneful Expands Offerings in the Premium Dog Food Market

Beneful has been attempting to capture a part of the growing premium dog food market by offering a variety of new products to premium dog food consumers. This article will highlight the ways that Beneful, one of the premier dog food manufacturers is attempting to capture this market space. First, a little bit about Beneful. Beneful is part of the Purina line of dog food and is owned by Nestle, one of the largest and most recognizable food makers in the world. They have a commanding presence in the dog food market and work with many retailers to provide their customers with a wide range of offerings including puppy and senior dog mixes. Now they are expanding their offerings in the premium dog food market. One of these offerings is designed around elderly dogs and provide them with medium-chain triglycerides which are derived from coconut oil and is designed to be easier for elderly dogs to process. While there is an added cost to this product, it is easier and more digestible for older dogs which leads to better health overall and hopefully a happier dog that will live longer. Beneful is offering a website that dog owners can visit to select a personalized diet for their dog. This personalized diet will allow dog owners to select among a variety of ingredients and flavors and can allow them to avoid ingredients that they believe may be harmful to their pets, or those that they don’t like the taste of. This increased level of personalized dog food offers a premium dog food product that many believe to be as good as those offered to humans. After all, dogs come in various shapes and sizes and there is not a one diet fits all logic behind dog health. Finally, Beneful recently acquired the first organic dog food company in the world, Merrick Pet Care, and have increased the organic dog food options available to pet owners. Organic food options lead to more natural food with less additives that your dog will likely prefer the taste of and be healthier for having making it a truly premium option.