OSI Group leads in food processing business under leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the head of the biggest foods production company in the world known as OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has been with this group for more than 4 decades. He has worked very hard to bring the group into the level that it is at today. OSI Group is located in Chicago, Illinois. However, these are just the main headquarters. The company is found in more than 765 locations in the world. This is an achievement that has been incredible. The company managed to grow from a small butcher shop in Chicago to become a global leader in an industry that is very competitive. OSI Group is leading all other groups in the world.

Sheldon Lavin has played a very important role in the development of the company. He brought in expertise that was needed for the company to grow. He has worked very hard to ensure that the company has a presence in all the regions of the world. He is dedicated to his work and will stop at nothing until the missions he stands for the company is achieved. Sheldon who is 85 years old now is committed to his work and is not about to five up anytime soon. He is still committed to the work he set out to accomplish.

OSI Group has managed to grow from a small company into a global that it is today. It was started in 1909 and over a century it has managed to grow steadily and reached a global level that not many had expected. The company has been implementing as strong marketing approach that have seen it open branches in many countries. Acquisition have been the main method that have been applied by the management led by Sheldon Lavin. Since he joined the company it has been in a steady upward movement. It is a demonstration of his capabilities as a manger.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in the 1970s, he found the company under the management of the two sons of the founder who was called Otto. He joined as an equal partner for the company and managed to do very well as partner. He was enjoined in the management of the team and together they worked very hard to ensure that the company became great. Sheldon Lavin would later get hold of control of the company after the two sons of the founder left the scene. One sold his shares making Sheldon half partner while the other one retired from the management of the company.


Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Online Ordering Services

Nationwide Title Clearing has come up with an innovative way of dealing with the problem of title defects that has threatened to cripple the real estate industry. According to the company’s management, they have launched a new interactive website. The company’s clients will now be able to order for property reports online. This service will hasten the ordering process and ensure the authenticity of the titles.

According to Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), genuine property titles helps in hastening the transaction process and eliminating wrongful foreclosures. In the recent years, the increasing cases of title defects have forced many potential buyers to halt their purchases. This situation has slowed down the growth of the market. NTC’s strategy will reduce the risk of buyback and the inability of banks to foreclose, as the information on all residential properties in the United States will be readily available.

NTC notes that title defects are caused by different factors. This problem is commonly caused by individuals seeking to claim a property owned by someone else. The wording on the title documents has also been of major concern. In the United States, the wording varies from one area to another. For a title to be valid, it must adhere to the wording requirements of a given jurisdiction. Absence of important signatures such as those of property owner’s spouse has also contributed to title defects. Lastly, many people are seeking for titles without following due process. Such titles end up as defects.

The company’s clients can now access various property reports such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status (plus) Report, Tax Status Report, and Current Owner Report. NTC has channeled its energies towards developing accurate and up to date reports. NTC sources for the actual land records/data from the counties. They then authenticate such information using both automated and human verification process.

About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc

NTC is a Palm harbor-based research and document-processing firm. The company provides its services to lenders, investors, and servicers. Notably, eight out of ten largest residential mortgage companies in the United States use the company’s services. The corporation’s exhaustive system is able to track property documents in over 3,600 jurisdictions in the United States. Over the years, NTC has been the recipient of different awards owing to its exceptional services. The corporation won the Inc. Hire Power Award in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, the Fast 50 Award listed NTC as the 26th fastest growing company in Tampa Bay.