Rick Smith as an Open Letter in the Corrections Industries

Commonly known as Rick Smith, Richard A. Smith is a significant authority in steering correctional amenities. The CEO of Securus Technologies boasts of his unmatched experienced in the sector, where his drive and focus has been among the top values. When he assumed his position at Securus in July 2008, not many knew that he would eventually surpass their expectations. It is during Rick’s tenure that Securus Technologies pulled up to the point of becoming a leader in offering top quality products and services. It is undeniable to conclude that Richard’s input has gone a long way in propelling Securus to their current position.

A Little Bit of Rick’s Professional Niceties

Rick has an informed educational background having pursued several courses from different institutions. Mr. Smith attended Rochester Institute of Technology for an associate’s degree, after which he also enrolled at New York’s State University for a bachelor’s in engineering. Rick kept in pursuit and studied a master’s in engineering and an MBA. He is an inspiration not only to upcoming leaders but also to those in various sectors serving under him. There are so many qualities to pick from a man whose devotion to service has set him apart. Prior to joining Securus, Rick had served in several other influential positions in different institutions. Talking of experience, this man, Richard A. Smith, is a trailblazer.

Significant Contributions Relating to Inmate Communication

Rick is a decent authority who has guided Securus through initiating communication channels for inmates. As it is, it tends to be a daunting task especially because apart from providing reasonably low-priced services, the company is also expected to make profits. Again as time advances, the communications firm has to develop professional models that will ensure continued safety in the prisons. Amazingly, with Rick at the helm, the company has excellently matched the industry needs. Apart from modeling winning concepts, Rick has guided his colleagues in implementing them to ascertain their relevance at all times. They have expanded their presence in United States where they serve over 2,000 facilities. Being a multifaceted service provider, Securus is ranked among the organizations that have grown in leaps, courtesy of a talented administration.


It is no mean feat coping with all the responsibilities on Rick’s hands. The tasks are demanding and require devotion and discipline. For Rick, he has an inner drive that pushes him to improve lives of inmates. In telecommunications specifically, securus Technologies is unbeatable. They have always remained ahead of the curve, and greater things are expected as times change. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a gifted leader who is passionate about his courses. In the meantime, everyone is watching Securus’ pace as they take the markets by storm.

Jason Hope; The Next Big Idea

Jason Hope, a Philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a tech guru. Jason believes in IoT; he predicts that it’s the future of technology. Many enterprises nowadays are usually very curious to know the fact that this new technique will lead to improvement in productivity and efficiency. But with the promise that the returns of the investment will be high.

Despite critics are predicting that IoT will vanish in a short period, but Hope is adamant that IoT is a billion dollar idea is that just yet to be unleashed. Jason is patient and a man with great ambitions, he is satisfied that the number of devices connected to IoT is significantly increasing. Jason Hope has since stated that there is no sign of the idea is relinquishing. Instead, it’s now used in Car Innovations like the Driverless cars used the IoT idea which is seen to make a significant impact on the Universe.

Jason Hope is a universal individual regarding social connection; he shares his motivational ideas and inspirations through articles and his websites.

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Jason’s Philanthropy
Hope likes giving back to the society. He helps the less disadvantaged in the community. To this end, he has launched a grant where students and entrepreneurs can apply for financial help.

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Finding Jobs through the Wessex Institute of Technology

For professionals in the science and technology industry, joining a local professional organization could be very beneficial. For those that are in Europe, one of the top professional organizations is the Wessex Institute of Technology. The Wessex Institute of Technology can provide all members of the organization with the opportunity to improve their careers.


One way that the Wessex Institute of Technology can help someone to improve their careers is by providing a wide range of networking opportunities. Wessex hosts dozens of different conferences every year, which are located all over Europe. At each event, a member will be able to network with other people in the industry, which can help to develop their professional contact list.


Members of the Wessex Institute of Technology can also take advantage of the job board that the organization sponsors. This job board is updated on a daily basis with new positions located all over the UK and the rest of Europe. Thanks

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Tech Baron Arthur Becker’s New Property in Soho, New York

Renowned tech mogul, Arthur Becker has spent a considerable number of years investing in the tech business. Over the years, he has used the profits he gets from this business to invest in real estate properties. He has numerous properties in New York, a virtue that earned him the name silent backer of New York City.

Recently, https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/, Arthur acquired three new properties in New York’s most desirable location, Soho District. The property, which is worth $20 million, will give him long-term returns when he finally decides to sell it. The area is appealing to investors and will obviously attract the attention of people who have the desire to live in the city.

Currently, Arthur plans to use one of the properties as his private residential home while he leases out the other two. The leasing idea will see him realize considerable returns from the two houses in the long run. Using the profits he has earned from the tech industries, in a report by NY Daily News,  Arthur has invested over $500 million in the real estate properties in New York. He has managed this with his involvement in with companies such as Atlantic and Madison.

Involvement in Tech Business

Arthur has vast knowledge in the tech business and has worked for various technology firms in the past. He is the CEO and chairman of Zinio LLC., a multi-platform distribution center for a digital magazine. The company has over 5,000 magazines from various publishers.

Previously, he was the president and CEO of NaviSite Inc. before it was sold in 2011 to Time Warner. NaviSite involved in technology and management services distributed across US and UK. After NaviSite was sold, Arthur Becker has involved in private tech and real estate investment.

According to NY Mag, he acted as the vice-chairman and director of ClearBlue Technologies in 2000 to 2003, the predecessor company to Atlantic. Arthur is a managing member of Madison, an investment fund dealing with technology and telecommunications companies.

Madison is a managing member of Atlantic. Arthur has vast knowledge in the tech business having accumulated experience by working for several firms including Advance Partners LLC which was involved in providing advice to Global Switch and Cendent Corporation in the UK.

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