Angie’s List Reviews Show Goettl Are Back To Their Best

In areas of the country like Arizona and Nevada the need for the best in HVAC equipment, repair, and servicing is well known with high Summer temperatures and cold winter months. Getting the best service for all HVAC equipment means looking through a range of review websites in the 21st century, which include the respected Angie’s List site that details the benefits of specific companies and provides real life customer reviews. The Goettl Air Conditioning brand has recently been given a series of reviews by Angie’s List members that provide proof the brand is back to its best under the leadership of new owner Ken Goodrich.

Angie’s List reviews explain the technicians of Goettl undergo the highest level of background checks to ensure the safety and trust of its loyal customer base. The reviewer goes on to explain the company worked with them in a bid to provide the best possible appointment time fitting into the schedule of the customer, who also explained the technician was held up by a tough task at an earlier appointment and worked hard to keep them aware of when they were expected to arrive.

Goettl has recently shown how important the local community is to the brand under the leadership of Las Vegas native Ken Goodrich, who reveals his purchase of the company was based on the fact his father gave him his first experience of the air conditioning industry while working for Goettl. Goodrich and the Goettl brand have been working hard to help students in Arizona and Nevada reach their best level of training with an investment in education made at the College of southern Nevada; scholarships have been provided for veterans looking to enter the HVAC industry and those who are following other family members into the industry.

The Goettl brand is always looking for the best ways of making sure each and every member of the family is protected during the warmest and coldest months of the year with servicing contracts to keep HVAC systems running at optimum levels. The company has also been looking to explain how animals can also be protected from the potential damage caused by hot weather in Arizona and Nevada to make sure every member of the family remains safe throughout the hottest months of the year.

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